Ellusionist or Theory11?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by darosa.justin, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Are you serious. I can't believe Brad would do that. It's kind of mean/childish. I kind of feel bad for you Wayne. Knowing that you put out great products on E, you can't talk on their forums.

    Whatever, you have your own place now.
  2. to be honest I knew something would happen like this...

    I wasnt surprised (asmuch) when I saw this...
    Brad has a very strict code thee on E.
  3. Sounds like E is more upset about this than Wayne. Oh well...Brad just got his panties in a bunch for now. Give him some time and he'll settle down. LOL!

  4. Wow. Banned for no good reason except trying to expand the magic kingdom of places to learn and get advice. Yes, I just called it the magic kingdom.

    Anyways, a little off topic(more like very off-topic) but does anyone know if there will ever be mentalism or mental magic sold at T11?
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    Hi Danny,

    There's a lot you and other people don't know about what transpired between Wayne and I, and Wayne has chosen not to mention the reason I *asked* him not to post at Ellusionist.

    There is far, far more to it than the short version I am about to give you, but in a nutshell....

    After having partnered with Wayne and Dana for so long, and had a mutually rewarding relationship, Wayne did not contact me or anyone at Ellusionist to let us know that he was moving over to T11. We found out only via the T11 web site when it went live. Even after it went live there was no communication from Wayne. Instead, he found energy and time to post in the Ellusionist forums about his Ellusionist products VS his T11 products etc. But nothing to me. When his posts appeared to begin to promote T11 and I *still* hadn't heard from him personally, I wrote and asked Wayne to stop posting.

    In truth, I was all but flabbergasted that I hadn't heard from him long before the site went live. There are a few other things that I can't go into here, but suffice to say that my action wasn't mean or childish.

    So, let's get all the info out onto the table. There was no banning. And now you have the reason I asked Wayne not to post.

  6. Hmm... There's always two sides to the story! Thanks for coming over Brad. And to address the topic, they both rock my world haha. I'm sorry to hear things went bad between you THREE (sorry) though. =P Maybe things can be worked out in the future. I love all of Brad's, Dana's and Houchin's work.
  7. Very nice of you to join us Brad. It took alot of guts to do what you just did. Much respect for that. I'm sorry to hear about what happened with the three of you and I understand that there are details that can't be disclosed. Everyone has the right to privacy right? You do some great work over there (Syched for the CIBs) and I am glad that the head honcho behind the side is nice enough to come over here and voice his side of the story.

    Thanks, alot.

  8. Yea and Walt Disney is ticked about that!

  9. Oh, so I guess it was disrespectful on Wayne's part for not mentioning about how he was going to T11. I understand that completely, but it's possible that he was afraid for what you would say to him. Sorry for making a statement without hearing from both sides first.
  10. Keep in mind this is just Brad's side of the story. Really, his word is not final, and neither is Wayne's. It's none of our business anyhow so I don't really see the whole point of anything. E is a good store, as is T11. They both have their pros and cons...luckily, you all live in a society where you can shop at both stores. Take advantage of that, and the MANY great places to get magic; both online and in real life.

    Good Luck...

  11. I have to agree with magicmagicmagic on this subject. It seems that both shops carry superberb products and have amazing customer support.

  12. Whatever, I don't want to get involved. Both of these guys are my heroes.
  13. I'll say this one more time:
    I think that this thread should be locked. Both Wayne and Brad have given their side of the story, and whatever happened between them is their own buisness and no one elses.
    I think that people should have their own opinions on both websites and the staff at the sites, but be respectful and polite about it, not attacking the people/products at the sites.
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    I'm sorry for acting so childish.
  15. I know I'm not a mod, and I'm not trying to act like one, and I know that I can't close anything, I'm just voicing my opinion on the matter in hopes that someone with the power to do such things might take notice.
    If you have a problem with me voicing my opinion, then either PM me or Jon.
  16. Not yet.

    If some members continue to act and disregard the rules, offend and disrespect other members, there will be several moderators.

    The Dark Angel just voiced his concern and request that this thread be closed. He, as a member of the theory11 forums, has a right to do so.

    There is no need to divisively argue amongst ourselves.

  17. You are correct, he is not a mod. Last time I checked neither are you (or I for that matter) so neither you nor I have the right to shut out anyones opinions.

    He was quite clearly just stating his thoughts, and is allowed to do so, on here as on most other forums.
  18. From the looks of it so far... mods are basically worthless at T11. I would say "no offense" but hey, they'll never read this post anyways. Also, I agree that this thread should be locked.
  19. i like them both lets compare

    decks: alot better quality and good looks
    tricks: well there getting some amazing tricks in there like factory sealed they recently put a little video of the reactions up soon they will have a full trailer. i am a huge fan of witness but im going to have to get factory sealed it releases end of the month
    forums:there all as*h*les
    dvds: there pretty damn good some are awesome

    decks: i was dissapointed with the quality of the guardians 1st edition only the quality the looks were cool but the black seemed to be faded on the backs the 2nd edition will be great i know it.
    tricks:here we have some amazing tricks with good teaching
    dvds:this is diff from the tricks its the teaching style i like it alot

    overall i like E for now but this site just recently opened so i got to say this is a pretty good subject for now i like E except the shippin!!!!!!!!
  20. Let's just give T11 some time to show more. For the first time that I saw this site, i can say that it's cool! I know that this site has a bright future. Ellusionist didn't even started like this...:)
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