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  1. First I have to say that Dan&Dave are very skillful in their card magic and flourishes. I have the Trilogy DVD. and the tricks and things are good. I know I'm not the first one, but there teaching demeanor and energy is 0 on a 1-10 scale..well maybe not that low.*L*

    The reason I like Daniel Garcia and Wayne Houchin teaching among others Ammar, Bill Malone, Brad Christian etc..etc... is because they teach with joy and laughter like they really enjoy performing and peoples reactions. D&D teach as if its just they're robots who have "perfected moves" but have no emotion....a musician who plays the piece perfectly hits every note, but lacks any emotion or any sense of enjoying their performance or showmanship for the audience.

    I would love to see D&D next DVDs show live street performances, teaching with atleast a smile and some emotion..but more importantly live street performances with people..not just sitting in the studio with the camera adjusted at the right angle..
  2. I'm going to have to agree with you on this. I was very excited to get The Trilogy and the material is top notch but I did not like the teaching method either. I would rather see some emotion, humor, etc.

    To some people though, mimicking the moves like a robot might be easier because they may not be distracted and can mirror everything.

    Oh well. Everyone will have their own opinion on this.
  3. This sounds more like a complaint than anything else..
    Have you tried messaging them about it? I dont know what kind of response you expect from people here.

    P.S. I have no problem whatsoever with their teaching. Its straightforward and understandable. In step by step instruction,I dont care for emotion really. Besides,their straightforward teaching helps me to concentrate on MY own script since they dont show one. I notice that other performers "use" the script on other teaching DVD's.
  4. Personally, Dan and Dave Buck are great with their cardistry and magic. I agreed with you that they are almost robot-like, but everyone has different styles. I have no problem with their teaching at all. It should be interesting of their upcoming dvd.
  5. This is true it is almost robot-like.*L*. Different styles and showing a little personal interest is another thing. If not the personal teaching style, but show some live performances in front of spectators....My Dad likes magic and he watched David Blaine with smiles and laughter and Daniel Garcia DVDs, but fell asleep off and on D&D teaching even though he thought they were skillful.

    It's like a Martial ARts instructor DVD showing you blocks and kicks and punches, submissions, but never showing it against an person on his DVDs.
  6. I don't think anyone would want to volunteer for that.

    Anyway, I find their teaching to be very useful (I have a coupe 1-ON-1s) It's good that they don't give you a presentation because it allows you to be creative.
  7. This is just a dumb topic, the Bucks teach very well and if you can listen with your ears (or another part of your anatomy) then you can learn what they are teaching. The Bucks like to be very professional when it comes to making magic/flourishing DVD's but they DO joke a little when it is a good time to joke around (see the end of the Cascade Control On-Demand) And besides, I don't know why you guys buy magic/flourishing DVD's but I buy them for the, well, magic/flourishes. If I wanted to have a laugh and hear some comedy, I'd go out and buy a season of MadTv instead...
  8. WHy would you possibly make a thread like this it isnt doing anygood at all. I hope the mods close this thread
  9. I don't mind there teaching at all.

    Not everyone teaches with an upbeat and fun attitude. Nothing wrong with that.
    Sometimes I like it like that.

    I've heard they are wonderful people in real life and to me that's what matters.
  10. I disagree that Brad Christian is a bad or boring teacher!! c´mon he´s great and he show performances..

    I don´t like the bucks either,Of course they are very skilled but to me the style is no much of a trouble first, but before the Pixel trick I have never see them perform so It´s kinda lame, because they teach tricks that maybe they have never performed for anybody besides themselves..

    it´s not about giving you a presentation, is about showing that the trick works in front of a real audience, maybe they don´t believe in their magic or maybe they don´t like to perfom, doesn´t matter!! I would like to see some performances in their next DVD...
  11. This is an interesting thread. I disagree with you. When you first play the DVD, it may seem as though Dan and Dave really aren't into they, and aren't enthusiastic, but that is not the case. Think about how much work a three DVD set must have taken, they probably put their heart and blood into The Trilogy and I am sure that goes for other DVDs they have produced as well. So my point is, you don't have to be funny and "enthusiastic" to have a good magic DVD. I believe the point was brought up that Dan and Dave are professional, which is very true.

