Ellusionist or Theory11?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by darosa.justin, Oct 7, 2007.

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  2. i liked the old school ellusionist but they kinda solded out.Theory11 is new and offers fresh ideas and therefore is a better site.jus my opinion.
  3. first of all you guys should have also included PEnguin and MJM magic because those are pretty good too, I mean Penguin has like the best prices, I only bought from them so far, but I'll probably buy TnR from here because it looks so cool, but forum wise I like t11 because the people aren't biased and are pretty friendly, and also because the artists sometimes post around which is like the coolest thing. Ellusionist has more products which give you more variety, but some aren't as good as t11's, like Axis CHange I heard it's pretty dumb, and other products like Mercury Aces also heard it's bad, because t11 has higher standards for tricks, although E has some good products too like SInful, and FActory Sealed, it just depends on what trick you want, thats pretty much it
  4. Both Have pros and cons about them...
    Theory 11 is very exclusive and aims to promote quality over quantity and quite frankly they have been living up to that.
    The names under theory11 is what attracts a wide variety of consumers! This is the first site of that calibur. The site itself has mysterious and hidden surprises that would want you to keep searching, "all" products are made inside their studios (trilogy excluded). Its forums are also top notch which they have promoted a high sense of community. However theory 11 is still in its growing stages, and to be competitive it needs to match or surpass other products and reputation that veteran sites such as Ellusionist, Penguin and MJM have established.

    Ellusionist on the other hand, had a good solid 4 years experience in the market producing one of the worlds first and most innovative products such as playing cards. Their performance has led to attract artists and consumers alike. With that being said, artist such as De'vo, Dahal (axis change dude) and Garcia to advertise and sell their products there. Therefore Ellusionist is like penguin but with an upper class on quality.

    Overall (please dont bash me for saying this) I see it as PC and MACm, with ellusionist being PC and theory11 being MAC because "they produce everything in the house" Both are good sites in competition with each other to provide us the best possible, practical magic for us to astonish the world.

    thnx for reading this
    awefully long "opinion"
  5. You guys should Stop acting like human beings and start acting like Magicians.
  6. Hmm...

    Last Post Nov 2007

    Maybe you should have joined a few years ago and then posted that comment at that time?
  7. Wow, someone ACTUALLY bumped a 3 1/2 year old thread? lol
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    He`s just performing the thread-version of "Back in Time".
    And I must admit that I`ve been fooled!
  9. E vs T11

    Personally - I haven't (yet) purchased a T11 product, though I have purchased four decks from E and bummed from a magician friend several of their tricks. In my opinion, E tends to a more Mindfreak vibe then T11. I could totally see Criss carrying around a deck of Shadowmasters, for example. On the other hand, T11's cards are much classier than E products. If any of you have ever watched White Collar, Neil would totally be the type of guy to carry around any Titanium deck, a JAQK or a Bee Stinger deck.

    Now - I'm not saying E can't do classy. The Artifice deck, for example, is pretty classy. Nor can T11 not do Mindfreak style (Propaganda's spring immediately to mind). But the thing to take away is that both companies sell great products, but generally cater to a different style of magic than the other one. And it's all about image in magic. It doesn't matter if you can do a perfect pass or not - it's ALL about what image you create for the audience.
  10. Why did someone take the defibrillator to this thread?
  11. I gotta say T11 because they really connect with their members while E sort of keeps a restraining order on theirs, but don't get me wrong E has a wonderful shop with many great effects.
  12. " On the other hand, T11's cards are much classier than E products."

    Well actually, not so long ago, T11 wasn't so classy and elegant as you see it now.
  13. I'm late getting into this topic, but I've never actually given Ellusionist a chance. This is mainly because I started magic on Penguin, and they have a huge bias against E. But now that I'm moving away from Penguin, and coming more to Theory11 and giving other sites a chance, I don't see why Ellusionist doesn't deserve that chance as well. So for now, my choice is T11, but its only because I haven't really had any experience on E.
  14. Aye there be dark magic afoot here lads. The angels avert their eyes and your very soul recoils in horror in the presence of the art whose name even the bravest struggle to utter...necromancy.
  15. Is necromancy have to do with necrophiliacs? o_O
  16. No, its how to properly maintain your Necrodermis
  17. i believe it is already better than ellusionist, but not everyone has realized it yet
  18. Will someone delete this thread already?
  19. Necromancy is a term generally limited to fantasy literature and/or gaming. Think "-mancy" as in magical practice and "necro" as in the dead. So, there you go, a new angle on magic.

    Necromancy in this regard can cover any aspect of magic concerning death, such as communicating with the dead or thinning the line between this world and the afterlife. Despite that, the most popular aspect of Necromancy is the ability to raise the dead.

    Thread Necromancy is an internet term that means someone brought an old thread back from the dead. The term is frequently very playfully, as nothing brings joy to our hearts more than animated husks of the living-impaired. It can also be used as a term of contempt by people who have even less business complaining than the Necromancer had reviving the thread.

    I may as well answer the question: I don't view the companies in terms of versus. I've learned a lot from both and owe a lot to both. Anything from this point on will be a matter of cherry-picking the effects that speak to me.
  20. Hey guys, of course, we do our best to provide a unique experience here at theory11, but that is something that we do in actions, not words. For that reason, and maintain a positive, intellectual, constructive forum environment, I'm closing this thread.
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