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  1. I have never actually seen one single person aside from Andy post anything about his CIB routine. He 're-posts' quotes from other people that he has gotten in e-mails but aside from that I haven't seen a single person come forward yet, here, on the Cafe, or on E's forums. Sounds like a load of b.s. and just more self-promoting/self-selling.

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    Wow calm down Jim.

    The reviews are there (on the Magic Cafe and other forums), try searching on google and you should be able to find them. I even post a review by Wayne Steveson here, did you read that review?

    BlueBackedBikes asked me that and I posted Wayne's review here. He already said thank you, meaning there is already an unbias review ny Wayne here. Queation answered. Case Closed. So why did you bring up the samr question again?

    Are you accusing me of posting "false reviews?" I already said I'll try to get some of them to post their reviews here. If you cannot wait, there are a few links which you can check out, just to prove that there are other reviews.

    I'm not hyping up my CTB like some other CTB creators out there. I just gave a few facts about my CTB beacuse someone mentioned it here. You don't seem to have a problem with other CTB creators mentioning about their product. You only have a problem with me.

    I don't know what is the reason, but I hope you can be more open minded. Please don't turn this into another bashing arena again. Look what happened to the E's CTB thread in the Magic Cafe.


  3. It seriously does look like that there must be hole too. It's so unbelievable that it's crazy. I can't see how it's physically possible to accomplish such a penetration with a borrowed bottle(no label needed), a borrowed plus signed quarter, no gimmicks at all, and only a 3 second set-up. It's just....impossible....

    I'm still completely stumped.


    I think there was a misunderstanding. You're completely right about how the effect looks when Justin performs it throughout the trailer, but at the beginning when they're showing the video originally submitted to them, Nick(if it is him performing)does it to where the coin just goes through bottom as if there's nothing there but doesn't jump around. It's kind of like a prohibition style penetration. They both look awesome and I guess you can pick how you want to perform it so that it fits your style best.

  4. hey, cant we all just get along, there is no reason to bash each other, or argue about CIBS...all the guy wanted was an opinion on what CIB is the best.....
  5. You're right, and I'm going to elaborate.

    I don't see the need for all the arguing that has been going on. What started out as a discussion has turned into one big Bash-Fest that doesn't have alot to do with the topic. Andy has advertised his product, and those who don't like it have been bashing him, being disrespectful and acting rudely. Most of this page could and should be deleted as it doesn't pertain to the overall point of this thread, it's just arguments.
    If someone has an issue with another member they should talk to them privately about it and resolve whatever issues they may have with the person,but they shouldn't do it on the forums.
  6. Guys,

    I deleted some posts -- way too much arguing, and highly offensive. Remember to remain professional, respectful, and courteous to other members. Moreover, let's stay on topic, and discuss the Best CIB, not which is the worst, etc., and let's keep the criticism to a constructive level.


  7. Someones trying to get noticed eh The Dark Angel ;)

    I actually agree with jimbowmanjr on most of what he said as for the most part it's true... I don't have anything against Ace though and am happy for his CIB to be discussed, but i'd rather hear the views from those who have it than always from the creator.
    Did you not notice that Ace made a point of bringing up his points in his replies to others multiple times when really it was only needed the once.

    Ace has eased up on how often he brings his CIB up, but there have been times where he has basically force fed people his CIB.
    This time though Ace is right in that he was responding to someone els, but he still manages to hype his up by continuously highlighting the strengths of his CIB and about how it can accomplish more than any other (supposedly).

    jimbowmanjr obviously felt strong enough about what he was saying otherwise he would not have spoken ou, and I can honestly say that ive never known him to just lash out and so it must be something he strongly believes.

    Also Ace was actually the one trying to make himself look good, not the other way around.

    I am sure that Aces CIB is great and can understand him wanting to get the word out, but there has to be limits.
    Though I know you were responding to someone this time Ace.

    ps- Though not related to this as such, ive heard Ace insinuate/imply that Nick Verna and Matthew Mello have been hyping there effects... erm.... NO

    Anyway that's that, im not being horrible to anyone but truth be told there was a valid point in what jimbowmanjr was saying.

  8. Nope, just letting people know what I think.
    I haven't had to do that as much recently, know that Jack's in charge.
  9. I already post a few links. You can check them out.

    I just gave a few solid facts about Sealed & Stuck. The points might sound too good to be true, but you know that they are really true.

