Your reputation maker? Mine is Indecent.

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    For me it was Ultimate Transpo .. and now my favorite trick it is Panic i showed 1 guy and he came back with like 15 people for me to do it again.. i love that trick.
  2. Yep, that's me.
  3. I don't do magic for reputation, I do because I love it.
  4. ya i think thats the same for most poeple... i think what is meant tho what got people talking about you and helped you get known as a magician
  5. As far as a reputation making effect, I get the most renown out of Sean Field's Northbound. My own handling of the Chicago Opener comes in a very close second though. Both are easy to perform, which allows me to concentrate on presentation, which is I what I think makes them so unbelievable.
  6. I guess believe it or not...Here then There. Simple, first "real" trick I got serious about learning and it payed off and stuck. I love it! It gets the routine going, I follow in with two card monte, then throw in Joker's Wild.
  7. Stigmata
    Here Then There
    Biddle Trick

    and the Invisible Deck (havent used this in a while, should get around to making a new one)
  8. Twirl Change as a reveal

    Dr.Daley's last trick
  9. I really love this trick, and it's so simple and the kicker at the end is amazing. No matter what I show people it's still a favourite, along with Panic. It really surprises me due to the fact the tricks I like the most, other people don't.

    But, my 100% reputation maker is The Card-To-Mouth from the Trilogy I literally performed it 7 times just today at school, it pisses me off because it's so easy and everyone wants to see it. I did it for a group, a whole group and no one saw it. I guess my patter is good because I tell them to try and catch me ;).

  10. Everyone asks me to "tie my shoes". Of course they're talking about the self-tying shoelace.
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    I'm afraid to post it, cause it seems like no one else uses it (and everyone seems to use stigmata instead), but i use a modified version of burned (different force, usually different patter). If I got my Tallies with me, I'll change the routine completely (but still the same concept) and use the blank face card that came with the deck to "rub the card's number and suit onto my arm".

    But since Witness, I've been doing Indecent alot more because it gives me a reason to have the ziploc bag on me. I aways liked Indecent, but the setup is awkward unless you're at a house.

    Both tricks get wide eyed, "Holy (expletive)! How the (expletive) did you do that?!? That was (expetive)'n awesome! (friend's name) did you see that? Holy (expletive)!!!!"
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    i do a couple card sleights then i let them shuffle the cards to their extent, using patter like make sure they are completely shuffled so i have no idea where any card is located. then i take the cards and fan them and ask them to pick a card. i typically say "I knew u were going to pick that one" then feign frustration when they change their mind. i have them show the card to other people then return it to the deck. i then guess their card.

    I ask them the suit with the instructions to say no each time (is it a diamond... no, is it a club... no). I then patter about a different card and how weird it would be if it was like a 3 of spades because i have three things that are really important to me however its not a 3 of spades. i then ask them to think about their card and visualize the the value of the card and repeat that number in their head. then i ask them to scream the value in their head while i am concentrating. then i reveal their card.

    some times ill ham it up a bit more, but most responses ive gotten are disbelief and if they mention derren brown ill play around saying there wasnt even a (whatever their card was) in the deck. then they can look thru the deck, but typically i stay away from that as i guess i dont sell it that well, and the responses seem to cheapen.
  13. Touching on Hoy. Period.

    The first time I performed it, the spectators were so in awe that they thought it was real.

  14. I personally do not think that any trick can make your reputation. I am sure that all the professionals on this site like wayne will agree that your reputation is made in your performance. How well you interact with the spectator. How your personality is. You can do the greatest trick in the world and if your looking at the spectator as if he is stupid cause he can't figure it out then your reputation is not going to be to great. Magic is an art form and to make your reputation you have to paint the world with your skills and professionalism, not your tricks. If you can get the connection with your spectator then that will make your reputation. If you have the skills to connect then they will remember you and most if not all the things you perform. Remember it is not a trick that makes or breaks your reputation, it is your performance.
  15. Mine would have to be, Kaos or Third Degree Burn.
  16. i said before that this 'n that was my rep. maker....i was dead wrong.

    i thought that it was what made people remember me.
    now talking to those people again...i realize that that effect is not as hard hitting as a signed card trick i do.

    it consists of a person freely selecting a card, then returning it to the deck. i then try to cut to their card. i am wrong, so they sign that card. i then move their signature instantly from that card to their first card.

    i try not to tell people the name of it...i want to keep it out of the mainstream...sorry GW you know who you are, its your trick!
  17. Everyone seems to remember "here and there" considering that is the trick i almost always start with

    but if i really like someone i will do "Color Fusion" its the perfect souvenir and a true miracle
    some of my friends still talk about it (magician friends too) even after a year!

    i love that trick so much haha
  18. Yeah color fusion is one of mine as well, Out of control Queens, Liquid Metal, Fire Wallet, and IT tricks. OH lets not forget Box Monster with good presentation it floors people.
  19. My entire routine is a reputation maker. One trick can't live without the other. That's why my routine is truly what people remember me by.

  20. My specially-made variation on the Color Changing Deck, where the "power of the spectator's mind" causes every card in the deck to flip over, expect for their chosen card. Needless to say, everyone loves that one!

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