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  1. "Sealed & Stuck" does not look like anything is being ABSORBED, not one bit.
    I'm sure you wish it looked that way, but it doesn't. Sorry, but it's true.

    It does in fact look like it is falling, but It doesn't look like it is in the bottle as it is falling.

    The time the coin is let go, looks EXACTLY the same as when it is falling.

    There is no change to see that the coin went into the bottle.
    This is nowhere near an absorbing effect.
    You have to move the bottle around to compensate what you are trying to relay.
    Not very convincing to me.

    In the "Factory Sealed" trailer I saw the coin actually be in the bottle for REAL. It REALLY is in there at that point, no question. That was only just one of many said to be on the DVD.

    To me magic has to look like magic and the Classic Factory Sealed, looked plain magical.
  2. "What looks magical" is subjective.

    For example some people feel that Nick's effect does not look magical too. The penetration happens at the bottom (not the best spot to penetrate a coin) and he covers the coin before the penetration. It just doesn’t look open and magical enough to some people.

    However, some people like you think it look magical.

    Same thing for Sealed & Stuck. Some magicians think the penetration is slow, visual and magical. To you, it doesn’t look magical.

    Plus I have more than one way to penetrate the coin. I already said you can do it the FAST or NORMAL SPEED way. :)

    Yes, there is. After I push the coin in, my empty hand left the bottle and you see the coin sinking down. That proves that the coin is already inside the bottle. Plus I think that is an absorbing effect.
    I DID NOT move AT ALL when the coin is penetrating the bottle. It is clean and open. GEt your facts right. After the coin hits the bottom, I shake the bottle to show them that the coin is indeed INSIDE the bottle. That just kills them.

    You can see that clearly in the Sealed & Stuck demo video too. THey are examining the bottle with the big coin inside it. BTW they just keep passing around the bottle for examination the whole evening. It's a fun thing to watch. :p
  3. This is never going to end.....ever....

    Nice work on the bold lettering....

    Perhaps we should discuss quantum physics or the 4th dimension instead.
  4. Please watch the demo video again. People who want to see it go check out the demo video too.

    It is TOTALLY different as when it is falling.

    Here's a simple experiment to prove that. Don't worry you don't need to have a master degree in quantum physics to do this experiment.

    1) Go grab a bottle and a coin.

    2) Find a mirror

    3) Drop the coin and let if fall

    4) Conclusion: It look TOTALLY different from Sealed & Stuck :)

  5. Right on Jim,

    It's science not magic, a coin falling is not the same as a coin penetration.

    It's a nice fall, but falling behind the bottle is not a penetration, nor does it even look it.

    To have a coin wind up in a bottle, afterwards with THAT display can be categorized as a "to location" effect.
  6. Erm... Did you try out the experiment? Or was it too complicated for you?

    In Sealed & Stuck, the coin penetrates and falls in the bottle! That is what I want the audience to see.

    If you own Sealed & Stuck, you will know that you can easily not make the coin fall. Using a bit of creativity, you can penetrate it at the bottom, then the coin will not fall.

    But I think the coin falling in the bottle is a very big plus point for a CTB.

    Here is a quote from Jonathan Townsend

    Here is another quote from gdw in the Magic Cafe

    Please, magiczen the coin is not just falling, it is falling/sinking inside the factory sealed bottle. That is what makes this routine magical. They can examine the bottle right after the coin penetrates. The coin is really inside (just watch the demo video)

    If you think this is a "to location effect", you should go back and read more books about the various types of magic effects.

  7. Sealed & Stuck doesn't look like it is in the bottle at all WHILE it is falling.

  8. Amen, It just doesn't.
    The coin looks like it is still outside the bottle at that point...not inside where it should be.

    OK let's talk about Porper's cap in bottle..anyone have it?
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    Please watch the demo video again. Google it and you should be able to find it.

    Ok time for 2 more complicated experiment.

    Experiment 1

    1) Grab a coin and bottle

    2) Open the cap of the bottle

    3) drop the coin inside the bottle

    4) try to make the coin slide down the side of the bottle

    5) You should observe that the coin will be sliding down the side of the bottle

    6) You should also observed that the coin is falling slower than usual.

    7) You should also observer that it looks like Sealed & Stuck.

    Experiment 2

    1) Grab a coin and a bottle

    2) just drop the coin in

    3) the coin will fall fast

    4) Observer the coin falling down fast

    4) If you purchased Sealed & Stuck, you should know the FAST version of Sealed & Stuck look exactly like that.

    I'm afraid you might have some problems with the 2nd experiment as you did not even purchase Sealed & Stuck.

    Conclusion: The coin is not falling outside the bottle. The coin is falling inside the bottle.

    Well, seems like you don't agree with experienced magicians like Jonathan Townsend.

    You have your views, other magicians also have theirs. I have got very extreme views. Some think it looks very magical, some people think it doesn't look magical at all.

    Those people who have problems with Sealed & Stuck all happnened to be supporting a particular CTB. A strange coincidence perhaps?

  10. Enough, New CIB please.

    Anyone have Porper's?

