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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elite Prestidigitation, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. No problem good sir!

  2. Most of the posts so far look like a joke, so I'm going to have to be candid and just say it. Your cockiness, terrible grammar, and outright boasting leads me to believe... that... you... are... an... idiot... who... is... f**king high on themselves. Seriously. Not. Cool. I doubt anyone in magic for 16 years, who's supposedly been doing it since 4, who is a prodigy... talks.. like... this... and threatens to report people's ass to... the... staff...

    This is most likely a joke. Go get attention on the E forums, where somebody might actually understand your... way... of... talking...
  3. Sorry for the double post, but I don't feel like copying all this stuff etc. and editing that post.

    First of all, not everybody will fit their styles to match yours. Not that I do it either, but most magicians I know have quite a few things for different kinds of people, finding magic that suits their personalities more, therefore enjoying it more.

    Second of all, nobody performs every move perfectly, every time. Ever heard this quote? "To err is human, to forgive is divine."

    You aren't really humble or modest. You outright called yourself:
    And this...?
    Incidentally, cockiness is ignorance. You're forgetting something here. NOBODY GIVES A SH*T.

    Oh, and I doubt anyone here will believe anything you say about your card working until you make a video of it, because you talk a lot of sh*t about how you're better then pretty much everybody.
  4. All I saw on his post was "I'm flawless, and I spell the word 'know' wrong"
  5. Quoted for truth.
  6. i like this guy.
    welcome to t11
    take what you like.
  7. Sir Fansalot incarnate.
  8. It's not hard to see that this guy is joking around. He'll even claim that what I'm saying now is wrong. He's just trolling. I'd ask that a moderator close this thread, and ban the author.
  9. ...

    Did you catch all that? Bummer,
    Some just:


    Mr. Elitist you haven't yet transcended to demigod status that I have achieved. I have surpassed the need for written word and instead contact people who are on my level through mind linking. I just tried earlier to mind link with you, so i could bestow onto you the great gift hidden from mortals. However, since you have not yet achieved my greatness. The closest thing to use is visual media even more specifically the use of pictures and written word.

    But you are probably wondering what I previously tried to project to you. Let me clue you in.

    This thread is an:
  10. could this be another forum member pranking us like DaveyG did on april fools day? when he made a username J Bayme and fooled everybody for a short period of time?
  11. Could be BrianationX. However, it doesn't really matter either way.

    Who cares? It's all in good fun.

    Just remember the old saying:

    (in E-P's style)

    ....It's all fun.... and games.... until....someone...loses....a....Weiner.
  12. I know not why we continue to pursue the conversation in this thread. It's clear that the OP is either A) A complete joke, done with intentions to see how many people on this forum he/she/it can sucker into a downward spiraling conversation, OR B) This person really does have an ego the size of Texas, and earnestly means everything they are posting.

    Either way, it equates to about the same thing. More written evidence that they are a waste of genetic material, and not worth the time it takes to click on the Report Post button.

    To continue to reply to this thread is to fuel the fire. My suggestion is that we as a community, in one voice, in one action, join together in departing from this thread and leave it to the shelf to collect the dust that it deserves. Never to post, or bump this thread again.
  13. Ok, well, I think Elite has made his introduction, we've heard from our members, and the cats are upon us so I think it is time time bring the thread to an end. It is not really headed in any direction or discussing magic.
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