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  1. In Nick's original routine, he does borrow the bottle.
    That's public information.
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    Yes, they may do that. Although that is not humanly possible.

    Although you can try to make the coin fall slowly (like the speed in the demo), it is still a one second thing.

    They have to be very very fast so that they can grab the bottle while the coin is still falling.

    If you do the normal speed version, I don't think they will be fast enough to grab the bottle while the coin is falling. Unless they can manipulate or slow down time and space.

    Ace: "Hey, I'm going to penetrate the coin through this bottle. Your task is to grab the bottle WHILE the coin is still falling ok? "

    Bruce Lee: "Wow... I'm not sure if that is possible... But I'll try!"

    *Penetrates the coin through the bottle*

    *coin hits the bottom*

    Bruce Lee: "Hey you should count to 3 so that I can get ready!! Not fair! Try again!!"

    Ace: "........"

  3. It will be public information only when the effect is released.

  4. It's already public info about the way Nick himself originally performed it in HIS past performances.
    E's product is streamlined to the masses...keep in mind.
    Practicality is important when going global.
    Nick's effect is genuine, as reported over and is public information.

    not without messing up the trick.

    FYI Andy, your version does not predate Factory Sealed...not even close.
    You've already come forward with your effective date, and not only did Nick invent Factory Sealed before you, it was already contracted and in the hands of E before your version. So it was released, to Ellusionist...just not to you.
    Browse around, see for yourself.

    Your unorginal seal method was mentioned on the cafe.
    I guess when you are done hard selling people, you will be aloud to post there again.
  5. Factory Sealed by Nick Verna is a signature classic.
    Performed under so many impossible conditions, so many different ways, with so many variations.
    It's a part of magic history.
  6. The point is you don't even know the method behind it so how do you know that it is practical?

    Like what I said, wait for Ellusionist to release the effect.

    Btw, Sealed & Stuck is genuine too. That is public information too.

    Are you the creator of Sealed & Stuck? I said it won't mess up the trick. Trust me I have performed this so many times.

    It is hard to say which effect came first. It depends on how you define it. From what I know, Ellusionist add some new stuff to Nick's original effect. If the product that E is releasing is considered the final product, then Nick's final effect is completed at a later date.

    One thing is for sure, Sealed & Stuck was released before Factory Sealed.

    Plus, which came first is not important at all.

    Sealed & Stuck and Factory Sealed are 2 different effects.

    Both Sealed & Stuck and Factory Sealed looked different. Those who watched the leaked demo already confirmed that.

    Is it? Show me the post. That is considered exposure. Are you sure the magic cafe allowed that? Did the guy who exposed it purchased my effect? Or is he just guessing?

    I can see this coming. Things that are not related to CTBs.

    I'm allow to post on the Cafe. Who says I was not allowed to post on the Cafe? Where did yoyu hear that from?

    Hard Selling? There is NO hard selling. I merely mentioned my effect. If people have question I will answer them. I never so hard selling or ask people "Come buy my product!"If you don't believe just read this thread.

    Please get your info right.

    And please no more personal attacks. Mods can deleted the irrelevant parts if desired.

    Thank you.

  7. Ace enough, you are not the originator of this effect...Plain & Simple.

    It's been documented before your effective date.
    E already had the original Factory Sealed in THEIR hands before your effective date (which you CANNOT change).
    Lord only knows how far it goes back with the creator himself with source material.

    Plus, to be honest, yours does not even look all that magical.
    Your interpretation of a penetration is simply not all that convincing to me.

    No one is attacking you, just supplying you the 411.
    It's called constructive criticism.

    Have a good one.
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    I'm the originator of Sealed & Stuck.
    Nick Verna is the originator of Factory Sealed.
    Both Nick and I are not the originator of the CTB plot. Plain and Simple.

    Same thing. Sealed & Stuck was released first. I already have the original Sealed & Stuck in my hands before E released their CTB. Nothing can change that.

    Well, I cannot please every single one.

    I remembered the first time I post a demo video of Sealed & Stuck, the comments are all about how visual it looks.

    The effect is so visual that people from Magic Cafe and SMC asked me to release the effect asap.

    Even Nick's CTB cannot please everyone. Some people said it's visual, some people said it's not visual at all (after watching the leaked demo).

    The point is you cannot please everyone.

    In my opinion it is not constructive criticism. You are obviously making personal attack in the last part of your post.

    Have a nice day!

  9. Just trying to get information.
    The lineage is clear.

    BTW, Nick has tons of expressions, read the cafe.
    Some are more visual than others.
    Depends on what he is trying to express.
    He can even do it with one finger, which people say slays all.
  10. Ace,

    Bruce Lee is was a great man, no doubt.
    But, Nick V. ALREADY brought his name up in an example related to these CTBS...FOUR DAYS AGO.

    Let's try to be original, OK?

