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  1. I have put probably a month into my clipshift so far but I hardly ever practice it and I'm actually doing parts of it incorrectly. I do manage to do it every once in awhile, overall I'm not worried about it and I do expect this to take anywhere between 5-8 months to perfect depending on the amount of practice I put into it.
  2. Probably longer than that if your not practicing much.
  3. I've just got more interesting things to practice is all. Once I decide to put the effort into it, I estimate between that time period.
  4. I was not trying to say something bad Im just saying that if you dont practice it much it may take a little longer than you expected, which is okay clipshift is my number 1 priority in magic to finish perfecting, it might not be yours but thats ok.
  5. I realize that, I'm simply saying I expect it to take between 5-8 months when I actually start to practice it.
  6. oh okay gotcha
  7. ...

    Clipsift huh?... Only thing i got to say about it is that it's the most useless move ever. It's not practical at all. Trust me ppl do not buy surfaced... BUY A BOOK! seriously ppl stop watching dvd's that have more advanced than beginner moves like trilogy and stuff. Just start by reading expert at the card table for an example!
  8. well sir, that is your opinion, it may not work for you, but it is working wonders for me, also, you could try to be a little more specific on why is it such a horrible move before saying things like that....

    You have your reasons and I would like to hear them mate.

    Have a nice day.:D
  9. If you think that it is the most useless move ever then you are probably retarded.
  10. I would not be that harsh but is a very useful move.
  11. I used to think it was a pretty useless move. I thought it was just a pretty little color change. But then realising it can be used a bottom palm, multiple color changes, a control and making a card vanish, all from the same move, surely that is very useful to learn?

    Still practicing though, coming along quite nicely :)
  12. I have no opinion on this matter, but I would simply add that many would argue that there are far better ways to bottom palm, control, and vanish a card, and which look more natural than hovering a deck lower to the ground than is normal.
  13. But they can all be done when, say, placing the deck on the table. And hovering a deck lower to the ground than normal would only really apply to the actual color change of when shaking the deck. You can do the clip whilst placing the deck in your other hand and go into the Winter Change, or a Classic Color Change.

    I'm definately not saying that the clipshift makes for the best bottom palm, color change etc, just that if you learn it, these can all be done using the same move, so I suppose practicality plays a big part in it.
  14. I've been working on the clipshift for about a month and it's getting smooth and less noisy. Just have to work on squaring "it" if you know what I mean...
  15. I have got the squaring part pretty good now but my noise is still loud.
  16. ok let me ask you something!...

    Do you get paid for performing or just do tricks for your friends once in a while.

    'Cause in here amongst some more experienced magicians chads move is a big joke.

    I want 1 example from you guys on how u use it! If someone is going to say "oh well... i let them selected a card take it back and make it appear with clip sift!" no thanks.. i dont want that! to do that there are hundreds and hundreds of better methods. i mean just doing a double lift and putting the card to the table and let them turn it over works millions times better! I know u people like visual and commercial magic. and for example im pretty sure that some of u think that matrix is not visual.. well here is a good way to tell what's visual " the time between the original state and the future state!" so double lift can be just as visual as clip sift but works so much better.

    ps: Don't come here saying " You're just mad 'cause u cant do the move!" since i can... it just sucks!
  17. Steppiz - good point. I totally agree, I just wanted to add something else. Your definition of visual seems rather faulty to me. Visual does not necessarily derive from speed, in my opinion. Sure, they correspond in some cases, not all. Besides, when people remember magic, they remember moments. A routine or a phase may have a very visual moment but may take longer than a simple colour change to set up. This will be the moment which is remembered, not the speed, fast or slow. Ergo, in my opinion, speed and visual are two entirely different things and should not be confused. Nonetheless, the rest of your post contains a good argument.
  18. I agree prae. (cant spell your name, sorry. lol)

    Whether you like it or not, the Clipshift is a utility move. A Control- Colour change. You're not Obliged to use it. such as in an ACR- you're not obliged to use double lifts. There are many other methods of achieving the same result, but the clipshift does it all.

    Think of it as a swiss army knife. Though the quality of the scissors or what-have-you- in the swiss army knife isnt up to par with a brand spanking new pair of scissors- it can still do the job well. Amongst other things. so to speak.
  19. I have been working on The Clipshift off and on for about 5 months. It is far from perfect still and I wouldn't dream of using it live. It flashes a lot for me.
  20. Who are these experienced magicians? Chad seems like a very experienced magician and the Clip Shift seems to be working well for him.

    Who ever suggested getting somebody to pick a card and then make it appear with the Clip Shift? You've given nothing to back up your opinion on why it sucks, you just insulted it's most basic application which is immensely stupid as the same thing could be said about any colour change. It's a very effective way of vanishing several cards in succession, I find it's a great way of getting a card from the centre into a Tenkai palm with very little movement, i've found many other applications as well. It's also a brilliant colour change, I don't know why you claim that the double lift is better, in some situations it may well be, but as I said, there's no reason to pick on the Clip Shift, you could also make these claims about the Erdnase change, Cardini change etc.

    Also, your spelling makes you look like a moron. If you want to be taken seriously you should learn to spell properly and back up your argument.

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