    And like what I said I did not use any hype terms. I'm not saying my CTB is going to change the history of magic. ;)

    Thanks for understanding! :)

  10. Some of the things I said earlier were way out of line also. Bad day at work coupled with bad coffee at work and having about all I could take of Ace after biting my tongue for awhile now. Anyways its over and I am sorry to anyone who actually saw my posts. Thats not my style and it is pretty few and far between you will ever see something like that from me. Luckily Captain Jack is in the house to give us a spankin once in awhile to get back in line.

    Ace, best of luck with your CIB. I don't hate you =)

  11. Hooray for forgiveness!
    Group hug!
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    Thank you Jim!

    I don't hate you too. I apologize if I sound too harsh to you.

    All the best,

  13. So everything is happy agian

    I am gonna pick up Aces CIB at some point as I would like to see the workings behind it and learn how to accomplish his version of such an effect.

    Once I do I will post a thorough review on the cafe' and here.

    As this is about what's the best CIB, i'll post a bit of info on the ones I like so far, giving what I consider to be there pros and cons.

    Lucid Dreams:

    Dream 1-


    Borrowed bottle
    Signed coin variation
    Not just a coin in bottle, but allows for keys, rings, cards and anything else that can fit through the opening to be penetrated inside
    And for Ace ;) coin and bottle shown as seperate items.


    The item penetrated has to be able to fit through the opening
    Can't hand out bottle instantly, clean-up is needed (though it happens in a natural way)

    Dream 2-


    Coin can be bigger than the opening (by quite a lot)
    Very visual penetration (I can do it with holding the bottle between just my thum and first finger, with the entire bottle in full view)
    Very clever and simple method that has a lot of versatility on where the coin can be penetrated
    Coin and bottle shown as seperate items ;)


    Need to set-up for the big coin version
    Not something that you'll be able to instantly do, it WILL take practise (not really a con but for some it may be)

    Plus with Lucid Dreams you get a bonus ring in bottle, key vanish to full bottle and until stated otherwise a card to bottle.

    You also get access to a forum where more ideas and routines are posted.


    Ocular Perception-


    Very fair display
    Very visual penetration
    Very well routined
    Easy (for those who are worried about difficulty level)
    Immediately clean


    Coin must be smaller than the opening
    And just for Ace ;) it's not taught how to have the coin and bottle shown right before the penetration as seperate objects (though this doesn't matter to me as the routining is so well done and it makes total sense... it's a non issue)



    Amazingly fair display, infact easily the fairest and best display so far
    Very visual penetration
    very well routined


    An insy tinsy set-up, but can be done while out performing
    Need something extra, though this is very easy to get ahold of
    Rest same as Ocular Percetion

    Un-named CIB-


    Amazingly fair display
    very visual impact penetration from the side
    And for Ace ;) coin and bottle hown as seperate objects right up till it's in the bottle

    All of the above effects are done with no label, as is Lucid Dreams.

    Then we have the two upcoming CIB's Bullet and Factory Sealed...

    Bullet points (from the info we know so far and how it looks etc)

    Signed Coin
    Coin can be bigger than the mouth of the bottle

    Factory Sealed points (from info known so far etc)

    Beyond visual penetration which is said to be like trick photography
    Supposedly an actual factory sealed bottle
    Not sure if taught, but it's possible to perform a version with a signed coin
    Not sure if it's taught but you get to perform a version where the coin is bigger than the mouth of the bottle
    Coin seen to be inside at the exact point of penetration, no dislodgings, visual disturbances etc

    As well as all the above I hear another CIB is coming up called Submerged...
    Now details on this are next to nothing other that from what was said by someone who knows the creator, but it was said that the penetration is mega visual also, with the coin visually pushed through.
  14. Excellent reviews!
    Hope you can review the other CTBs too when you got them. :)

    Haha I don't think it is just for me. ;) I'm sure there are people out there who thinks that it is a plus if both objects can be shown seperate before the penetration.
  15. Andy's effect is on the wishlist.
    But all day, having to sit around with gatorade bottles and vitamin water just made me REALLY want Bullet.
  16. Yeah, I can't stop thinking about Bullet. Here's some good info on it if anyones interested:

    3 second preperation
    No Gimmicks
    No label needed
    Borrowed bottle
    Borrowed, signed coin
    Amazing angles
    It's possible to perform it with a coin bigger than the mouth or the bottle cap.

