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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JamesHarken, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. In my opinion, these places are a breeding ground for intuitive new effects and ideas. I could sit here for hours just goofin' off with a deck.

    Try it sometime. It's awesome.
  2. Yeah for sure I practice in coffee shops a lot too with my friend.
  3. Thats a good idea.
    I usually stop at a barnes and nobles with the built in starbucks and just absorb the atmosphere. Helps me get presentation ideas.
    And I also love watching those "writers" typing up their screenplays or whatever.
    Because a real write has to be seen working or else whats the point right? haha
  4. haha

    forsure dude.
  5. Odd, i handed an application form for a job there about 2 weeks ago.. and i performed randomly for the first time for starbucks customers a week ago..(sheesh, use 'For' as many times as possible yeah?)

    2 days after the performance, i got a call. Verrry Odd indeed. i worked there today,the workers acknowledged that i do magic, but it was cool cause they didnt look at me as if im going to do something magical at any given point in time. (which is what i get in college. REALLY annoying)

    anyways, i must say the atmosphere there is really.. flowing. i'd just be cleaning tables and stuff, and i'd come up with ways of to do 'angle zero' or do a table version of some of the stuff that i made.

    =] i hope i get the job there though, i only went there today as a trial job thing.
  6. James, you'd be interested to hear about Lee Asher's post on his "Starbucks Solution" - on his site somewhere..
  7. i was just at a coffee shop with my brother and performed for 2 women who were waiting for their husbands... my first performance in a while and it went and felt great... i guess i just wanted to post about it somewhere because i was pretty pumped about getting back out there
  8. I think being a coffee shops are great for any creative individual. Just look at how many books were started in coffee shops. There are just less distractions. I'm going to go one tomorrow and continue writing my script without the distractions of my room.


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