Goodbye All

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Oct 22, 2008
I hate to sound like all other people who just leave theory11. I would like to get down to the point though. If this thread gets closed well I am happy I have gotten to prove my point at least. So let's get into it.
I for the last I'd say 2, almost 3 years have been an daily user of theory11. I would go on the forums when ever I got the chance. I loved it. Being that I did not know many people in my school who did magic, or at least close to as much as me. I came here after school, etc and I finally felt like I had people to talk to about magic and thoughts. It was really great and I think that is truly the point that theory11 is trying to get out of alot of this website. I give total respect for that.
For a while I did magic expecting, "Wow, this is really something I could see my self and wanting to do as a career." I was never a great social person. Well, magic has indeed changed that quite a bit. I think that it teaches you and almost guides you to go somewhere. Now back to the theory11 aspect. I did not plan out to type this before I started. I'm just sort of going with what I think in my head so. I did meet tons of friends. They may have started off online. People who aren't magicians may say, why are you talking to friends online. They are technically not real friends if you've never met them face to face. This is not a true statment as I learned about somethine called a "jam session." I got interested as I learned that it is meeting people from this site in person. It really was a great experience as I met up with at first Dan or known as Polymon and MagicLemonBird. Than about maybe almost a year later which this is more recent I met someone who i talked to alot Jack Webster. I happened to be in D.C. So hell, we decided to meet up at a mall. It was very interesting as we both came to a similar point.
I brought up theory11. Asked him his opinion. As he said he doesn't go on it that much or as much as he used to recently. I was very surprised because it is the same situation as me. I do come one here once in a while now but have slowed down oficially to the point where I've come close to stopping. There may be many reasons for this.
Not only stopping theory11 but magic. First off if you've ever gotten a chance to check out the ellusionst forums from last time I went on there you should. They are some of the problem. It is people, kids, who ever who just came into magic acting advanced blah as they think they know everything and I feel like theory11 is starting to have lots more people like this. It is almost like a new generation. I feel like for a while there was a generation with people like Jack Magicman1212 chriswhiel i hope I spelt that right and people who knew magic and what they were doing. I gladly took advice from them as I learned alot as I felt like I could teach them too.
To tell you the truth with out theory11 it is hard to stay in magic. But I've noticed for some reason I have just lost interest in anything that this site is doing. It is all the same. All the threads, everything. Nothing new anymore to further me in magic. As I felt like I have come to a dead end. And my road might have to stop here. I do really feel bad and I am trying to fight the fact that I may have to leave but I feel like it is no longer something I see doing as a career anymore and it was just a hobby. I will now rarely pop into this site. I might just come to keep track of how people who I brought up in this thread are doing etc. I am truly sorry to say I am leaving but I am. I'd like everyone to know though it was a great journey as I will try to keep up some of my magic for the future as it will always still be with me, no madder what. For people who have just started magic, and actually do plan on going far, practice, listen, and don't stop. Do what you love, and I have lost my love for magic unfortunatly. Goodbye all.

Mar 12, 2009
To tell you the truth with out theory11 it is hard to stay in magic. But I've noticed for some reason I have just lost interest in anything that this site is doing. It is all the same. All the threads, everything. Nothing new anymore to further me in magic.

Your posts really gives the impression that you are not at all interested in magic. I mean, you do not care for it at all, do you?
Have you even performed for people before?

If it is hard for you to stay in magic without a forum, you aren't really 'doing' magic are you? You probably just reads some topics, watch some videos, buy some DVD, watch them, learn a trick, never perfect it, and so on.

Again, the fact that your staying in magic depends on new threads all the time, shows that it isn't really that great of a loss to have you leave the site.

And here is the big eye-popper: "Nothing new anymore to further me in magic".
OH MY SWEET LORD! WHAT?! I can't believe you just frickin' wrote that!
So you actually have perfected every trick on this site, read all topics about performing, practicing and everything, and feel that now, there simply isn't anymore for you here..

Let me tell you something.. I have been practicing stuff from the Trilogy in the last 1.5 years I think, and I haven't even come to the point where I can do HALF the stuff nearly as good as Dan and Dave.. Of course I have a lot of other magic material I work on and have perfected, but still..

There are SO MANYYYYY threads on the forums, which INDEED would further you in magic, and SO MANY tricks and DVD's that you can't possibly have gone through 2 % of it..

So pack that BS about you can't go further in magic in a nice little suit-case and send it to the other site of the earth, because that is simply too stupid..

