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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by b_08, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Do i get points for the decks of Monarchs I bought before the holiday contest was actually released?
  2. As long as you ordered after 11:00am EST today (11/11), you should receive an email with a special link automagically very soon. If you don't receive anything by morning, submit a support ticket and our team will check into this for you.
  3. This contest does look amazing JB.

    I think I'm going to play for the shot at a camera, I just don't want to win the backstage pass. Should be fun!
  4. Great idea to let us pick and choose what prizes we want! Good luck to all. :)
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    Got an email that said I could click a link and automagically retrieve my points, but after I clicked it, it said my points had been retrieved already...

    Nevermind it all figured out
  6. What kind of camera is the one we can win in the contest? You guys don't go into more detail than a "Canon DSLR".
  7. I was wondering this too. And also, since it's supposed to be a 'kit' for making great videos for The Wire etc, it would probably have to be more than just a DSLR Body. At the least it would need a lens as well, and then there's the aspect of audio; the quality of the video will be greatly diminished if the winner had to use the on-board microphone of the camera.

    So I guess my question is, what exactly does that prize entail? Is it just a Camera Body? Or is it some sort of production kit?
  8. Another question, which I probably already know the answer to but I'm still curious. haha
    Does The Wire purchases count as an entry into the contest?
  9. James,

    It sure does! Buy away! Wire tricks will give you points just like anything else!

  10. This bug should now be resolved - just a technical glitch. Give it a shot now in Firefox or Chrome and let us know if the problem persists. Sorry about that!
  11. Is there a way for me to see the points that I've already used?
  12. Good catch - we just added a note onto the contest page that clarifies this. The camera we're giving out is a Canon T2i DSLR (with a lens), which is one of many cameras that the theory11 crew uses to film the videos you see on this site. Specifically, the preview video for HighRise was shot with the same camera. It's a beast - reliable, 1080p quality, and even shoots 60 frames at 720p (for slow motion shots). The winner will get a shiny new one on the house.
  13. So, I finally got the e-mail this morning to redeem my points. After clicking submit, will I be able to rearrange my points as I'd like or is it final?
  14. Just tried it again and it worked this time. Thanks for your help.
    Plan to do some shopping this week in order to get some more points!
  15. The free point is a lovely touch. Though I imagine there will be thousands of orders between now and 31st it's just to know everyone has a chance.
  16. Awesome - sorry for the delay on that. Yes, once you click submit, the points applied are final, so think carefully before you hit the magic button.
  17. Aha, I'll choose carefully then, thanks!
  18. The only thing which I questioned a little bit with this competition is part of the 'Ultimate Brick' Pack and when it states the below:

    So much for there being nothing special/different/hyped about the Pre-Release edition.

    Looks like all along you knew there was a difference as it was included in the contest.
  19. They never said that the pre-release Monarchs were the same. The whole controversy came from the fact that the pre-release Monarchs were slightly different.
  20. There was a mistake made. But they are turning it into a positive because they are so rare. That's what businesses do.

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