Ellusionist or Theory11?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by darosa.justin, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. What are you saying they are both great....Ask wayne houchin what one is better they both support the art and they both got wayne what more do you need
  2. I absolutely agree. RJ has every right to come here & defend his place of business... unlike myself... I have personally been banned from posting on E's forums. We will not do that here at T11 - RJ does have the right to express any opinion, however, it must be done in a respectful & professional manner - ESPECIALLY because he is a professional representative of Ellusionist.

    As to my thoughts on this thread, both companies have a lot to offer. If T11 & E offered the SAME products, we would be in competition with each other - however, this is not the case. E has some very exciting projects in the works & so do we. Take advantage of the fact that you have two passionate companies working hard to bring you some of the best magic in the world.
  3. Why would they ban you Wayne? I would think that you would be one of their biggest sales-people, and that they would at least let you post... However that doesn't really matter as it is their choice and their right not to let you post, so moving on...
  4. You've been banned from E's forums!?...Interesting. Would you by any chance be willing to elaborate? If not then that's cool too.
  5. Not to change the subject but when am I gonna be able to get a pack or two of guardians
  6. 1st Editions are sold out. 2nd Editions are expected to be out this month, but we don't know for sure.
    There's already several forums on this.
  7. I completely agree with Wayne on the topic of both supporting what we do,However I am a huge Houchin fan and after hearing that they banned you I don't know how to feel,So I will end with this I love magic,I love illusions,I love the look on peoples faces when I perform(you know the deer in the head lights look)Either way I support any one who is into and promoting the art of magic.I also appreciate all the wonderful people like Wayne and Brad and everyone else who is willing to share their talents with all of us willing to learn and perform.
  8. I nominate this thread to be locked before it gets out of hand again. I think that everything that needs to be said by either side has been said already.
  9. Thanks Dark Angel
  10. I agree I met no disrespect I just cant stand close minded comments
  11. This place is crazy....We are here to talk magic....................Wow
  12. An announcement on the Second Editions is coming soon:
  13. Decknique

  14. They were Jealous of his hair.
  15. Wayne,

    What? You are not now, and you have never been banned from posting on the Ellusionist forums. You have been blocked out of the Area51 forums, but that should not be all that surprising.

    Why would you make such a statement? Have you even tried to post since you left?

    Please let me know.

  16. Let me make it very clear, again. Wayne has never been banned from the Ellusionist forums...I would know because I would have set the trigger on it. I even went into the Admin panel to make sure I did not goof up somewhere...but no, he is set to registered user.

    Wayne would be more than welcome to come over and visit...and to post.

  17. RJ - After the release of T11 I received a request directly from Brad & he asked that I never post on the forums again. I, of course, will respect that request as E has the right to run their forums any way they choose.
  18. Oh my, Oh my my my.
    That could put quite a blunder on someones day.

    That kind of sucks.
  19. hmmm,

    I beg your pardon then, I was not made aware of that, nor does your account reflect it.



  20. Magic is TOTALY run on opinions and prefrances of different types of Magic.
    I personaly like cards and im fairly new to coins.
    Ellusionist has a better website (in my opinion) comparred to T11 because T11 has only been up for a little while.

    I realy dislike the way I have encounterd E, as there have been some (MANY) products that are very poorly put together.
    some of them dont come with a dvd, (which is a goo idea) instead they give you 2 pages of crap.

    I havent got anything from Therory11 YET, however im am going to look at a lot of reviews, wach the videos and some people I know who have the tricks!
    as I think thats the way you should buy magic, to get the most out of it.

    I know I sometimes miss out on the good stuff like some contests and giving fist edition feedback, but its the best way I think, and I will always stay with it.

    If that makes any sence at all
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