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  1. Ace, you are the creator of Sealed and Stuck. You can't possibly expect us to believe that you would post anything bad about your product. I consider your message hype.

    Can anyone offer an unbiased opinion or review on Sealed and Stuck?

    And for anyone that's interested, the bottle cannot be borrowed for Sealed and Stuck - it needs to be set up. My opinion? Wait for some reviews of Factory Sealed to come in - borrowed, factory sealed bottle and borrowed coin.
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    Nick and Matt also post about their products in other forums. Do you think they are hyping it too? I guess not.

    No, there are no hype terms in my post. I did not use terms like "Monster", "Stone cold insane" or "Real thing" "Real magic" etc.

    I just gave some facts about my CTB.

    There are reviews posted on my website you can check them out. Here is a unbias review posted by Wayne Stevensoon on the other forums.

    Yes, the bottle cannot be borrowed. However, the solution is simple.

    Most of the audiences won't have brand new unopened bottles with them. Most of the the bottles are already opened. Hence I'll bring my audience to a store, buy a bottle there and perform the effect. I'll teach you how to do that in the DVD.

    I included 2 other impromptu CTBs for people who love impromptu magic. The penetration is still as visual, just that the bottle is not factory sealed.

  3. Andy, your product def. sounds good, but I want a stone-cold reason to purchase it. Can you give me a reason why, in your opinion, I should buy your effect over other CIB's?
  4. Thanks for your comment! =)

    Well, because Sealed & Stuck is the only CTB that is able to achieve all that. Other CTBs cannot achieve what Sealed & Stuck can achieve. There are 5 versions in the DVD, so that you can always perform a CTB in any situations.
  5. Yes, they are absolutely, positively and without a doubt hyping their product.

    Maybe hype was the wrong word. 'Promotion', perhaps? I was simply looking for an opinion of someone who does not directly benefit from spreading good word about a product.

    Thank you.

    I disagree, and could argue with you, but I'm not going to because it wouldn't get us anywhere. I'll just say that I strongly believe that a CTB is much stronger with a sealed bottle that the spectator knows could not have been tampered with or set up.
  6. The audience went crazy when I performed the effect with a bottle I just bought from a store. To them, I used a bottle that could not have been tampered with.

    The point is it is very hard to find an audience with a brand new bottle with them. Who will carry brand new sealed bottles with them anyway?
    Those real workers should know what I mean. Hence it is so much easier to bring them to a store and buy a new bottle and perform the effect.

    You are right that it will be even stronger if you could use their brand new bottle. But you will have to find someone that carries brand new bottles with them first. Of course you can always disagree with me.

    Plus, there are no impromptu coin through factory sealed bottle on the market yet. Factory Sealed by Nick could be one, but please wait for the product page before you confirm it is impromptu.

    This are the few guidelines when I was creating my CTB

    1) The bottle is factory sealed
    2) No labels
    3) Coin is BIGGER than the opening of the bottle
    4) Combinable with a signed coin
    5) Slow and visual penetration
    6) No cover during the penetration
    7) Coin penetrates at the MIDDLE of the bottle
    8) Hand can be shown empty right after the penetration
    9) Both coin and bottle are shown as seperate objects before the penetration.
    10) Bottle can be examined right after the effect (no bottle switches etc)
    11) Easy to perform
    12) Impromptu

    But I did not make Sealed & Stuck impromptu. I can only satisfy guidelines 1 to 11. If I make it impromptu, I would have to sacrifice other strong points of Sealed & Stuck. Hence I create a total of 5 versions, with 2 impromptu versions for people who like impromptu magic.

  7. Lol Ace you need to let those who have purchased yours give there opinion... though there doesn't seem to be anyone who wants to.

    Don't go by reviews on someones personal website.

    I don't believe all your points as the seperate objects thing only came about after Impervious.
  8. I am more of an impromtu kinda guy but I will look into these effects when they are released.
  9. Bullet is impromptu.

