Why are magicians reluctant to use two decks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh Burch, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Please delete.
  2. Yes David you're right. It openly uses 2 decks and all of the tricks I have mentioned openly use 2 decks.
  3. Have you ever worked as a professional magician?
    There are two main reasons why I carry more than one deck of cards with me to a restaurant gig. First of, I get people to sign the card more often than not, so after only 10 tables, my deck is pretty slim, so I have to have a spare one in order to work properly. Second reason is that usually, only one of those decks is normal, the other one would be gimmicked/gaffed. So if you do invisible deck at one table, and the table right next to that one invites you to perform, you cannot do the same trick, specially if it's not reset yet.
    You don't need any fancy deck switches or slights, you just put a deck in your pocket, and when you get to the next table, take the other deck out.
    And btw. if you have a hard time remembering in which pocket you put which deck, then you need to be wearing a helmet.
    Also, you are a working professional magician, NO ONE WILL EVER question why you have more than one deck on you. It's because you're a professional magician. If someone ask you (during a professional gig), why do you have more than one deck, then they need to be wearing a helmet.
  4. I think it really just comes down to a matter of preference. One guy might have an entire act revolving around 10 sponge balls, while another guy wouldn't be caught dead with them in his pockets. Neither one of them is right or wrong, it's just a matter of opinion and what works for them. And the same goes for multiple decks of cards, and card tricks in general.
  5. Thank you Toby.
  6. and if you are constantly switching decks then the audience will question why you switched. most of the time, it's because something is set up or gaffed in the other decks and a magician can't actually say that to an audience member. And when you switch from bikes or tally ho's to arcanes or ghosts or any of the other exotic gaffed decks, it looks really suspicious to the spectator because the gaffs are different from what they're used to seeing. I only use one deck in performance and I do just fine. If I do need another deck I just do a deck switch so people don't know. It's honestly not that hard to switch secretly.
  7. Once again, you are openly showing 2 decks for this effect. I heard Joshua Jay say that a 2 deck trick can get messy easily I'm not sure what he meant exactly. Does any one else do any 2 deck tricks?
  8. I am currently in the process of watching EMC 2011 now, and a Scottish magician (his name slipped out from my mind) has done a trick with 3 decks of cards used at once, and it was perfectly clear, and it was a great trick. So yes, you can even use 3 decks with no problems at all, if you know how.
  9. I agree, at IMX this year Lennart Green did an effect with 5 decks it was totally clear

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