will dan and dave have theory11 only stuff?

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  1. How could you regret buying the best DVD set ever made? :D
  2. Exactly :D
  3. maybe they'll have individual tricks and flourishes on the 1on1 section. new material and old
  4. I forgot about that section, that'd be awesome :D
  5. Yes, over time we'll have "T11 only stuff". However, the stuff on T11 will in no way outweigh the material we release on our own site.

    To answer another question we had no hand in the design of the Guardians deck. And yes, a dananddave deck is coming soon.

  6. Coming soon, as in the end of the universe soon? Or as in maybe by the end of the year, early 2008 soon? :p I hope it looks like Jerry's Nuggets :)

    Will you release material thats released here also at Dan and Dave? Or do we need to keep checking both sites for individual releases? Or will all Dan and Dave stuff be released here as well making this the new site to visit for everything?
  7. Awesome, cant wait, can we get any sort of hints or ideas on what they are gonna be like? :D
  8. I hope not... I want it to be better than Jerry's! :D (Why are all the smilies grey? lol)
  9. To avoid racism I guess :p I certainly hope they might do something other than just edit bicycle cards, probably too expensive, but it would be nice to see a totally different deck of cards rather than just different colors.
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    No. He's talking about the one (In theDan and Dave Buck Hidden Footage Video) where there is a card out/angle-jogged and he flicks the card and it changes while still outjogged. Sort of like the TiVo 2.0 change only better...
  11. Sweet, you guys are my inspirationg for XCMing or Cardisty or whatever you wanna call it. Will you sell your Decks through Theory11? Or just your site because I'm guessing they'll be the best XCM decks ever.

  12. Yaa i know the deck will be awesome! Good Luck!!

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