Ellusionist or Theory11?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by darosa.justin, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Why does it matter?

    They both bring food to the table, and most of us eat it.

    Sometimes I think you WANT a reason to hate the other company. For real, let's all just focus on something that might help us in some way.

  2. Yeah, I was clearly just stating my thoughts.
  3. I would just like to state that both magic companies are superb and offer amazing products.
  4. I love both, but Theory 11 forums has a much more humorous and laid back atmosphere, not to mention very helpful, no, extremely helpful community.
    One this I get tired of on the E forums is the constant "USE THE SEARCH FEATURE YOU UNRESOURCEFUL HOOLIGAN!"
    I'm overexagerating if you couldn't tell, E is great and has amazing products, but people on the forums need to lighten up a bit you know?
  5. wow..what a heated debate..
    i dont think that you should state which one is better, it doesnt help us at all, they both have there differences, and that matter is between them, and not us. i wish that we could all just get along and not have these sort of things happen. just keep other people in you considerations, everyone would be alot better.

    i just hope this doesnt mess with the ultragaff projsect coming up, im really looking forward to it!
  6. But they have a point though, they have been round much longer than us, and the topic someone has started has probably been discussed several times.

    So they tend to get a little aggrovated when they see the same thing over and over.


  7. Ya but the belligerency was completely unnecessary. I'm not telling you what to do by any means, but it would help the forum as a whole if you were a little nicer about it.
  8. I understand a little though why they freak out when people don't search.
    Recently I've seen alot of questions about the 2nd edition guardians that could be fixed with a simple search.
  9. Yeah, sometimes I wonder why the forum scripters even make the search function... no one ever uses it. :(
  10. I don't really get it when people say use the search feature. If everybody used it, then the forums would pretty much be a ghost forum.
  11. a ghost forum? no, they would just be a lot less redundant. the original thread would still be active (or much more so)

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    I don't think the discussion would continue because their question will already be answered.

    If we all used the search forum, then yeah, I think it would get boring. People want to hear the latest things happening now, not 6 months ago. So yeah use the search feature every once in awhile but I like having a productive forum instead.
  13. SPOT ON! Thats exactly how I feel about all this. Use the best of both worlds. ;)

  14. This is hilarious.

    Anybody who is flaming 'noobs' talks exactly like a newcomer to the craft. Period.

    I've been doing magic for thirteen years, and Ellusionist is a great site. You go to any magic store (local or commercial) and you'll have things you don't like. But, that doesn't discredit the company.

    Brad Christian is definetely not a 'noob' either. Have you seen the guy perform? He's legit, and deserves a bit of respect, whether you agree with his company or not.

    This entire forum is completely draining. I don't feel the least bit like anything is getting done, because all that happens on these boards is bad grammar, poor sentence structure, and flaming other companies/people/magicians.

    What's the point? Why do you care so much about everyone else? Worry about yourself.
  15. And - also - one of you 'experience magicians' posted that Theory 11 was far superior because of the quality of their products.

    Please, please, please show me a product on here that is of such good quality that it blows Ellusionist out of the water?

    First of all, there is an extreme lack of choice as far as product goes.

    Then - out of all the products, one is a STOLEN product, and another is a flimsy gimmick that last much longer if you buy it from a different shop.

    I don't see any superiority for this site.

    You all are creating a hostile enviroment. I would hate to be a newcomer to this 'art' that is so shamefully represented across the interenet. Why? Because they walk into forums like these, ellusionist, etc. and see anger and hatred flaming left and right. They get an immediate negative view of what magic is. So, they cut of the boards, and simply learn the tricks. They'll never, ever, know what it's like to have a magical community of people to help them out with strategy and things like that.

    So - hope that makes you feel great.
  16. I like Theory11, I don't think it's all that and a bag of chips...sorry. I like Ellusionist, I don't think they are all that and a bag of chips. As a matter of fact, I find myself going to other magic sites such as DennyM(I wont post full sites because I don't know if it's allowed), MJM, etc etc etc. I jump between magicshops on the internet. Why do you ask? because it's better then limiting yourself to one website. I don't mean to be mean, but there are people here that seem to limit themselves to only one website. I personally don't care if you don't like Ellusionist, some products on there are overpriced such as 2 card monte, yes I agree. I believe they should reduce those costs. However, I found found a few things on there that are a very good price. That goes the same as on here as well.
    If E forums are to strict and your going to whine about it, then please go somewhere else and whine about it, The world is as big or as small as you want it to be. I noticed some people here that think they are magicians because they decided to buy stigmata, Distortion, or whatever else, please think again. It takes years to get to that point, but of course that is my opinion.

    There is a lot more to magic then Theory11 and Ellusionist. I am pretty sure some of you don't see it that way.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
  17. Have to agree with Grammar on all points.

    So far T11 has been nothing but a huge let down. Way too over-hyped..

    The so called 11th. theory of magic involves theft, was that the BIG surprise people where sitting up until midnight every week waiting for? that's nothing new, Rob Stiff & Co has been doing it for years.. so can't really credit them for being innovative or anything regarding that. Not the best planned start.

    It's not like any of the products they have are "groundbreaking" in any way.
    Digital Dissolve is stolen, Moving pips has been done more or less, don't know about Panic so I'll let them have that :) (personally don't use bikes at all so doesn't help me anyway hehe)

    The forums are just the same, hordes of fanbois in every corner and way too much use of offensive words like 'noob' (I really like E's idea of not allowing internet slang at all).
    I like how T11 don't seem to simply close threads and ban people left and right like I have the impression E does when they see something they don't like, however ignoring threads/issues isn't necessarily better.

    Only real difference i can see so far compared to Ellusionist is a better media section.

    If i had to choose a winner based on community, none of them.
    Based on products it's obvious, Ellusionist, with time that may ofcourse change (wish they put ethics and moral higher than they do though)

    Community - The Magic Café ;)
    Shopping - any shop that have what I want/need.. thinking twice before shopping at some shops and I'm sorry to say, T11 will be one of them in the future (can't really say I'm tempted to do business with them at all at the moment though, hopefully they will change my mind somehow).
  18. you n00b, theory 11 at least released the 2nd edition guardians which are nice cards.
  19. ouch.. forgot about the cards :D
    You are absolutely right, I proved myself to be a n00b ;)

  20. Dude, can't believe this.

    Even though I love Wayne's work, I just lost some respect for him.
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