    The trailer shows the penetration itself done two different ways:

    1. The magician holds the coin on his fingertips which are extended out horizontally, he holds the bottle as openly as possible with his other hand, then he counts to one while delivering a "preperation strike"(hopefully you guys know what I'm talking about) by softly bringing the bottle down and tapping the coin, he does the same thing on two, then on three, he brings the bottle down onto the coin a little harder and the coin cleanly penetrates the bottom.

    2. Everything's pretty much the same but instead of bringing the bottle down onto the coin, you slam the coin up through the bottle and it literally "jumps" in and flies up toward the top a little.

    Anyone feel free to ask any questions if you didn't understand anything.

  17. The teaser for Bullet is NOTHING compared to the trailer. I still cannot possibly imagine what you could do in 3 seconds to make that possible.
  18. Facts?
    OK, Let's stop exagerating.
    This is no where near the best CIB.

    1.) There is a difference between Factory Sealed and REsealed.
    Unless you are Nick Verna (doing his orginal effect in its pre E days) you are not using a genuine Factory Sealed bottle which from his coined routine asks to borrow the bottle. Also, your methods of trying to make it look sealed has been reported not original and too time consuming for the real worker.

    2.) No labels - Great, but Nothing new. Mister Verna already accomplished that years ago YEARS AGO.."in performace" mind you, with a bottle that was handed to him.

    3.) Nothing new..It's called 'pre show' work.

    4.) Nothing new either.

    5.) You mean slow and visual coin falling (not penetrating)
    Th spectator CANNOT grab the bottle the second you demonstrate the coin leaving your hand. In "Factory Sealed" by the originator Nick Verna from the info brought forward, you can let them take the bottle immediately...

    6.) What penetration? the coin goes behind the bottle and stays there until it gets eclipsed by your hand. You never see it hit the based naturally from the falling position, you never see it penetrate through and come forward.

    8.) Coin falls, not penetrates through.

    9.) True. but nothing new.

    10.) You have to hand the bottle out when YOU the performer are ready.
    They can not snatch it out of you in after the initial let go of the coin.
    In "Factory Sealed" you you simply cannot.

    11.) subjective.

    Always be accurate with your info.
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    Haha the facts might sound too good to be true. But they are really facts.

    First of all, Nick's effect has not been released yet. We are not sure if Factory Sealed can be done with a borrowed factory sealed bottle. Let's discuss this after Nick's effect is released ok?

    The method of sealing the bottle is original. Where is the report that you mentioned? The seal had never been opened before. They can bring home the factory sealed bottle or open the seal themself. Too time consuming? Please read Waynes Stevensons review. It is not time consuming at all. Real workers will find this to be practical.

    For your information, my effect was released before Nick's effect. I also invented my CTB years ago. And try not to discuss about Nick's effect, because it was not released yet and we know nothing about it.

    Correction! ;)

    They CAN grab the bottle after the coin penetrates the bottle. Did you even own Sealed & Stuck?

    I have performed Sealed & Stuck alot of times, and there are times when they grab the bottle. I always hope they will do that! The jaws will hit the floor when they see the coin is really inside the bottle!

    Most of the time, they were too shocked too react when they witnessed the visual penetration. You have to hand them the bottle and ask them to examine it. Then the reactions will explode. Trust me you will love the look on their faces.


    The coin goes inside, not behind. If the coin is just behind the bottle, the coin will just drop on the floor.

    You CAN see the coin hit the base of the bottle if you want. You can hold the top of the bottle if you want. I'll teach that in the DVD. I'm sure you did not purchased Sealed & Stuck.
    Look at the video again. I pushed the coin through and it sinks to the bottom of the bottle. The coin did not just "fall" to the ground.

    Yes, when my hand leaves the coin, they can come and grab it. I can perform it infront of Bruce Lee or Jacky Chan and they can grab the bottle with the fastest hands. Then I will just wait for their jaws to hit the floor.

    Factory Sealed is not even released yet, and you know you can do that in Factory Sealed? Are you a psychic? Or are you a very close friend of Nick Verna?

    That is my advice to you too. You did not purchase Sealed & Stuck. Factory Sealed was not released yet. And you are comparing both effects without any solid info.

    Yes, it might be nothing new if the points are on their own. But if you put them together the it is something NEW.:)

    This is something new as no other CTB can accomplish all of that.

    If you want to talk about Nick's CTB, please do so AFTER it is released.

  20. Ace...

    Can they grab the bottle while the coin is falling?

    Im asking because im not sure if this is what yo meant

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