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  1. srry!!

  2. Guys - please refrain from using this thread to argue amongst one another. No reason to turn this into something negative. If a user is requesting exposure, please contact me privately to handle the matter.
  3. Great post JB! Let's fight the good fight guys. If things continue to go in the direction they are now what's the point of coming up with new things to share with the community. All the time and effort end up with people contacting you just to tell you how your own trick works or sharing a butchered version of it that they figured out with the rest of the world.

    It's a frustrating industry because we are selling secrets. If our trade secrets have no value by becoming mainstream shared knowledge then magic won't exist.

    I'm one of those that live from this stuff, if you want to steal from me do it in person so I have a fighting chance.

    l u k e
  4. Ebay is the worst

    I have always been on the lookout for any sort of Piracy or copyright infringement of Theory 11 magic products, as well as any and all magic products that I either own, want to own or never plan to own. The one place that really, really bothers me is Ebay and all the countless auctions of "Street Magic" or "Close-up Magic" packages in the form of Adobe Acrobat files. They contain a rather large list of magic effects that either require no gimmicks, or how to make the gimmick, and sometimes the seller will include the gimmick.

    I've lost track of how many of those auctions I have reported, but for every one that is removed, another 10 are added, and it's incredibly frustrating.

    Another aspect of all this magic Piracy that has affected me, is the fact that I have created some of my own original card effects and other magic genre effects. Then there are some variations of effects I have worked on, after getting permission from the original creator first, of course.

    I would really love to share some of the effects I have devised, but I am literally scared to do so because I know that one person will buy it, and then immediately expose the secret, or add it to one of those Ebay auctions that contain anywhere from 10 to 30+ exposed magic effects.

    This will be a tough battle for all of us, but with the combined effort of everyone willing to take part, we WILL start to make a difference. It's all just a matter of time and to what extent of the impact, but I know that I will definitely not be giving up on the battle of Magic Piracy.
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    I Tried To Help

    I offered to help T11, but they said they didn't need my help that they take care of this and to send in any links I find. T11 products are currently all over the web. I currently work with 3 very popular creators and it would be very difficult for you to find any of their material on the net. The reason is I know how to find them all and we're removing them. I have the knowledge and skill to find them. Simple google searches will not work. The majority of the links are hidden and if you don't understand the current state and techniques of filesharing you'll never find them all. I could find about
    95 % of every T11 pirated download link on the net if they wanted. The question should be why can't they find them?? I'll put the offer out there again, I do this work currently for several other creators, if T11 would like my help let me know and we can find almost all of the downloads on the net and get them removed.
  6. I sent u link with all ur dvd on the site pls take it down.
  7. Hey jb,

    Just reported a bunch of links.

  8. Demonoid is down, so most magic torrents are gone.

    Not impling anything, just sayin'
  9. common jb i posted i site that has ALLLL ur dvd and 1on1 and yet u Still dont take it down is something wrong or what..
  10. yay u took it down!!1
  11. Please work on the grammar. And don't be so quick to judge.

    JB, I think it's a great thing you're doing. I would hit all the torrent sites (Rapidshare, Mediafire, etc.) and make sure everything's gone.

  12. 1. im dyslexic so please don't bash
    2. when i type i don't type as formally as i would in school
  13. Oh okey dokey. But here I think calls for a bit of formality.

  14. A lot

    Recently I have been looking a bit harder for websites that either expose the effects sold not only on this website, but countless others. Also, a majority of them are repackaging all of the effects and turning them into PDF format and are selling them as their own.

    I cannot believe people would sink this low to make some extra money or just think it's fun to expose the effects. So what I have been doing is sending in countless e-mails to all of the main online magic stores with the links to those illegal websites, as well as using the Copyright Infringement Report form from this website.

    What I would like to know is if there happens to be another way to get some of these websites taken down, or have these law breakers get some sort of punishment for not only exposing the effects, but selling them like they own the Copyrights to all the effects.
  15. Magic exposure ruins lives.
    Just say NO!
  16. Yeah, the thing that bothers me is that people do not understand the basic idea of a magic trick: The other guy doesn't know how it is done.

    Magic piracy is basically some bored guy downloading videos to figure out the trick. He is on the other side from the magician: He is looking to figure it out and the magician already knows it! So I think it is pretty sad...
  17. Sorry dude, aside from file sharing and piracy, I don't think all of the T11 artists stuff is all original. I see a lot of things published by magicians from a while back that just gets regurgitated. I would be very surprised if they were compensated for their work. So if I learned a move, vary it up a little and re publish doesn't that still constitute as theft? Or does simply crediting the original sleight on the video make it ok without monetary compensation? On all of the DVD's and books I have purchased there is so much that is copied from other magicians and then they are just credited (or not) in the video. What is to stop me or anyone else from doing the same thing?
  18. Continued from my previous post...
    Example, you have the Biddle Trick for sale in the 1 on 1 section. Did you compensate the originators of the trick? I know that you did do some research and credited as much as you could on the video but was anyone paid out a percentage of the earnings from that 1 on 1?
  19. ^ amen dude.

    These Jason England 1-on-1s are becoming a joke. Just another way for Jonathan Bayme to make money, reselling old effects but in "HD" for mass appeal to young kids who could care less about who made it originally. It's sick and misconstrued, but hell they're making cash and that's what it's all about these days, right?
  20. Really? The 1-on-1s by Jason are not selling tricks. What they are selling is a chance to learn (or refine) the sleight from one of the best people to hold a deck of cards. There is a huge difference from learning the sleight from the book and learning Jason's perspective on it.

    Honestly, I love that Jason is putting out videos to clarify or teach people how to do a move.

    Whether or not the effects on T11 are 100% original or not doesn't overshadow the fact that you're learning from people that have incredible experience with the moves or effects they are teaching. Sure you can go look it up in a book. You can do the same with math and science too. But what you're paying for is the video version. The version that is easier to learn. They credit who needs to be credited and sells their perspective. If you don't like it, then don't buy it.

    But obviously, there are people that want to watch these videos. There are people that want to learn from these artists.

    The effects they sell are all original. I'd like to see you, or anyone, create an effect that doesn't use a top change, a double lift, a pass, a key card, or any other sleight that has been invented already.

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