Does the Hindu force really work?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Valhalla76, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. I honestly hate the force but it does get the deed done. I also think if you see it on video you believe it is far too obvious. And people are saying never use the same force technique more than once, I don't agree with that fully it depends on what force your using. Gregory Wilson uses the classic force twice in one routine. The only difference is once it's in front of him, and once behind his back.
  2. I can tell you it works, just because of the fact it works. There are a lot of things in magic that seems like they won't work and it somehow works, which is scary until you actually do it yourself couple of times.... However, my preferred method of force is Riffle Force compared to the hindu force.
  3. In that case, remember you can always hindu shuffle force the selected card from the top of the deck.
  4. The Hindu force definettly does work, when I'm doing my force routine I do a riffle, hindu, criss cross, classic. It works beautifully
  5. I never said that. I'm just asking if it stands on its own by just doing the force without other layers of deception and going on with the effect.
  6. I'm not going to read the whole thread, so, to the OP:

    Yes, in my experience, the Hindu Force... if done correctly... works very well. However, like the above poster, I have had far more luck with the Classic Force. To me, it just can't be beat by any other in-the-hands force.
  7. The Hindu Shuffle

    In some countries the Hindu Shuffle is considered a normal & legitimate method of shuffling. If you perform the Hindu Shuffle Force correctly it is a excellent simple & practical card force.
  8. My favorite force, probably one of the only ones I use.
    While doing the force, the packet with the forced card should be moved fastly, forward and back. It looks real.
  9. Like everyone says, of course it works. Maybe if it's a smart person and you have no patter they will catch you. But as long as you have a conversation, you don't need a bird hitting them in the head or anything to distract them, just a relaxed fun conversation even. Most people wouldn't catch it if they were trying to catch it haha.
  10. just learn witchita slip

    for those of you who want to force bottom cards look into the witchita slip, the force DG teaches in symphony and the slip force. These forces have the added bonus of forcing an odd backed card.

    I think the fact that working professionals use the hinu force speaks volumes. But I just don't like the force, and therefore don't use it.
  11. As most said, it is definitely workable and practical. And just to point out, almost any force will work if you practice it and make it seem natural.

  12. When I have used this force I place the force card second from the bottom and show them the bottom card. Hold a break and peel off the bottom card during the first hindu shuffle. When spectator sees the bottom card changed they have no questions.
  13. Thats a really good idea to incorporate.
  14. The only issue I've ever had with it is someone wanting to select the top card of the lower packet instead of the bottom card of the top packet. To cope with that, on "Stop", I always move the upper packet slightly forward of the lower packet as I say "So you want to stop there...happy with that?" The movement, combined with the fact that this masks the lower packet from their view it makes it absolutely clear which packet is in play.

    My only other subtlety on this is to say, "I'm just going to shuffle through the cards, say stop whenever you want." The use of the word "shuffle" implies that they're being mixed, especially when coupled with the fact that the cards land slightly haphazardly.

    Anyway, it's a good force, solid and reliable.
  15. Great idea! Thats a great convincer!

  16. I've had great luck with placing the top packet a little forward and asking "You sure this is where you want me to stop" or something, and peeling the force card down to the top of the bottom packet with my pinky while talking to them.
  17. Why should they question you in the first place?
  18. Dunno. Justin case :eek:
  19. I failed once with this force, I really don't use it very much.

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