Dollar Bill + Skittles = Awesomeness!

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  1. HEY,
    I remember watching a video of a magician performing a trick where he put a spectators dollar bill into a vending machine, picked skittles, then when the skittles were opened, the bill was found inside.
    I can't remember which magician performed this amazing effect, so if anyone has seen it, could you please post who it's from and, if possible, where I could learn it.

  2. Its called candy scam I saw it on Wayne Houchin's Art of Magic but its not explained on AOM. Just the performance was on AOM.
  3. it's Luke Dancy's effect.
  4. Ok, so here's the deal from what I understand:

    Wayne Houchin came up with this effect in 1998 or 99. Luke Dancy published this effect around either 2001 or 2003 (not sure which) It wasn't very well marketed, so Wayne didn't know it was published by Luke. It was even planned to be done in the first season of, "Criss Angel: Mindfreak." In 2009, Wayne released the list of effects to be taught on "Art of Magic" Luke Dancy saw, and asked Wayne to remove everything Candy-Scam-related on the DVD. Wayne took out the explanation, but not the performance.

    If anyone knows where I can find Luke Dancy's version, could you please share?
  5. Luke Dancy's version could be found in the Half Baked magazine series. Its a very underground set of concepts and ideas from TONS OF MAGICIANS: Nathon Kranzo, Kevin James and of course Luke Dancy- just to name a few.
  6. Oliver Meech has a similar idea in his book, "The Plot Thickens".
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    Not so underground anymore, also Dancy's effect is called Free Candy.

  8. Of course it's still underground! It was posted on the Underground Magic & Cardistry Epicenter!

    (How you can be an epicenter and still be underground is beyond me)
  9. To add on to that... Luke Dancy did not ask everything to be removed. He and Wayne came to the idea that because their tricks are so closely related they should combine them into something amazing and release them.

    Wayne has announced that Luke and him are collaborating on the effect.
  10. Oh come on, the method is actually pretty easy, jesus, I did not reverse engineer the effect( I dont have AOM), but I had an idea similar to this some months ago, and its not hard.

    Be creative guys, please.
  11. "The effect I published back in 2001 is the exact effect that Wayne performed on his DVD. I asked him to remove it from his DVD totally but he only took off the explanation part of it. My effect...the original is called Free Candy. I'm trying to figure out now what to do with it. We're shooting more Season 5 soon so I have to run. Later~!"

    Don't believe me?

    It's the 5th visitor message down.

  12. I know. Dancy and I are in contact with eachother. I made a mistake. My bad, I claim full responsibility.
  13. How hard is it to figure out a trick like this.. just think for a bit...
    and i like the name of that magazine.... Half Baked... noice...

    I would like to get Half Baked.... :D
  14. I independently created a similar effect, myself. It's based off an old Paul Zenon piece I watched on television years ago. In effect, a dollar is signed or torn for later identification. The bil is then visually transformed into a small handful of spare change. The change is used to purchase a pack of cigarettes out of a bar's vending machine. The spectator breaks the seal and a cigarette is removed. Tightly rolled inside the cigarette is the spectator's original signed dollar bill.

    Unfortunately, those cigarette vending machines are going on the way side and they're not as readily available as they used to be. The method I came up with can easily be employed with the Candy Scam plot. I personally have never seen Candy Scam performed so I can't verify if the methods are similar, however I assume they are. It's a great little effect in the right situational environment. In fact, as I write this, I think it would be especially cool to find the dollar in the center of a roll of LifeSavers/Polos. Hrm...

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    Nice!, i have been performing this effect and testing it out for about a month now, got some new ideas as well as diffrent versions using Bottles, packs of gum ect.... This is a perfect effect for those times when you just wanna make your spectators SCREAAAM!. PM sometime, we can exchange ideas.

    P.S I believe this is the video of Paul Zenon performing his Bill in Cigarette routine:

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