    How's everyone feel about the ole FC method?
  11. I believe that there currently are 4 dimensions, Width, Length, Depth and Time.
    The other dimensions are all debatable.

    I think that Wayne would look pretty in a tutu.
    Debate away.
  12. True but who is the most likely to be caught wearing a tutu?

    I like pie.
  13. Well, some might say Dana, but I think Wayne would be more likely.
    I don't know about you, but everytime I watch Pushing Daisies on ABC, I crave pie.
    We should probably stay on topic though...
  14. Ive been told that Submerged cib will be revealed soon...

    I don't know any details but it's spposed to be a very visual penetration
  15. Sorry to bring this up again.
    I have briefed the whole 10 pages of this thread, I find it rude that you guys are really being harsh on AndyAce. Instead of insulting him and thinking that E is the best place to buy magic in the world how about be more considerate and critisize with some manner? You guys are doing the exact opposite of what T11 is all about. This isn't E, this is another place.

    But I do see their point that it doesn't look nearly as good as what you said Andy. You said no coverings or anything like that, but you really are covering when you shake the bottle. That is not neccessary and you are covering almost half the bottle for me to even see the coin inside the bottle. The shaking makes it even worst, there is no point in shaking the bottle. I can barely see the penetration as well because of you covering. Also you shouldn't have edited it after you performed the effect. That makes it even more suspicious. If you say that Stuck & Sealed is what you are really saying, re-film it(doesn't have to be in front of audiences) and please do not cover half the bottle and please show us the coin in the bottle before opening it because I couldn't see it right in the Demo.

    But the idea is really great, instead of a fast paced penetration, you made a slow and make it more clearly to see the penetration. I just wished you would've done a better performance and camera in your demo.
  16. Ok let's leave it at that now... No good can come from keep going over it, let's jst get back to talking about CIB's.
  17. Good post. This is how people should have gone about it. Except just because Aces CIB is unknown and not super super hyped with a retarded teaser trailer on top of it means that his CIB is unoriginal and not cool.

    Thanks for being then one of the few who said there opinion maturely.
  18. I STRONGLY agree with what you just pointed out. Just because, people don't actually know you personally, doesn't give anyone the right to be rude. if they have an opinion, they should express it poilitely...That said i do not want to make it anymore off topic than it is.:)
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    Thanks Eddie! :)

    I'm glad that there are gentlemen around here.

    Thanks Jack and socter!

    Sealed & Stuck is my original CTB. I put in alot of time and effort on this series of CTBs. I don't plan to ever release these CTBs. But after seeing a demo video of it, magicans over the world requested me to release it asap.

    If some people have opinions about my CTB, I hope they can express them maturely and politely, just like Eddie here.

    For those who want to watch the demo video just google it. You should be able to find it.

    First of all the shaking is not really a cover, it is a convincer to show that the coin is really inside the bottle. They can see the coin moving inside the bottle when I shake it.

    2nd, I did not cover half of the bottle. I only covered less than 1/4 of the bottle. I'll pm you a photo to show you that. :)

    If you watched the demo video, I was holding the bottom of the bottle, so that my hands won't block the penetration (the coin penetrates in the middle of the bottle)

    The effect can be clearly seen in the demo.

    I show the coin and bottle as 2 separate objects at the first 5 seconds of the video.

    On 0.03 I showed the front and back of the bottle to the audience, so they can see it is just a normal bottle.

    On 0.05 I push the coin through the side of the bottle.

    Between 0.06 and 0.08 you can clearly see the coin MELTS through the bottle and sinks to the bottom.

    The cut did not really cut anything important. Those who own Sealed & Stuck would know that. ;) No bottle switches or sneaky moves after the video is cut.

    The cameraman(who is just one of the audience) actually put down the camera and tried to examine the bottle. That's why the video is cut. -_-

    From 0.18 to the rest of the video you can see the reactions of the audiences.

    Like what I said I did not cover half of the bottle. I'll pm you a picture to prove that to you.

    The coin is really in the bottle before opening. Just ask people who already purchased it. The big coin is really inside the bottle, and it is impossible to get it out.

    Thank you!

    I want the audience to clearly see the penetration, so I tried my best to make it slow, visual and open. The hand is not covering the coin, and the hand can be shown empty right after you push the coin it. That is the kind of penetration I want to achieve. From the audience's reactions I knew they prefer the slow pentration to the fast penetration.

    Actually I already have a few other demo videos. But I found out that the live performance looked the best as you can see the reactions of the audiences.


  20. Yes, it just doesn't look nearly as good as you say.
    The part where you are trying to convice us that the coin is penetrating is weak.
    It simply doesn't look like it is penetrating, just falling.

    Sorry if you took my comments harsh, but I don't want to blow sunshine your way and let you keep believing something is convincing, when it is not.

    The most important part of a penetration effect believe it or not, is the penetration.

    The whole, signed coin, big coin, sealed bottle thing means NOTHING without a convincing penetration...which I (and many others) fail to see.

    The whole idea has already been done before anyway.
    If you are going to put out a variation, make it magical..I mean the penetration itself. That's the most important part.

    Re do the video (if you can) of the coin PENETRATION through the bottle....not faling behind the bottle.

    We'll have a look.

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