    When Nick V. quoted him

  11. I know for real now. I was going to say that myself. Come on!
    I don't even want to hear he didn't see his post on the 14th on the E forums.
    He is there all the time.

    Sorry, but Nick V. already laced that track too.
  12. Really?! :eek: I guess great minds think alike lol!!

    I swear I really don't know Nick also mentioned Bruce Lee in the other forum.
    And I'm not trying to copy Nick.

    Nick quoted Bruce Lee to advice people to "be like water"

    I mentioned Bruce Lee just to show that even the fastest hands cannot accomplish the task of grabbing a bottle while the coin is still falling.

    Bruce Lee was quoted by both. However both of us want to express different things.

    Both Nick and I created a coin through factory sealed bottle. But both effects look different.

    Btw, Nick is not the first person to quote Bruce Lee. ;) I don't think Nick is being "unoriginal" here.

    This is fun, but I guess we are off topic.

  13. If you noticed I'm not very active on the E's forum recently.
  14. Bruce Lee Rules!
    Magic Rules!
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    The Masterpiece "Factory Sealed" is legendary.
    As Justin Miller (who has worked with it personally) says it's so far ahead of anything out there.

    I mean WOW!, A visual melt where the coin is really borrowed and in your hand and pressing against the walls of the UNOPENED bottle before it is seen to slowly, visually, and openly melt into the bottle without even having to move the bottle....It can even be done while the spectator holds the bottle.....And amongst all things end crispy CLEAN, with absolutely no moves. An with its groundwork from what others have brought forward, you can easily do it with a Big Coin, signed coin, etc....Nick's routine consisted of a spectator handing him the bottle...NO effect does ALL THAT!!!! and be mezmerizingly visual...NONE!!!

    That's SIGNATURE Nick V.
  16. Yeah Big Coin, Signed Coin is if you're good with routining and have a lot of chops like the pros. The cool thing is Nick V. has so many expressions, each one more visual than the next. I mean read the news on his work. I only got to see one from the trailer, it was real sweet looking, very magical.

    Nick V. is definitely an innovator. People want to learn his other penetrations like the ones through glass. For example, his CTW "SURREAL." Seems like there was a clip of that too somewhere and caused a huge spark before he had it disabled.

    His magic is in high demand for sure.
  17. I'm not saying anything bad about these CIB's, but " Theinfomer"

    You clearly have a biased opinion. i have some too, but you probably thought badly about Aces CIB before you watched the demo.

    Think about this for a second, " If Aces CIB was sold on E, taught my Justin Miller, would you still be badmouthing it?

    Ace- Do not underestimate Bruce Lee. He COULD grab that bottle out of your hands. He could probably grab it out of your hands before the pentetration ha[[ends. He could probably invent the greaetest and most visual CIB in the world and put make all other CIB's useless. Thank God he's not a magician. We'd all be done for.
  18. Thanks Jack! :)

    And you are right I should not have underestimated Bruce Lee.

    His fist will probably penetrate my chest first before I penetrate the coin through the bottle. :p

  19. Where you get your information is beyond me.
    You couldn't be more wrong. I call it like I see it.
    I have seen his demo, WHO HASN'T?

    Ace has flooded his version of a classic to the point where it has completely exhauseted itself, many people are simply tired of looking at what can be pretty much accomplished filling up Passing Through with liquid and holding it vertically.
    Come on now.

    It's just not magical to many, plain and simple.
    A coin falling is gravity, not magic.
    Falling is not the same as penetrating.
    End of story.
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    You should watch more closely. Are you watching closely?

    Passing Through? Come on.

    Did you see my display of the bottle in the demo video? I show the front and back of the bottle. If you show the bottle like that with the passing through gimmick, it's SUICIDE!

    If you performed it with people on your left and right side (like in my demo video) it's double SUICIDE!

    People who purchased it already confirmed it is NOT the passing through with water.

    Did you even own passing through?! The passing through gimmick can never be used in Sealed & Stuck.

    Look more closely please.

    And try not to fish more methods. If you want to know how it's done, get the DVD.

    Some people also mentioned Factory Sealed looked like the Impervious (from the leaked demo). But we would only know if Factory Sealed is using the impervious method AFTER Factory Sealed is released.

    The point is, if you don't know the method, don't try to speculate and say this CTB looks like it uses the method of that CTB. You might be wrong. Like for now, you are wrong.

    Gravity will make the coin fall on the FLOOR. I don't think that will look amazing.

    It is a penetration because the coin is absorbed into the bottle, then fall inside the bottle( thanks to gravity). Just look at the reactions of the audiences in my demo video! The penetration totally blew them away!

    I can see you don't like the slow penetration. You can do it the fast way or normal speed way.

    I show the slow speed version in the demo video because most people think it looks more magical. Using a simple technique you can make the coin sink slowly. :)

    It is NOT passing through.

    And I agree with Jack that you seem to be bias.

    End of story.


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