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    If you penetrate a coin through the middle of the bottle, it will 100% fall and sink on it's way to the bottom of the bottle.

    The fact that they can see the coin penetrates, THEN fall inside the bottle is what make this effect so strong. More things are happening in this effect. It's not just "the coin penetrates the bottom of the bottle" then that's it.

    For Sealed & Stuck, the audience can first see the coin penetrates, THEN the falling of the coin inside the bottle. It is a bonus for the audience.

    If you just drop a coin and let it fall outside the bottle, you won't achieve the same effect. Go try it yourself, go drop a coin outside the bottle, you will see what I mean.

    Here are some comments from gdw in the magic cafe. He even suggest a way to show that the penetration looks convincing.

    In other words, If you can do real magic, if you can really penetrate a coin through the middle of the bottle, that is EXACTLY what it would look like.

    How it that NOT convincing?

    Of course, in Sealed & Stuck, you CAN make the coin FLIP AND FALL FAST inside the bottle when you penetrate the coin through the middle.

    It is a little more difficult to do the slow version, but to me it looks more magical. In order to make it fall slow, you need to know the technique, which I taught in the DVD.

    I can understand why you think it don't look magical.

    Because you have not penetrate a coin through the middle of the bottle and try to make it fall slow. You don't know what that looks like.

    If you know real magic, try doing that and you shall see it will look the same as Sealed & Stuck.

    If you don't know real magic, do the experiment gdw suggested. You shall see and you shall believe.

    If you think that is too much trouble and work for you. then forget it. But stop saying it don't look convincing without doing the experiment and see for yourself.

    Like what gdw said, the penetration is ***ed convincing.

    Like what other magicians said, it looks magical. To my audience, that is the most magical thing they have ever seen.

    A coin visually penetrates the middle of the bottle slowly (or fast and flipping if you desire) and you can see it sinking down the bottle.

    They can grab the bottle immediately and examine it.

    They will discovered the bottle is brand new factory sealed. They tried to get the coin out but the coin is bigger than the opening.

    You will enjoy the look on their faces. The screaming might be a bit annoying, but you will get used to it. :)

  2. Oh my god, why are you guys still arguing about Andy's effect?
  3. I never asked for the method.
    It's the effect people seek.

    Show the effect of a coin penetrating the bottle, or don't.
    Put it up in the video section.

    A coin will fall if you let it go anywhere..not too exciting, especially if it falls behind the bottle where you initially placed it. Show it penetrating THROUGH like any standard CIB.

    Show clip of a penetration through a bottle, cause we don't see it.
    That's the whole point of the thread is.

    If you have a convincing video of your little version share it, if not. Back on topic.

    This thread is for the best CIBs ...not home filmed CIBs.

    Let's talk about some well known CIBs'
    Any one have any information on 'perrier with a twist' or 'corker'?
  4. I already have a video. Google Sealed & Stuck and you should be able to find it.

    It is EXCITING when the coin falls IN the bottle! Look at the reactions of the audiences in the demo video!

    If the coin just fall outside the bottle, it would land on the floor in less than 1/2 a second. That is NOT exciting.

    Did you try the experiment gdw suggested?

    If you did you will see that Sealed & Stuck looks JUST like the REAL THING.

    If you can put a coin through the middle of the bottle and make it fall slowly, it would look JUST like Sealed & Stuck.

    You CAN make the coin fall FAST and you CAN make the coin FLIP with Sealed & Stuck. Did you even purchased it?

    Yup, this thread is for the best CTBs

    That is the reason why Sealed & Stuck is here. It is also much talked about in other magic forums. It recieved postive reviews from magicians who purchased it.

    You will fool yourself when you performed Sealed & Stuck in front of the mirror.

    First you see the coin and brand new factory Sealed bottle as 2 seperate objects.

    Then you throw the coin to show nothing is wrong with the coin.

    You show the front and back of the bottle to show it is just a normal bottle.

    You push the coin through the bottle without any cover. The hand is shown empty.

    They see the coin visually penetrates and sink inside the bottle. This is where you can see the insane reactions.

    The bottle is immediately handed out for the audience to examine.

    After examining and discovered the bottle is brand new factory Sealed, and that the coin is bigger than the neck of the bottle, their reactions will explode.

    Like what I said, you will get used to the screaming.

  5. Yes, Thank You ace...I saw that one....Didn't care for it the first 10 times, either.
    The only screaming i hear is from the people telling you Enough Already.

    Thanks for your time. Good luck in your journey through life with every other little thing you do.
    Anyone have any info of 'Corker'? or 'Perrier'with a twist'....Anyone?
  6. You are welcome.

    After performing Sealed & Stuck for so many times, I never got people said "enough already".

    Most of the time it is just "A!!!" "What the ****" etc

    If you know chinese, you can actually hear the guy said "but if there is a hole, water will come out"

    Good luck with your magic too.
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    I am hearing is highly gimmicked.
    Perrier I don't know much about...Does anyone know if it has to be done with those little green bottles?

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