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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lemax, Mar 3, 2010.

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    Hi, guys!

    I'm sick and tired about all those people on youtube killing the magic.
    Too much guys reveal a lot of trick, sometimes the method isn't even the good one...

    When you try to flag a video, the only reason would be infringes MY copyright.
    And im not the owner of such copyrights so i can't do anything...

    People that would be concerned are creators of effects, like DG, dM, WH etc...

    For exemple this guy :

    // I delete the url, in fact, this was a mistake thanks visualartist...

    He's many videos revealing DG effects, WH , etc...

    what can we do ??

    This makes magicians loose money, this kills the magic and as i said to him :
    "Thanks to guys like you one day we (real magicians) will face people, and for each trick, they'll say "oh i know how you do it, saw it youtube"..."

    Youtube should ban each and every user that post magic exposure! :D

    Any ideas ?
  2. well when this happenes if it does. the best way to get over that is to either start making your own effects. are use effects that are way underground that they wont be able to find it.
  3. The best thing for us to do is to keep letting the owners know about the materials being revealed. I find it helpful if you don't mention the names of the tricks to the spectators, that way, he or she will not find the information on youtube or other sources.
  4. thanks for posting a link to his page so people on here can get those tricks for free.
    sarcasm over
  5. well I understand people revealing the basics on youtube
    if it werent for people doing that than I wouldnt be here today
    but revealing tricks that are sold proffessionally is wrong

    I saw a video the other day and I think it was Pixel by David Jade and this kid was performing it and he said "David Jade is one of my favorite magicians and I'm not sure if I want to reveal this trick, but I will if you guys ask me to I will." he basically said that he would help put his favorite magician out of business if the peope of youtube ask him to. Does that make sense...
    ...umm NO!
  6. Thanks for quoting him so that, even after he removes the link, it still shows up in YOUR post.

    Please fix.

  7. Again...i'm sorry - i fell stupid, but i was so fed up, i didn't think before posting this....
  8. Check your quote vis. The link is there too.
  9. Real Magicians buy their magic. or are given it by important sources. For me anyway, I've still been fooled out of my mind by effects that I already know how to do and practice. But the performer's presentation was so top notch that it fooled the heck out of me. I think the youtube reveal era will have it's time and eventually go away. right now, be a better person and don't give these people the light of day. They're looking for hits. and every time you open their page, it's a hit. and you wouldn't know they revealed anything if you didn't open their page. You're revealing magic too every time you slip a double lift, drop a coin, or mess up any trick in general. I would suggest for all the time you spend looking at reveal videos and typing up complaints about them, be practicing instead. and maybe one day, if youre lucky, someone will be stealing and revealing your work.
  10. Great Post man! I completely agree with you!

    - Jenai
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