Do We Need Another Black Deck?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Creeper, May 31, 2009.

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  1. The issue arose in another thread, and I just wanted to see other peoples opinions. I know I'm not alone on this one. Would you guys want to see another custom deck, whether it would be from E, T11, or wherever, thats black? I personally wouldn't, but thats just my personal preference.

    EDIT-Damn, forgot to add a poll before posting. Just make your opinions a post.
  2. Wow, does there really need to be a thread on this?
  3. Wouldnt affect me at all. I just wont buy it.
    Dont really care.
  4. What? I think its a fine thread. Just want to see what people think...isn't that what forums are for?
  5. Check your pm
  6. No we dont.
  7. If they would ever print them on black stock (which they dont..thats why they turn ugly with the white parts around the deck) then I would but until then NO.
  8. And even if T11 does make another it doesnt(shouldnt) affect you at all.
    Just dont buy the damn thing.
  9. Whats wrong with you? I'm just asking for peoples opinions, would you buy another black deck?
  10. MagicLemon, do we really need half of your threads? Chill out dude.

    Anyway, I agree with Visualartist, I probably wouldn't buy another black deck, as they are starting to look the same. (really, Black tigers, black ghosts, and shadow masters are all pretty much the same deck...) I am happy with the few black decks that I have. On the other hand, the few decks that Theory11 has are all verry original and unique, and I'm sure that if T11 came out with another black deck, they would make it look as sexy as they could. :)
  11. First off, MagicLemon many of your topics are worse than this one so don't complain.

    Second, if by black deck you mean decks like Shadow Masters, I wouldn't buy them, if they were on black stock I'd consider buying them just to practice but until then I stick with my first answer, no.
  12. No need to flip out. He's just asking for people's opinions. Why be so rude?

    Anyway, it all depends on the actual look of the deck. I can't just say no because of the color.

  13. I don't like decks with black faces. The back can be any colour.
  14. Thank you Sinful, you get it.

    I just want some custom decks that are normal colors, like red and blue. Heck, they don't have to be blue or red, I'm just sick of black. Lee Asher has it right. His deck looks great. Cool vibrant colors. The price on the other hand...
  15. If the Stock was black, yes. otherwise no.
  16. I wouldn't mind seeing another deck on the market.
  17. Nobody NEEDS a new deck but I would probably pick one up just because I like cards and I'm sure they'll look nice. :D
  18. This thread probably started because of me and all i was trying to do was make a trick like autograph except better because it goes from white face card to black faced card. i was grounded one day and looked thru my room and found an old black tiger deck and a red/black tiger double backed card. then i made a thread about what to do with a card like that so i came up with an idea for a way better version of autograph. It's not that i like black decks!I just thought it would be better, and fool magicians.
  19. Sorry Guys :(

    Anyway, I really, not emphasizing HATE black decks. I used to love them but after some use the edges become white and it wears out. Like I used to have shadow masters and after a while I didn't like it.
  20. No, it isn't.
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