Ellusionist or Theory11?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by darosa.justin, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Thank you all for the wonderful ideas.

    Houchin, you'd better watch your damn shoes.

  2. Better yet, Super glue his hand to his face while he sleeps. THAT would suck
  3. Yeah dont do that.

    I woke up with my fingers superglued together.

    it was not pretty when i got them apart.

    Please dont be that cruel
  4. I'm still waiting for you to get back at Jon Raiker, and, I quote, "Laugh it up Raiker. Very well played. But you should know that I'm gonna get you back sometime sooner than you think and I'm gonna have Wayne or JB tape it and I'm gonna post it on the media section and then you're gonna cry like a little girl."

  5. Ok so dana here is what you do.
    Putting sleeping pills in their food.

    Wait till their out like a light.

    And then either duct tape them to the wall..

    Or tape them to their matress and have someone help you carry them out side.

    Then you stand the maress up and lean it against the mailbox or a tree.

  6. Jordan:

    1) I wouldn't super glue Houchin's hand to his face. I do actually like him in real life. Most of the time. When he's not posting on my account.

    2) Why do I get the feeling that you've actually done the duct tape thing?


    1) Don't worry, the Raiker thing is coming. I just haven't seen him in person since I vowed my revenge. Don't think that I've forgotten Raiker. You're gonna get it too.

  7. Ha ha, i know dana. =P

    And maybe i have.. Thats why i am such an excellent babysitter..
  8. Dana's pretending to be hardcore. He's actually quite terrified. In fact, I was able to snap a shot of his fear of me in action.

  9. That is going to haunt me in my dreams for all eternity.
    Jon that was freakin epic.

    That was almost like The hair stylist
  10. You're going to hell for that Raiker.


  11. I'm scared of Dana.

    He just looked like he was going to eat someone at Grand Illusions.

  12. Why you gotta talk crap? I haven't eaten anyone for a long time.

  13. Tell that to georges cousin you monster!!!

  14. Again, let me state that I am now twenty, meaning I've been in magic for a good twelve years. I am not eight, or ten. . . twenty. I know what I'm talking about, and I've had enough good experience with E to want to keep buying from them in the future.
  15. Wayne,

    Your commentary needed to be injected long before any remarks made by me, however, I will do my best to be civil in your house.

  16. Hey RJ.
    I think you have a right to come in here and Stand up for your place of buisness.

  17. Hey Jordan I just noticed you're from Washington! a couple decknique members are meeting at the magic shop in Pike's Place market at 12 noon on THIS Saturday if you want to stop by and say hi and jam some cards or magic... :) we're going to try to convince the shop owner to start carrying better decks of cards lol
  18. HA HA NICE!

    Well check your Inbox, I sent you a message.
  19. hey guys,

    about all the people disliking E...here's my opinion:

    for many, E is ''home''. that being, the magic resource where they began the wonderfull journey of magic. i started there, and it still feels like to home to me...
    ive been with e almost since the benning, and saw how they grown and got better.

    T11 is no diffrent: if your new to magic, and T11.com is the first magic site you go to, it will be your home.... (if your a satisfied costumer...)

    the one thing that i noticed over here at t11, is that they involve us(the community) much more in what goes behind the scenes then what E is doing...
    thats what i like about T11, and this WILL be my second home....

  20. Watcha going to do about it?

    That's what I thought.

    Just don't eat me and we are cool.

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