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  1. Hey guys, so I am writing a script for a movie I'd like to individually produce in my future, and I began writing it today. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I wanna get down to it and start :). I want the movie to be like Shade and 21, a mix, if you will. Crossfire is the title as of right now (10 points to people familiar with a crossfire :p ). Well, I wanted to get my amazing community involved and I want to see what some of you guys can come up with. I need a name for the "main character". Unfortunately, the only "prize" I can give out would be a copy of the script to the winner, if you would like to read it :) (I apologize, im'ma poor person). This is something I'm really passionate about, I want to go to film school, and I would love to get your help. So please, help me out guys :). Thank you.

    Also, a huge thanks to Steve Forte, Jason England, and all those great card workers who have broadened my mind about gambling and cheating and things of that sort. You all will most definitely be in my special thanks. Along with everyone at T11. Love you all, haha.
  2. Assuming your main character is a male, I'd go with 'Eric Black". Not really, but it's the first thing that came into my head.
  3. You could use 'Gerard DePrae' as the main character's name. It has a bit of eerie and mystery to it. "DePrae" is a word meaning 'sudden death', which can be affiliated to gambling because of the shootouts if one got caught. He could also be called that name because, for some back story on the character, he survived a gun fight in a game before or he caught a dude cheating and shot and killed him instantly.
  4. A movie? Ok...

    Male Protagonist: Leo Mason
    Female Protagonist: Elizabeth Marcson

    Male Antagonist: Ryan Noxwell
    Female Antagonist: Mrs. Crowle

  5. From a girl's point of view, that is a hototototototot name.
  6. Dimitri Rush
    Emmanuel Dart

    cough*Luis Vega*cough...did I just said that?
  7. Scratch my last post. Luis Vega is the perfect name.
  8. Wow...thanks Anna...as lovely as always!!

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