Advantages of using magic at school

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  1. Hey guys this is just a random outta nowhere thread i thought of. I tried this out the other day it it worked like a charm. Using ten-kai can help u pass a test at school. Heres what happened: I had a test in english on vocabulary words. No biggie right? Just vocabulary words. Yeah no haha. These were wierd ass words. Like cataphract and nihilism. So what i did was right down all the words and there definitions on a flash card. I just put the card in tenkai in my right hand. I right lefty. And hey, it worked. Luckily i sat far from my teacher. So only use it in certain situations
  2. tisk tisk....only use your powers for good, never evil. shame
  3. The only person you're cheating is yourself.
  4. Agreed. Why cheat? Just study.
  5. true...why study? just cheat......seriously...its no biggie...however don't use your magic for evil...only good....hell even D+M once used his card couting, i don't think thats do what u next time though....
  6. Mountains outta molehills. So he cheated on something, who cares. Who here hasn't? No high horsing here. Cool idea. I don't condone it, but it's cool! :D
  7. Well, who even cares what nihilism means!? There's nothing anybody can do, no words they can learn that will make them happy! The entire idea of getting good grades is useless! there's nothing anybody can ever do about anything!!!!!!
  8. You get good grades, you go to a good college, you go to a good college, you get a good job, you get a good job, you live.
  9. I don't support cheating on tests, but i have to admit it was a cool idea.
  10. I was thinking the same thing about tests, just pulling out a deck of cards and playing with them and right the answers on one deck and do a deck switch pocketing the dirty deck. But let's think about this, your just stalling to learn cause when exams come around the corner you have to know this stuff.

    There's probably lots of ways you could use magic principles to cheat but I think it's just eaiser to study
  11. Couple years ago when I was in a high school english class i used a biddle count to show I had 10 flashcards when I only had 7, good times..
  12. I'm going to use that when I'm at problem like that.
  13. I used my thumb tip to cheat on an exam, see the little paper with the answers where inside (I don´t know how it´s called) the TT
  14. This is epic. Great idea, though I don't think I'll need it :p

    As for cheating, you could do pretty much any palm. When the teacher asks to see your hand, just backpalm it :p (obviously, this wouldn't pass pass for teachers' scrutiny, just joking around)
    I find this entire thread really interesting, not for actual cheating techniques, but just to hear stories!
  15. Or you could not be a lazy ass and actually study your material for once.

    I don't approve of you doing this, and I'm not crazy about putting this information out there for someone else to try either.

    Next time stick to using your magic to entertain, and not cheat on your tests.

  16. I don't know why everyone is getting mad he cheated.

    I would never do that because i don't need to cheat

    But i give this guy alot of credit for coming up with this. It takes effort just like studying to pull this off.
  17. once i took a scantron test at education camp thing and my friend and i filled in all the answers we knew were right, then switched scantrons and filled in the our answers in each others scantrons. this was by far my most ingenious and deceitful technique. i dont thinki would have the guts to actually do this on something that actually counted for school though, this was just a camp.

    edit: just realized this has nothing to do w/ magic
  18. Because uhhh he cheated How better can I spell that out for you? If he had been spending half as much time and effort learning his school work as he did studing his magic then he wouldn't have had to cheat, now would he?

    I don't understand how you are missing the boat on this one.
  19. Card counting isnt cheating.
    Its strategy.
  20. Cause it takes so much brainpower hiding a piece of paper in your hands..
    You kidding me?

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