db2 change in buck footage

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by drorange, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Now it all comes out! We have an alien from the planet UnGodlyFingers attacking Magic on Earth!
  2. MORE? So close after the release of the Trilogy? Don't tease me...
  3. Yes,it's very impractical but actually I think it's kinda like anti faro or something,just somthing KNACK.Hehe I tried it at home but 1 out of 10 can I do it..
    actually,It's something like push-off second deal,if you can't do it perfect,then it worth nothing and you can't use it at all.

    BUT,IF YOU GUARANTEE YOU CAN DO THIS CHANGE PERFECT EVERY TIME,then there's NO angle sensitive,and you can call it GOD's CHANGE :D

    There's another change that my friend created that kinda similar to Dan&Dave's GOD's change;) (At least right hand dose the exact SAME thing:cool:)
  4. I was expecting D&D to come out with something more, but wow! I love the change they used in the videos, it looks difficult though. Hope to see some awesome stuff from Dan and Dave soon!
  5. Wow. can't wait for another dvd :D
  6. That change is amazing. I'm just gonna keep watching it to see if I can get it.
  7. This is frustrating because if they're doing a Trilgy remake thing then i've wasted $85?? We didn't get Jones Change on it and now they're re-making? I'm not buying it again but I think if they're gunna screw us over by doing this we should get the extras they add or whatever for cheaper or something.

  8. I' pretty sure they won't make you re-buy the trilogy again, I like the change alot, but it seems very angle sensitive...
  9. Chances are the buck's will just put the new footage into the Trilogy Video Vault... I hope
  10. How can you possibly say you've waste $85?!

    The trilogy is easily worth that, plus you got it months ago, they might not even have any additional moves in the new one, all we know for sure is it will be downloadable, and each disc sold separately, and there will be some desert footage

    If they do I'm sure they'll put it in the vault anyway
  11. Gimmickless,

    who said we were "re-making" The Trilogy. Talk about a waste of time that would be. I can assure you we're not! The Trilogy is just going to be released as is in separate disc format as well as online download. Nothing will change content wise.

  12. Ok *Wipes sweat off brow*
    I was really hoping thats what it was.
    Got a bit scared there ha ha

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    Also when you mean separate disc format you mean like DVD+R and DVD-R thing right?
  14. What are you talking about? The Jones Change IS on The Trilogy.

    No, it means you can buy each disc on its own instead of the 3 box set that is sold through Dan and Dave, though I'm sure you can still buy it like that also. We also ALREADY HAVE THE JONES CHANGE, what are you all talking about?
  15. Oh my bad let me edit that out then. Also thanks for answering that format thing.
  16. It looks awsome....I am hoping that it gets released
  17. this looks the same i think i worked it out but i am not sure
  18. this change is not dans or daves its jack carpenters hurricane change done with a snap in front of it and the card is just out near the corner more.
  19. I was just about to say that... :p
  20. hurricane change??I dont know how you guys think about this change.
    And I didnt say that change is Dan&Dave's change.
    You guys still think right hand does nothing but for covering something?No,this change has some angle sensitive but Dan&Dave's change needn't any covering,and in fact,right hand DOES the whole change(But in my friend's change left hand does a little more).

    I think if you guys can figure out hidden pages on whatistheory11.com,it's easy to figure out how Dan&Dave did that change.

    If exposed anything please delete.

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