Do you have another hobby?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mikael, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Speedcubing, writing, role-playing (tabletop), Indian / Middle-eastern cooking, board games (Puerto Rico!), mostly.
  2. Highfive and yay for no social life. At least ever since I took up an apprenticeship
  3. I like hiking in military gear.
  4. Music and drumming. ;)
  5. I play guitar too, my fingers get a lot more flexible, i also do paintings
  6. Watching films and making films. That's about it really. Apart from the magic i mean.
  7. As I do practice magic part-time, I am a full time commercial pilot. So it does make it a little difficult to really step up to the plate and make my magic much better. I will eventually find time to make my magic great, until then happy flying!!
  8. I'm a graphic designer who mainly does freelance work, but I also love playing drums, juggling, participating in full-contact origami, filming, and photography.
  9. Football i live it.....i play it and watch it with a passion......

    Go Cowboys!!!!
  10. i breakdance and i do popping! oh and the piano
  11. I run and like photography
  12. Yeah I play many instruments, guitar is one of them. It's sometimes hard to choose whether I want to pick up my guitar or my cards:p Tried both at the same time.......kind of akward looking :p As for unusual things, i like to write short stories and poetry. Wrote a story about magic once, and it's pretty good. Twas along time ago though, but maybe i'll post it, some might find it interesting.
  13. Poker, skateboarding, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, futbol (yes, I know I'm American...I like futbol better than soccer), bottle cap collecting, writing, gaming, and reading.

    That's about it...I think.
  14. yessh, im a cheerleader too!
  15. Lift weights, play football a lot.
  16. guys,and Nikki , u are so cool because of two reasons :
    first: u have great othet talents
    second : U are great cuz you posted on my thread, I really feel better now, knowing I can do something good for others,like giving them a subject to discuss on .
    Well hope to hear from ya all ,on my next thread,but I wont tell you what is it about .You will soon find out.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. LOoL that made me lol XD good one m8
    that is why I enjoy this forum ,funny and magic :))
  19. piano,guitar,accordion,kungfu,drawing,taking pics/photoshopping,editing vids, psp gamming, shopping?
  20. I juggle (3 balls, 3 clubs, or single contact), spin/breath fire (poi and staff, mostly), I'm an acrobat and I practice Aikido, I also do a lot of reading and watch a lot of movies, and I do some writing.

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