Best Non-Gimmicked No Set-Up Card Tricks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BenTCM, Sep 9, 2010.

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    Ben: "CUCM" by "HL" is referring to Close-Up Card Magic by Harry Lorayne. It's a good suggestion and a very good book to invest in.

    Also, there are way too many elitist attitudes going on in this thread.

    Using obscure acronyms with someone you know is not going to understand them, then ranting at them because they didn't know what you were referring to when you knew they wouldn't ahead of time is just obnoxious.

    We all start somewhere. Not every kid (or even adult) getting started in magic knows all the magic acronyms, and possibly or probably not even heard of Harry Lorayne before. And that's OK. There are lots of people out there that are developing a real love for magic through sites like Dan and Dave's and Theory 11 and want to know more. But responding with elitist rants and tests to people with a love of magic and looking to grow further in the art is not helping anyone.

    So if your agenda is to actually belittle others under the guise of helping them, then perhaps you can at least refrain from doing it where people are looking to better themselves.

    Happy Magic
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    A rant about ranting? Not at all hypocritical. You've made a lot assertions there, Mat. For one, I don't understand how you can make the assertion that tests of a person's character and knowledge are detrimental to everyone. If you have a problem with me, take your own damn advice, and PM me. I am more than happy to defend my view and my actions privately.
  4. I'd add "Diplopia" by Paul Vigil, awesome, awesome trick with a borrowed, shuffled deck. Not self-working though, you'll have to practice times and times again, but it's definitly worth it !
  5. Touché my friend...

  6. My rant was not about people not knowing acronyms, it was about people not bothering to find out stuff for themselves. It was more about peoples lack of putting the effort in, just asking other people to do the leg work. What's the point of asking other people what the best tricks are? Why not just try out a bunch of tricks yourself? Why do you want other people to try them for you and then just tell you they're good? That just leads to people going away thinking 'Well if such and such said it is a great trick then I should get amazing reactions' and then they don't because the trick doesn't suit them or their style. It's like going on to a music forum and saying 'What are the best songs to sing?'. They question is way too broad and the answer is best found by actually trying stuff out for yourself, rather than just doing what others say.

    I have no problem with people not knowing what stuff is. We all started from the same point. There is so much to learn in magic there is always going to be something you don't know, but you actually have to put the effort in to learn it yourselves.

  7. I really like the shake change its really simple but very powerful and fun too :)

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