  10. yeah I knew that, but I am willing to abandon that for one that is visual.
  11. Bullet looks exactly like you are throwing the coin into the bottle. It's kind of hard to explain - once you see the trailer, you'll understand. It's very visual.
  12. If you are rich and can afford all of them hey, buy them all.

    Otherwise Pick those that suit you.

    Becareful some require a lot of gimmicks, so if you not into gimmicks, stand clear.

    Others are said to be good, like impervious, but also more of an "in the mind" penetration, not so much as direct.

    E's CIB's set a strong standard along time ago.
    On film and in print long before any on the new CIBs and these "just created" cibs started popping up. That's got to stand for something.

    T11's very own Wayne Houchin and Dana Hocking are said to have worked on the production of these gems along with superstar Justin Miller. Not to mention the other pillars, icons, and legends of the art like Mister Marc DeSouza who within minutes enjoyed its beauty experimenting with variations.

    The reports on these supercedes all the rest combined.
    From the confirmed information and authored testimonials alone, one could easily conclude that these have the best value pound for pound, if not by far.
  13. Yeah, that's what it looks like when Justin performs it but when they show the original submitted video the coin just kind of goes through the bottom. Both look amazing and make you think that there's a hole in the bottle, but there's not. Amazing....

    You just have to see the trailer.
  14. I myself know sinful and it is one of my favorites so i would go with it.
  15. Well I meant it like that the coin doesn't just stop when it gets in the bottle. It actually continues to move inside of the bottle (just like you threw it right through the bottle, because it never stops moving). And that's what make it so impossible looking.

    You really need to see the trailer to get what me and Zeus are talking about (and why we are so PUMPED!!)
  16. There are people who purchased it and gave their comments on it. They are found on other fourms and some from my email. If you want the links just om me and I'll give you the links.

    I just put the all comments and reviews from all the other forums on my website.

    I understand that the reviews might sound too good to be true. But the truth is the reviews are all positive. The reviews are all made by real people.

    Well, all the points are true. Every single one of them. Just watch the demo and you can clearly see the coin and bottle as seperate objects before the penetration. Seeing is believing.

  17. I know the points are all true... I meant that yoy say your goal from the off was to create a cib that had all the points you mentioned, yet I had only started hearing you say about as seperate objects after the release of Impervious.

    You should ask those who have yours to post full reviews over hear etc
  18. Seems as thought bullet can be SLAMMED into the bottle and continue to travel like a speeding bullet, also you can make it JUMP in, both appear to have a false bottom. Even in the trailer the guy is screaming "theres's a hole", then Justin immediately hands him the bottle for inspection, and the guy is just CLUELESS.

    I remember one guys screaming..."That is TIIIIIIIGHT!"

    So much energy it's crazy.
    I'm usually pretty good at picking off 'actors' and no way in hell were they acting.
    Nobody acts that well. That's some real footge for sure.

    You guys are right who've seen it. This stuff is for real.
    For those who missed it, you gotta see it.
  19. Yeah Bullet looks great... I wish I had got to see the Factory Sealed full trailer :(

    Nick Verna has also managed to go beyond any other CIB with something new he's been working on... he's a true innovator of our art.

    Matthew Mello is gonne be sharing some stunning stuff also.
  20. Oh now I get what you mean.

    After reading a few reviews of Impervious, I realized that people would prefer CTBs that can show the coin and bottle as separate objects before the penetration. (No offense to Impervious)

    To me, that is the basic requirement of a good CTB. The audience must be convinced that the coin and bottle are 2 separate objects before the penetration. This is one of the goals that I want to achieve, but to me it is so basic that I did not even mention it. After reading reviews of Impervious, I found out that it was actually quite important; hence I make it a point to inform others that both objects can be shown separately in Sealed & Stuck

    They have already posted their reviews on other forums. But I'll try to get some of them to post their reviews here so that you guys don't have to go to other forums to read the reviews.


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