When you know your getting good at magic...

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  1. I was at youth group and i was doing some rubber band trick and stuff and getting great reactions. I'm a junior btw. The youth group was at this fathers house. I showed the father and i think his nephew a trick that i just made up on the spot. What happen was, the father gave me a old coin and i asked if I could look at it, and i was looking at it, put it in my other hand and brought out another coin and talked about the coin i got. I took my left hand that (supposedly had the coin in) and acted like i almost swallowed it, and I couldn't believe the look on their faces. I looked at a napkin container and said what's that at the bottom? And their coin was it the bottom of the napkin container. The Kid and the father were pretty surprised and freaked out. It was pretty awesome. I couldn't believe that i amazed someone with just coming up with crap. it was just a cool experience i thought i'd share with you guys. I think when something like this happens, you know your getting pretty darn good at magic.

    Has this ever happened to you guys?
  2. You know when you are good is when you don't have to imrpovise and have every situation mapped out.
  3. I think mapping out would be the wrong way to word it... Your whole life shouldn't have to be scripted to fit a trick. On the other hand, I think it is great to have a trick in your arsenal to fit any situation that comes up. Then, you're prepared.
  4. when you come online, read stuff like this and think

    oh, that was me 3 years ago
  5. ... Wow, some interesting attitudes so far.

    Nice work, Staticwarp. It feels great to pull this stuff off, right? This sort of thing is why I advocate learning as much as possible. That way, you can always bust out something new, because you can make it up as you go. That's magic.

    By the way, there's an interview on Magic Newswire with Harry Lorayne. In it, he says that he no longer really does set tricks. He knows so much sleight of hand that he simply makes it up as he goes. Does anyone here think that Harry Lorayne isn't good at magic because he does that?

    Personally, a situation like this has happened to me. I was visiting my sister a while back, and her daughter was texting a lot while we were all talking. So I said, 'hey, let me see your phone.' Took it, vanished it, snuck it into the kleenex box when she wasn't looking, and went on with the day for a while. Right before I left, she freaked out a bit 'cause she thought I still had her phone. So I reached into my pocket, mimed having the phone in my hand, then smacked my hands together and showed her it was gone. She freaked again and as I was walking out I said, "Check over there, you'll find it."
  6. I have aslo had to make up tricks on the spot though I think that being prepared is something more prideful.
  7. Improv is a form of being prepared. Improv is what's there when you've done everything you were prepared for.
  8. ive had to improv a few times. i usually do something like spin or infusion. but a good 95% if the time i have at least 2 or 3 rubber bands on my wrist just in case someone whats me to show them a trick. or i feel like performing something when earlier that day i wasnt going too.
  9. there are times were the complete opposite happens. No matter how good you handle the cards or the routines, magic JUST DOESNT HAPPEN. If you get my point.


    Those are the times were I say to myself "jesus I suck at this"
  10. I like hearing your performance story. Usually, it can be determined on the reaction of the spectators. Practise is the key to success.
  11. you know when your* bad at grammar when...

    *don't be so possessive.

    Great performance story, and someone mentioned some interesting attitudes haha, you're right, people tend to think they're hot sh** when they do magic. It's a reason I stay away from the magic cafe...

    and tend to stay away from some "professionals" as well.

    Nice job static, seems like you're improv presentation is what really created the magic, not just the trick. But that's just how I picture the senario.

  12. I think the exact opposite :) If you can improvise and not have anything planned you are a good magician!
  13. Bumpy,

    Word count
  14. Would you have to improvise if you put in pratice and thought of seniores so you would be prepared for anything?
  15. Ah, good rebuttal lol
  16. dai vernon once told a story about how he and this other magician would sit down and practice the trick that cant be explained. and that trick is pretty effing hard to practice.

    if you know that trick, you'll get my point.
  17. you cannot be prepared for anything, improv skills are a necessary part of any performers tool box.

    where's the fun in performing if you know exactly how it's all going to go anyway? Why are people so afraid to step out of their comfort zone?

    There are too many effects that won't hit the market because there isn't a "no palming" method of them, and thus they will not sell.

    take risks.

  18. you know your getting good at magic when...

    ....you don´t have to look at your hands all the time
    ....your spectators says that you are the greatest magician they have seen
    ....you only do routines and very little tricks
    ....you worry more about the patter than the mechanics of the tricks
    ....you get tips and sometimes getting paid for doing magic
  19. When you know your getting good at magic...

    • [*]You realize that the blocking of an effect is just as or even more important then the method.
      [*]Methodology no longer matters to you as long as the effect looks good to a spectator.
      [*]You personalize more with your participants/guests of your world, ie you stop talking to the cards/specs and start socializing with the participants.
      [*]The phrase, "The world is your Cabaret." Actually means something to you.
      [*]You notice a lack of need for the internet.
      [*]Decks of cards become less and less fruity and more and more functional.
      [*]Last and not least, your getting paid, cause that means people are actually wanting to see you perform and are willing to hand over their hard earned cash to a complete stranger.
  20. there are a lot of great points here. each person has their own interpretation of "knowing" when they are good at magic. I think, and this is just how i see it, that the biggest thing, is recognition by others, both of the general public, and members of the community. im not saying recognition is everything, there are probably a good majority of magicians that have yet to be "discovered" that could be better then all of us here. But when people start paying you for what you do, and inviting you to perform your art in their venue or in front of their people, then that to me is a sign that you are heading in the right direction. You don't even need to get paid (although that is nice) people sometimes will just invite me to perform magic at a party, or event, and that in itself is great exposure, which could lead to bigger and better things. Thus the phrase, "You never know who could be watching...." I always make sure, be it as a personal invite, or paying gig, that I am at the top of my game. The people I am performing for took the time, and in more recent cases, the money to invite me to perform, and I want to be able to do that at the highest level possible.

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