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  1. Antonio Diavolo

    Help making a magic charity

    So I am currently in high school and wanted to create my own extracurricular activity. Partially inspired by Stuart Edge who did magic in a children's hospital and this guy named Ricky Mena who meets sick children as Spider-Man, I came up with the idea to do basically exactly what Stuart Edge...
  2. PopNFresh HDZ

    My effect, Torta

    This was an idea I stumbled on by accident, but made the best of it. Plot isn't orginal, however I think the method and handling are.
  3. PopNFresh HDZ

    My effect, Hysteria

    My take on one of my favorite plots of close-up magic. With this plot, I notices a lot of weaknesses, so I tried to take most of those out. This can be done seated or standing up, and has other handling methods. (References cited as always)
  4. PopNFresh HDZ

    My effect, Phantom Frog

    Completely impromptu, angleproof, no gimmicks, duplicates, just sleigh of hand. Let me know what you think,(yes, my references are cited):
  5. PopNFresh HDZ

    My effect, Stone Cold Stunner

    Just want to know what you guys think,(don't worry, my references are cited in the description box):
  6. PopNFresh HDZ

    Check Out my effect: Xenon Kings

    I know the plot isn't original, however my method is completely impromptu, no duplicates, gimmicks, or anything. This can be done with a deck borrowed and shuffled from the spectator. Let me know what you guys think, if it fools you,(yes, even if only the first time), let me know. Thanks!
  7. eliascaress

    Walk around Mentalism trick today

    I want to learn a new close up mentalism trick today, so I can get good at it for an upcoming gig. Any suggestions? Thanks Elias
  8. P

    Close-up routines.

    Hi all, one more question about this event that I am going to. What are the best routines that I can do for complete strangers? I have some normal routines like the Ambitious card routine and Chris Ramsay's 3 card monte and so on, but are there any that you would suggest for a stranger audience...
  9. P

    Best To perform with..

    Hi, I'm going to perform close up magic for a decent-sized audience in a couple of days and I am going shopping for some cards today, What cards should I buy... (not exclusively theory11).
  10. kennethcmerrill

    One Man's Treasure - Another Man's Trash

    Taking a break from something like magic can have its silver linings. For instance, you get some fresh perspective on things that are often taken for granted. I was watching the trailer to an effect the other day, and one of the selling points of the effect was that you could offer the...
  11. L

    Show theory11 : homemade foldable close-up table

    I desperately searched the web for a cheap foldable table or even a DIY step by step guide to make one, without success. So I made one, here's the result. If anyone interested I will share more info on the design. cheers
  12. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    2 hours walk around gig tips?

    Hello I may be doing a 2hours walker around show at a restaurant I have been doing magic 5 years. I am confident in my tricks. I have all my sets down my only question is I have never done more then an hours walk around This is a two hours gig. How do you go about that do you go straight...
  13. M

    Top Ten Close up illusions

    Greetings all..!!! Ive been a fan of magic for over 15 years now, as hobby for 11 year and the rest as a semi pro close up magician. My specialty is close up and im pretty damn good at presentation. Sleight of hand is about 6.5 / 10 rating I guess. My question is what would you rate as the the...
  14. C

    Where can I get SIGNED note to walnut, egg, Orange

    PERFORMANCE IN THE LINK - 0k here's what happens The magician borrows a note or it can even be a card - spec signs it The magician then folds it into a very small square and places it into 1 of 3 envelopes. Chosen by spec. Shuffles envelopes. Spec...
  15. C

    which is the best card magic INSTANT DOWNLOAD??

    Which is the best INSTANT DOWNLOAD or DVD WITHOUT SHIPPABLE GIMMICK according to you of easy-intermediate level. I dont want shippable gimmick bcause I live in ASIA where shipping from sites is quite high. I just want your favorites(single tricks only NOT SETS OR MULTIPLE TRICKS) and suggestion...
  16. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Magic for Middle Schoolers Problem!

    i had a Gig today 11/20 and had a gig last Saturday both for middle schoolers grades 4th-8th I have no problem doing the tricks or picking the tricks Or patter. Or nerves or anything like that The only thing I have a problem With is I start to show a group of kids magic and then more and more...
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