Elite Prestidigitation's Introduction Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elite Prestidigitation, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. Finally...a post of his...that doesn't...contain an...ellipsis
  2. ...Thats it.... I'm bringing out the big guns.

  3. HAHAHAH I had a great time reading your replies!!

    very,very funny!!
  4. It astounds me that noone gets what this guy is getting at, it's obvious he's poking fun at some of the class acts we find in magic forums these days and he's baiting you guys. My advice is thank him for his sense of humor and have a good chuckle and move on.

  5. I'm more amused at the amount of responses this thread's gotten.
  6. Elite, can you tell us the best way to get a kiss from a girl?
  7. Just a reminder, it was me and demon5magic who started the "lol cats ruining threads" trend.
  8. Haha, those were the good ol' days.
  9. Devoid of originality as a toddler could predict....

    You can laugh all you want.... but why you’d find it amusing to have their comments fall flat in the face of informed opinion is hard to imagine.....

    You are not me...I am me...You can try to be me...You should try...But you will not succeed..
    Don't you ever pretend you know what it is that I am doing...I would never poke fun of anyone...I am the kindest person you will ever not meet...I am above that.

    I can and I will....soon..

    Oh My How clever....:rolleyes:
    Don't you dare post those moronic pictures in my thread or I will report your ass to the staff....
  10. I don't think he knows :p lol. This thread is very amusing though!
  11. First of all from one elite to another, I just want to say:


    I find your posts to be very informative:


    Please oh master,


    I am hungry for your knowledge!
  12. I do know....I got the ladies all over me...Did you not read my OP?

    Is funny how some people still have to communicate using pictures..... :p
    But thanks for the support guy...

  13. lol. Right, you must be a real heart breaker. :D
  14. For my "best impersonation award of the year".

    Hello...I am superior...you are not above me...I am the best this lowly community has ever seen...I am Luis Vega in disguise...!

    Teh lulz.

  15. IM AN ELITE!
  16. [​IMG]

    Are we seriously going to do this? I precieve your accoun as a joke, nothing more than a waste of space. I ca't believe that anyone would honestly take themself THAT serious. You surpass even Agnel's ego levels.
  17. Somebody get this guy a cookie and close this thread before I have to push this easy button and lay into this guy.
  18. [​IMG]

    THERE YA GO!!!!

  19. Mucho Thank ya!
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