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  1. Alright guys its that tiem of year again! The grandparents are asking for my Christmas list already!!!! LOL

    So, I dont have many other hobbies besides cards, so my list will be made up of mostly books, dvds and playing cards.

    I'm going to list a category (ie- books) and put all the things im looking at underneath. Please let me know your Thoughts/Opinions/Experiences with whatever items you think you can help me with!

    Also please reccomedn a place to buy from that is the cheapest but also has reliable service!


    -Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
    -Art of Astonishment Series (all books)
    -Vernon Chronicle (the huge one lol)
    -Totally Out of Control
    -The Paper Engine
    -Collected Works of Alex Elmsley
    -Revelations- Dai Vernon (ps- is this included in vernon chronicle? Im pretty sure it isnt??)


    -De' Ring


    -Tally-Ho Circle Backs
    -Bicycle Masters
    -Watermelon Bees
    -Green Back Bikes (not the crappy all green magic maker ones)


    -Truffle Shuffle (Dan and Dave OnDemand)
    -WLD 2009 Soundtrack
    -Subscription to Genii Magazine

  2. I'll sell you De'Ring. Shoot me a PM.
    Otherwise I'd go to E, T11, and

  3. Penguin Magic is really good for books. You'd also be surprised at how many magic books you can find on
  4. If you could simply list your experience with magic and how long you have been practicing it. has tons of stuff and is quite cheap.
  5. Ask for a musical instrument, it's a great hobby, very useful and fun. Sounds like you need more hobbies!

    If not, then I highly recommend that subscription to Genii.
  6. Harmonica is cheap and can be taken anywhere. I support this thought regardless of the instrument, though.
  7. You entire list is related to card magic why not explore other areas of magic this year. Some areas I would recommend is mathemagics (Search for Arthur Benjamin) memory stunts, and mentalism is for all times.
  8. go safe .... go PAUL HARRIS
  9. If you don't already have it, Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz

  10. I've been doing magic for a year and a half. Practice about 2 hours a day, alot more on weekends, perform everyday at school, for what thats worth.

    Here is some of my work:

    As for musical instrument, I love music but dont have the dedication to play it:p I play sports and Lift weights (No im not someone who says that and lifts like once a month, its actually serious for me.) Also like to read, cook and play board games. LOL but my favorite is magic and flourishiong, so thats what im looking for.

    As for exploring other branches of magic, I do some mentalism, but nothing else really interests me. I'll take chris kenners advice and do what I enjoy doing:D

    Thanks for all the suggestions, but please answer the questions about the things i have listed.
  11. Watermelon Bees

    good luck on that.

    I would just list it from most wanted to least wanted and give them the list and tell them to Go At It!
  12. Sounds like way to much, however you did say that you practice for roughly 14 hours a week. I watched your videos and while you certainly know the moves you lack any smoothness or elegance in your performance. You have to slow it down and not try to rush things, it will put a much more delicate finish on everything.

    Your presentations aren't very good either, you simply state everything that you are doing and then the effect happens. This just takes away from what could be great reactions to okay reactions, you will realize the importance soon enough. I want to say that this is all for your benefit and not bringing you down. I was the exact same way then got into mentalism and realized the importance of scripts and improvisation.

    So here is my list advice, get rid of everything and start anew. Some things may pop up on the list again but as of now you don't have any finesse to pull off some of the moves the way they should be handled. If you don't take criticism well then I completely understand, I am similar and it really takes me a while before I understand others and their point of views.

    This is what I am recommending to you and while you don't have to take my advice point to point it will benefit if you try your best and understand my outside perspective.

    Subscription to Genii
    Art of Magic- W:H
    Designing Miracles- Darwin

    ANY performance book or DvD you can find

    Genesis is pretty cool but you will overdo it with De' Ring that stuff is crazy and you will overwork yourself with everything.

    Anything with W:H is some of the best stuff, he is a great teacher and mentor. He explains what it means to perform and then goes into the effect. Just powerful stuff and my advice is to follow him closely and find anything he releases.

  13. I definitely understand where you are coming from, but you must understand that youtube is much different than a live performance. On youtube I post an effect to get techinical advice from other magicians. I dont take advice on performing from other people because frankly everyones style of perfoming is much different. Look at Blaine, he gets some insane reactions and his patter is pretty dull. And then you have a guy like Tommy Wonder or Ricky jay who are more upbeat but still get good reactions.

    thanks for the advice but I know what I'm looking for:D

    Oh and im talking about andrei jikhs genisis;)
  14. You'll have trouble getting the Watermelons and the Anaconda soundtrack as they're both sold out and the soundtrack is a download.

    Stick with simple things. Look at things that are out the box. Check out Sean Fields X-Rated. It is one of the best books I have.

  15. If you could post a live performance, and I was actually talking about the way you moved the cards. Double lifts, other moves were rushed and nothing seemed smooth in that.

    I would like you to really rethink your idea about people give performing advice. Why would anybody need advice on performing? Apparently since it's different for everybody there shouldn't be anything on performance at all since everybody has their own unique touch.

    David Blaine is part of the exception that exists, he performed street magic when it wasn't as popular like it is today. He plays a mysterious character and plays that part well, but if you literally just state what you do you will NEVER get the reactions you could otherwise with good presentation. Ricky Jay does stage and parlour performances mainly which is why his stories can be so detailed and dramatic.

    I was talking about how if you had De' Ring and genesis you wouldn't have enough time for the two because De' Ring is some advanced stuff and practicing Jikh's stuff is gonna be some expert stuff.

    Last part, if you know what you are looking for then why did you ask for advice from everybody here. Part of it may be showing off your big a%$ list or just wanted to see if people agreed with you on everything. W/e it is good luck with it.
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    Alright, I will take tips on performance:D

    And no I just want feedback from people on these products so I can see if it is something that intrests me. Im not looking for alternative suggestions

    Oh and btw I already have a hook up to get 'melons :D:D:D
  17. That's my exact situation man. I myself have also been into cards for that same amount of time. Some things I have been looking at are The Paper Engine, Card College, SIMPLY SYDNEY by Syd Segal (i heard this was a great dvd for card magicians), and the Five Points in Magic By Juan Tamariz. Five Points will help you a lot in presentation by using misdirection and psychology using different parts of your body, not just hands. It also teaches 5 tricks to go along with each of the 5 points. There are many others on my list, but these are the ones that I think you should check into. As with the Paper Engine, good choice. I need that one too. lol. Hopefully i helped, maybe i didn't, but as long as you take some things into though, im okay witht hat. :)

  18. Yeah, after purchasing stuffs from all sites, I realized I mostly perform PA's effects. :cool: His effects are 5*. If I can I will get all his stuffs on
    About book list: cut down some, lol one may keep you busy for year lol. Especially Totally out of Control and Paper Engine >> many advanced sleight of hand.....
    Guess what? If you cut down on the books and cards > enough money for The True Astonishment box set.
  19. Just a quick note to add on this:

    Performing for a camera and TV is a very strange thing. The beauty of it is, you can shoot a hundred performances, have only one good performance, and air that, and look amazing.

    Not to take away from db in any way, of course, but it's one reason why it's a bad model to mold yourself to. The other thing is that when people watch db, they know they're watching db. And that expectation is exceedingly powerful when it comes to garnering reactions. If they start off excited, then reactions are already elevated.

    And finally, note my previous posts on the nature of reactions, if this has been at all interesting (search bar).
  20. Anyone who lists Elmsleys Collected Works is a friend of mine.

    Two of the greatest books ever written on magic. Stephen Minch should be knighted.

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