PS. Goodbye-threads are so lame... Ecspecially your situation taking into consideration..
Aug 10, 2008
In a rock concert
Hahahaha I love this kind of threads!.

Seriously, there wasn't any need to post this thread, if you are going to go, just say good bye to the guys that care.

Besides, thank god the forums right now aren't in such a bad shape like they were sometime ago, we actually have some really good posters lately like scarecrow, Sherlock, praetoritevong, morgician, visualartist, hell, even mike hankins is contributing in the forums, so I have been liking that a lot.

I hate to sound like all other people who just leave theory11. I would like to get down to the point though. If this thread gets closed well I am happy I have gotten to prove my point at least. So let's get into it.

I don't see your "point" here, I think you just need some attention.

And you really shouldnt be getting your "magic fill" on a forum. Becuase...its a forum.
Not close to the real magic world.

Go out perform man. I pretty much agree with the above poster :).
Jul 1, 2009
If T11 only kept you interesting to magic than you never had the passion for magic. But hey its your decision and if your happy then I'm happy for you. People are right, if you want to leave pm your friends and tell them instead of starting this absurd thread of yours.

Good luck in your career and life.
Sep 1, 2007
New Zealand
The only problem T11 has is an abundance of little whingers starting these lame threads. I can't think of ANY other forums where this happens.

Grow up
Mar 29, 2008
It isn't T11's fault you lost your passion for magic. It is yours. When people grow bored of something, it is because they stopped progressing and learning. Didn't ask the right questions, or do the right things. One site will not have ALL your answers, as this site never claims to.

However, these forums are a nice thing to allow us to express ourselves and talk magic. Share thoughts, ask questions, in short...grow. If you are no longer interested in learning or growing with this site...leave. However, I feel that this forum has something to offer, as every forum does.

I don't mind these threads, because they are usually emotion driven...and I have been frustarted with this site too. However, I realized it was my own frustration with focusing too much on the threads - like we do all technology - how many times a day do you check your facebook or email account?

Take some time away - don't say goodbye, you don't have to - you just need to progress and visit when you want. The site is not the problem - personal accountablity man - look in the mirror to see what needs to be better.

Good luck.
May 3, 2008
Ok. First off, if you're going to leave, THEN LEAVE. Why can't people ever just leave without letting everyone know. Also, why does everybody have to decide that they're leaving once and for all and never coming back. Why can't people just get on less and check it occasionally.

And also, I don't understand how Theory 11 ruined your passion for magic. Theory 11 is meant to aid you in your own journey, not BE your journey for you. If you don't like it, fine, but it shouldn't ruin your whole magic.

And to be honest, you good sir, are a hypocrite. But who isn't nowadays I suppose.

I will be very surprised if you really never come back.
Aug 10, 2008
In a rock concert
BTW, I'm sure that after all the negativity in this thread he is going to be like " you guys are so rude, you guys just proved my point..." etc etc :)

Something along those lines.
Jun 7, 2008
DC area
Guys a true friend of mine is leaving this site. He has contributed his thoughts and probably helped out people here more then they know it. To just come to this thread and bash him is no way to behave. This is a magic forum and this i his current thoughts on magic so we should respect it and listen to him. I have also left T11 for the most part and both of us basically already left way before we made out "goodbye" post.

also Jake hit me up on skype some time and well talk about this more or something.
Dec 30, 2008
Perhaps as he said, he considered the people here as friends. Who would want leave friends without saying goodbye?

I'm glad we all can have the spirit of the season and continue to wish peace and good will to all!

Nick :D
dear god If I relied on a forum (either this or another) for my fill, inspiration, and reason for existence then I would have quit magic YEARS ago. You need to get out more. Join your local IBM or SAM ring, perform shows. Hell do free shows. Do something. ya know? I hate to see someone go.

If you do leave, I wish you the best. You've added something here, and what else can I say? Life I guess will just go on.
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Apr 15, 2009
New Jersey

It's been fun Jake. I lost a bit of interest at one point, then I realized it was because I haven't been performing for anyone in a while. Go out and perform for some people, or your friends, or kids at school. If that doesn't spark your interest back then I guess it's your choice. Keep in touch with me holmez

Luis Vega

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Mar 19, 2008
Leon, Guanajuato Mexico
just leave quietly and quickly...don´t make such a big deal about leaving...don´t play yourself as a victim, if you leave magic and the forums is not all the kids you talk about who have the is don´t have the willpower to change and continue, because if you want to change the have to change yourself first
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