    While Dan and Dave make jokes here and there, that is not their focus. They want to teach you material, which is what they should do. I feel as though recent DVDs from Theory11 have changed the face and perception of magic DVDs a little bit. Yes, many of them include jokes and things like that, but that doesn't mean all DVDs have to include them. It seems that some people expect all DVDs to include these jokes, which probably isn't going to be a reality. In my opinion, while funny, they are basically time fillers. In all honesty, learning magic doesn't necessarily have to be fun. The fun comes when you perfect the trick and get great reactions from an audience.

    One other thing to consider is that Dan and Dave's tricks/ flourishes are often very complex. Typically you will be following along with your hands holding the cards in maybe a different manner then you usually do. So to throw in a joke while you are trying to follow along and hold on to the cards, might just mess you up. While Dan and Dave might not seem too enthusiastic when they are performing, try and look beyond that. Look at the material they are providing you and look at all they have done for the magic and flourishing community.
  12. Just want to pick up on a couple of things.

    Magic teaching didn't start with DVDs from Ellusionist. By this I mean that the use of humour to to create an entertaining learning experience is something that's being going on from time immemorial. People learn better when they're engaged, therefore jokes can be a useful teaching aid. I don't think Theory11 DVDs have done anything particularly revolutionary in this regard, nor have they changed the face or perception of magic DVDs.

    If you want to be the best at what you do, then yes it does. All great magicians love practicing. If you aren't enjoying the whole process of learning then you won't achieve as highly as others who do.
  13. If you really have a passion for magic and want to really learn it,youll enjoy the process no matter what.No matter the teacher because you yourself want to perform the effect for people.
  14. Yes, humor has been encorporated earlier in time, but I feel as though Theory11 and other such sites have begun to use it so much, that Theory11 followers that don't buy many other magic DVDs have an expectation that all magic DVDs will involve humor. And yes, I agree with you, jokes can be a useful teaching aid, but it isn't Dan and Dave Buck's style. They like having a professional approach, or so it seems. It is like telling a serious actor that stars in drama films to all of a sudden be funny. It isn't what he specializes in. Dan and Dave should teach how they feel comfortable teaching, not telling forced jokes because people want them to.

    Your last point I don't agree with completely. Yes, fun while learning is helpful, but once again isn't critical. A magician should have enough dedication to sit through an explanation of a trick for 30 minutes, even if it isn't funny. What a magician should do, is make practice fun. Listen to your iPod or something while practicing magic, make that enjoyable because that will most likely take more time than the actual learning part (watching the DVD or something). The learning magician is in control of his fun while practicing.
  15. The irony in this is that the funniest thing they've probably ever said was on a free tutorial. The porno bit from the pirouette tutorial on T11.
  16. LIke I said I do agree everybody have personal teaching styles I would more emphasize on atleast showing live performances of their tricks to spectators out on the street. Not just at magic conventions, other magicians, in studio.
  17. Definitly QFE!

    Really great post! Although I do LOVE the T11 DVDs with jokes and bloopers and stuff, Dan and Dave's DVD is something I really felt I got a lot out of.
  18. I don't like Brad Christian.

    The Bucks are great, but like everyone says, they are pretty robotic but who cares? The teaching is very easy to folow and easy to understand. And if they weren't like that it wouldn't be that easy to folow. But I do love Daniel Garcia DVD's.
  19. Books usually aren't funny (excluding Paul Harris), but we enjoy them anyway. I also enjoyed the Trilogy. I don't buy magic to be entertained. (I do enjoy the entertainment DVDs offer though. It's nice.) I buy magic to excel at it. Never once did I think to myself "I dislike the Trilogy because the Bucks are too flat." They have their own style. T11 has a completely different style than D&D. D&D have a very professional and elegant style while T11 has a "I'm badass, underground, better than you at life, and I am a ninja" style. Both are very different. I enjoy both styles. Overall, the Bucks are awesome, and T11 is awesome. Which is better for entertainment value? I really don't care because I don't buy magic to be entertained. That's what movies are for.

  20. Well put.

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