Ellusionist or Theory11?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by darosa.justin, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. I think that E has been criticized unfairly. I believe that whatever flaws they may have, be it thread-deleting mods, or close-minded users, has all bleen taken a little over the edge. I do not go on their forums regularly, but from what I've seen msot of the people there are curteous and helpful. I've heard mostly horror-stories second or third hand, and what I've heard, I haven't liked, however I haven't spent enough time there to make up my own opinion.
    I think that users here have been too quick to judge E, and that users at sites such as E and Penguin have been too quick to judge us.
    And that is all I shall say on the matter for the time being.

  2. Please refrain from personally attacking others. This goes for everyone - we encourage discussion & debate, but there's no need for personal attacks here.
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    Guys he's right, Thats why i havent posted in this thread. its getting to violent.

    We all need to give eachother a big hug and be nice.
    *Group hugs Jon, Wayne, Danny, Dana, JTM, TDA and avancer*

    See i feel better.
    *Runs away with clippings of Waynes and dannys hair*
    YES!!! I GOT SOME!!!!
    *Runs back and Snips some of danas hair*
    Double Whammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Put down the fists...

    ... and pick up a hug.

    I love cheese... and YOU!
  5. I did not write that. Wayne thinks he's hilarious. I'm going to go kick him now.

    The REAL Dana
  6. Dana, just make a codeword so that everyone knows when it's the real you.

    You just got owned by Wayne Houchin.


    I should go edit my post real quick.

  8. Dana, you just got OWNED by Wayne Houchin!
  9. OMG next trick They do needs to be called OWNED Simply because everyone seems to get owned around Here =P
  10. That's right. Wayne owned me... he owned the hell out of me... I'm his property now.
  11. Funny story:
    Someone once asked me if OWNED was an effect by W:H.
  12. Uh oh.. This sounds very wayne like =P

    Ha ha but yes you are totally waynes property now.

    You need to get a tatoo on your arm in super small print that says "Property Of Mr. Wayne Houchin"

    The REAL Dana
  14. Hahahaha! That was awesome. (200th Post, Yay me. *Does celebratory dance*)
  15. A) I do not need that tattoo.

    B) I am changing my password.

    C) You suck Houchin.

    D) I'm gonna get you back.

    E) And film it.

    F) And post it on the media section.

    The REAL Dana
  16. Hahahaha, I think Dana's lost it. He's just shouting at himself.
    Keep it up "Wayne" ;)

  17. I'm staying away from the attacking, but your really "strong" feeling was wrong. Guess it couldn't have been too strong. I was never banned from E. Never post there, but I see what happens when something bad is said about there products. Which is why I stay away from those forums. Not enough room to breath. Keeping it clean, I thought your post was(lets not use the same word you did) judging what I did. I never have been banned from any forums. I stay out of trouble, but express my opinions. Looked like you didn't like that very much.


    I'm joining this big man hug now. Feels great.
  18. BAHA!

    Dana go throw cards at him!

    Those always Fend people off.

    OR OMG Dana... Do the good ol Whipped cream in the hand trick.

    Or sharpie his face if he ever Passes out =P
  19. Do it the day before he has a big public appearance or a filming the next day...
  20. What he said.

    Or do my personal favorite

    Super glue is shoes to the ground or his doors shut.

    Or do the less hard core version and crazy glue his remotes to whereever he usually keeps them

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