Berglas effect

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  1. I can recommend Max's Any Card At Any Number. A very clean handling of the classic effect. It's called MACAAN and you'll find it at
  2. It's not the real explanation of the Berglas Effect :(
    Lu Chen uses another version that you can't find anywhere.
  3. Im not sure if you took time to read the book, if so then you would know
    there is not right or wrong way to perform the berglas effect.
  4. he has a book called the berglas effect it expllains it over 60 pages wiith alot more inside have a look at vanishing inc
  5. The 60 pages relating directly to "The Berglas Effect" in the book are not enough to properly do it. You actually have to read the entire book. I do recommend it, though, a fascinating read.
  6. That's right - there is not right or wrong way... but there IS A CLEAN method (Lu Chen's).
    You can't find that method in the book!
  7. There is a DVD included in the Berglas's book. In the trailer, he does Lu Chen's version. But if you watch the explanation, this clean method is missing !!!
    WTF ????????
    Don't waste your money !
  8. Berglas doors not do lu Chen's version Berglas does Berglas'. If you purchased the book and read it, and understood what was described. You would understand how Berglas approaches his card magic and inturn that the psychology of how the audience perceives the effect it's more important than how the effect actually happens
  9. Waste your money?? I'd have to disagree. The book is the best thing I've ever bought regarding card effects. Kaufman did the routine of just showing the cards to me at the SAM in Pittsburgh a year or two ago. It was the first effect that felt like my mind was being read. It was a weird (in a good way) experience. I am happy with my purchase!
  10. Yes, I agree with you but I mean many people buy the book because of the Berglass effect.
    I understand that's a combination of tricks and misdirection. But people are looking for the clean Lu Chen's method in the trailer!

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