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    Magnetic Spike!?

    Look up "Spike" from World Magic Shop, that's the most popular magnetic Spike, available in two sizes and supplied with a PK ring or Sharpie. There was also available Alakazam Magic's Cobra Fang, which looks more like just a nail hammered through a block of wood and was a bit cheaper too. If...
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    stage prediction

    Regards *looking* at a prediction before it's sealed away, Kenton has a really clever idea in Perfected Prediction; I think it's still available as a download from WonderWizards, but the book is everywhere. You have some members of the audience or newspaper or whatever sign their names in...
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    Cigar Magic

    I haven't seen that much in the way of cigar magic, aside from the multiplying cigars. There's loads on cigarettes though, which could be applied to smaller cigars. If you have a look on Lybrary, you'll find a bunch of ebooks that have cigarette magic in them. For videos, Mullica's series is...
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    Magic Wedding Ring

    With most PK rings there is always the likelyhood that the coating will wear off after time, this is down to the way they're made. Murphy's Magic bought the rights to the Wizard Rings and redeveloped them, calling them "Kinetic" rings. They come in a number of styles now and seem to be the best...
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    Magician's Network

    It's a good idea if there's enough people that would be happy to get on board! I'd still encourage talking with local peers as a first option though, there's a lot that can be worked out between just a few people in popular hang-outs. :)
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    Signed Decks of T11

    I don't know. It's not for me to say; There's never any harm in asking though!
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    Signed Decks of T11

    A simple message goes a long way, both guys are very busy, but I'm sure if you sent either a message asking really nicely, maybe they'd be happy to send you a signed card when they get the chance! :)
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    Spidey's mentalism tricks

    It really depends what kind of thing you're looking for! Shredder and Sneak Peek are both very versatile, but some of Spidey's card effects are really great! On the store page, you can sort by artist, take 20 minutes and watch all the videos and see which effect you like the best, or which you...
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    I've Been Away, But Not Dormant!

    Nice work brother! I'll make it over for one of them eventually!
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    Magician's Network

    That's a great idea - The ideal scenario would be an app that links to your location. A simpler way to achieve this with magicians local to your area, is to talk between yourselves. here in London we often help each other out by hiding cards in impossible locations when we get the chance...
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    Looking for Ring magic

    I do some ring magic in casual settings as I wear a bunch of jewellery all the time; 'Reflex' is great and is found here on theory11, also check out 'Divorce' by Justin Miller for another instant download. 'The Ring Thing' by Garrett Thomas is a great DVD teaching some great stuff, 'De'ring' by...
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    Deep shadows by dee christopher

    Hey! Thanks for your kind review! I'm glad you enjoyed the book! :D I'm actually running an offer of 30% off until Sunday, so you can get Deep Shadows as a book or download, or any of my other products quite a bit cheaper! The code is ARCHWAY and you can input it in the final checkout...
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    Mentalism Get Together in April

    Sounds fun. You know where I am!
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    Mentalism Get Together in April

    Sounds like a great event, I wish you luck with it! Sadly I'll not be able to make, but I'm sure it'll be fantastic!
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    theory11 Forum Q&A // December 2013 // Bizzaro

    Hey yo all! Welcome to month two of the t11 forum Q&A. After the success of Damien's thread last month, we've arranged a special guest for this month who's no stranger to your eye-holes; Bizzaro! In a world full of reality TV and lackluster entertainment, Bizzaro. The Optical Illusionist...
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