Where to learn sponge balls?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AKong, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. I've been wanting to get into sponge balls for a while now, since everybody's always saying how great they are. I've got myself a set of 2 inch ones. My question is what are some good video sources that teach sponge balls? Thanks!
  2. Jay N from penguin has a good starting point DVD.
  3. NOOOOOOOOOOO. That is the worst place to start. His technique is awful.

    Check out the routine in Mark Wilson's book. One of the best. Next, check out Ben Salinas' Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic. Then go to Steve Darci's Sponge Ball Toolbox. For some more advanced stuff check out the work of Patrick Page Secret Seminars #5.
  4. How is Jay Sankey's "Ear Plugs"? It at least looks like a logical less obscure take on sponge ball magic. I love sponge balls but they don't look like much. I love to see what magicians call them though, magic dots, clown noses, amebas. I think it's all very funny.

    Does anybody have "Ear Plugs"?
  5. Hands down the best book is Mark Wilson's course in Magic. Hell I think I remember seeing a video of Scarney doing the spongeballs from that book. It was either sponge balls or cups and balls, I can't remember which. Regardless If that doesn't tell you something about that book then nothing will.
  6. What about Scott Strange's Oddballs?
  7. yll find some stuff an penguin magic
  8. I actually learned my first sponge ball routine from Mark Wilson's Book as well. I did not have the money to buy it so I sat at the book store and Studied the trick in my head for a few hours and went home to practice! I sense then created my own routine but just remember sponge balls are simple But it's not what you do as much as how you do it.

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