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  1. I know this will offend some, spur controversy, but I also know this will completely hit home with some people and there will be people agreeing both openly and secretly.

    STOP treating magic like a get rich quick, half-assed approach, "I am so gooood already" type of hobby. Magic, like a lot of other hobbies/sports/activities takes an extreme amount of practice and requires countless hours of experience performing for real people. However, lately, with all these posts about "please watch my new video, though, it isn't so good," and the absurd number of new videos being posted by our T11 members on youtube, it is becoming sickening to think about people starting out in magic as a new hobby.

    Just because you learned and practiced a draw stroke and can now adequately draw the cueball a good foot or two 80% of the time in practice, and all in one day, it does NOT mean you would be able to actually do it in a real 9-ball game when it actually counts.

    Magic is the same way... please put in the effort that is required and get rid of the mindset, "dude... I am like sooo pro now and awesome, and I'm gonna sell ma tricks now, and make money... and get famous.. and stuff."

    Treat magic with more respect than that.

    I know this does not accurately label everyone here... but lately, it is good 50% of the forum posters here.
  2. I have another thing to say: Can people stop posting meaningless threads that are so obviously here to start an argument like the one above?
  3. yeah this is getting old..
  4. Funny how this is the "General Discussion" forum, thus making any thread extremely difficult to justify being called "pointless." In addition, I apologize if paying close enough attention to and being justifiably annoyed at the present state of the online magic community. Again, I apolgize for posting a pretty blunt post directed towards a situation where being blunt is the only way to be heard when 80% of the comments under all of the videos posted are, "SMOOOTH," "sooo goooood," "tutorial plz!!!" and "you are great, keep up the good work," when they should say, "keep practicing," or "not a bad start, but not good enough," and when they should be password protected in the first place.

    But cheers to you for showing how much you actually care about the current state of your hobby.
  5. How dare you call threads like these meaningless, when there are countless threads about TiVo's, Sybils and other "Watch my youtube channel" stuff that are a disgrace to Magic.

    This guy is absolutely spot-on. Magic is treated as an easy thing to do. There is no practice or respect with these beginners that want to be cool and popular and think magic is the easy way. Does anyone practice presentation, or god-forbid, write a script?

    I think the popular "learn street magic" sites hurt magic more than any Masked Magician special. It's all for the money.

    I enjoy these "pointless rant" threads, at least there are some people that care on here.

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    But he's contributing sooooo much to the community!! *sarcasm*

    I'd have to agree, I'm tired of people trying to start fights. However, arguments are ok. Arguing won't win you any friends, but arguing a well thought out position in a discussion is ok. There is a difference between arguing and fighting. Not alot of people know this. There's a difference. arguing is a lot like debating. You're debating your point.

    Arguments often turn into fights when people are on the loosing end of an arguement and become angry.. A lot of people resort to saying "I'M NOT GOING TO ARGUE!" when they feel cornered and become really defensive when they don't have a good response in an argument. The question is why are you not going to argue? The whole point of the thread was to discuss and argue, not throw personal attacks.

    I understand where you're coming from, but if you don't like the videos they post, don't watch them. If someone creates a new thread, don't click on it. You can just as easily ignore the newbies, rather than berate them. When you berate them you're taking away their confidence, which they probably need when they are beginning the art or hobby. Would you rather they quit? Everyone has to start somewhere. A lot of people need reassurance, and praise for accomplishing even the smallest of things, like a double-lift, and if you want them to grow as a magician, much less a person, they should be encouraged.

    The best way to let a fire die is starve it of oxygen. When you respond by creating a thread like this you're only adding fuel to the fire.
  7. hey guys! checks out my cool youtube channel! i know lotz of grate tricks for the streetz like tivo! i didn't actually learn it, but i made up my own even better version!!
    here you go.
    wow, i actually had difficulty writing that. the link is to a video so i can see how many people click on it.
  8. I agree with you tokyo to some extent. I am sure you were a victim of your own hatred before, thus need to require understanding of why people do what they do with making crap videos. i personally used to be that way, but now i do everything live and let the spectators reaction speak for itself and i advise others to do the same and perform live.
  9. He is contributing. Maybe some people will see they are going the wrong way here. It could completely change their view and succes on magic.

    I doubt his purpose is to make a fight. But who knows.

  10. Okay, after that last post which made me lose brain cells, I though I should actually have something good to say. Threads like these, are *hopefully* always created with the intent of starting a good and meaningful discussion. unfortunately, these threads will usually end up locked because these topics are bound to cause arguments.
  11. True .
  12. I don't really see why people cant say there opinion without arguing about it.
    Shows your maturity really, state your opinion and let it be what it is. There is no need to argue to someone about one another's opinion, I highly doubt either one of them will change.
  13. The main problem with this thread is that the OP didn't offer constructive criticism about the state of affairs...just criticism. Try offering up some solutions to the problem. And I don't mean just "everybody needs to learn to respect the art"....okay, sure, that's fine, but how are you going to inspire that sort of change? By whining and yelling at them? Offer up some real solutions, and then you might be taken seriously.

    Also, just because this is the "general forum", does not mean anything goes. There's a general rule that forum threads must further peoples magic...whining/complaining does not further my magic, and I'm sure it doesn't further a lot of other peoples magic, either.
  14. and people shouldn't have to argue about their opinion. If that's what they truly believe, nothing should change their mind. the arguments are caused when people try and convince others of that opinion. also, you have to keep in mind, that the majority of these forums are 13-18 year olds, who don't like to be proven wrong.
  15. Wise beyond your years young padawan :D
  16. who?
    i really am starting to dislike these wordcounts.
  17. This is what theory11 has come to. A good thread that actually sparks thinking is being called a meaningless thread. I've seen it all.
  18. Yes, MOST of the 13 - 18 year olds are like that. I'm 16 and I'm definitely not like that. My opinion is my opinion, I don't try converting anyone and I respect there opinion.
  19. You can't be all that surprised.

    The majority of people here can't handle dissent. They're just not mature enough. They show themselves for the slobbering jackals that they are whenever someone voices something in the least bit argumentative or contrary.
  20. I think we should get back on topic here, i really like this because it is open to new ideas on how to become better than what you are so come on guys let's get back on track

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