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  1. The Fitzkee Trilogy are great books to read as well, and really not too long.
  2. Actually I wouldn't recommend An Actor Prepares. Sure it is a good book, but it is strictly meant for method actors and is an incredibly daunting and boring book at times, that most likely won't help you right now.

    I would suggest finding books on Public Speaking. I can't really name any. But I am sure there a ton out there that can help you with your diction, and clarity of speech and everything else. In fact anything that can help you with Public Speaking, even short of taking classes will be a HUGE help to you. I'd say also try to read a book or two on Improve acting as well.

    I know this is a lot to take in, but the stuff I have mentioned will actually help you out a ton in the long run.

    As for Strong Magic, I would suggest not trying to rush through it. Maybe read like a chapter a week or month depending on how long each chapter/section is. That way you won't end up with information overload and it should hopefully sink in better.

    Once you have finished with that, then I'd say start on Scripting Magic and use a note book.
  3. While Lee Strasberg did develop the Method school of acting based on Stanislavski's work, the book itself is not Method.
  4. Dude, you're completely correct about the Ortiz book. I was hooked as it reads like a fiction. I still put it down because of his writing style. After awhile I started feeling like he was trying to talk me into something.
  5. He has a bad habit of trying to plug his own work nonstop. While he does have some great advice, I felt like I wanted to punch in the face for constantly trying to "hint" at buying his now out of print books.
  6. Great recommendations from everyone.

    I would like to add Aaron Fishers personal training series dvds to the list. You will learn 3 amazing sleights/effects and they are filled with great advice on performance and audience management. Also his book the paper engine.
  7. I was really interested in the E holiday giveaway and wanted to buy some stuff from them to have a chance to win. I think I'll get my grandma to get me "Strong Magic" and then order me "The Paper Engine" off E along with a Porper Clip and (even though I don't care for a ton of tricks) I may just get her to get me some more DVD's. I can learn some tricks, if I use them, great, if I don't I don't. I know, though, I will learn SOMETHING whether it be a new sleight or some theory and plus it will get me more entries into that Holiday Giveaway
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    and just 48 hour later...
    Well, in contrast with your first post in this thread that certainly didn't last long.

    How disappointing.
  9. I am a bit disappointed myself. I guess it is harder to fight the "itch" than I thought.

    Must.... get.... more.... magic.... stuff.... *wallet explodes*

    I would suggest just continuing to perform the magic you already have. I remember a somewhat mediocre performance video of the biddle trick not long ago. Instead of going out to get new magic, just perform the biddle trick about 1000 times for different people until you work out the kinks. That is the only way to improve your effects. There is no shortcut. Just because you will read a book on theory, etc... it doesn't mean everything will then work out automatically. Improving your magic performances is a lifetime battle. So, this line, "I can learn some tricks, if I use them, great, if I don't I don't. I know, though, I will learn SOMETHING whether it be a new sleight or some theory and plus it will get me more entries into that Holiday Giveaway" is the worst line I have heard in a LONG time from someone claiming they are trying to become a better magician.

  10. It's not hard to resist if you don't pay attention to whats coming out and make it a goal to focus on what you got. I USED to be of the mind to buy something new every month, then I made it a goal to only buy something if I know it help me, If I can come up with a interesting presentation for and if I will enjoy it.

    Which is why the only "sleight" DVD I bought this month was his Card Palming DVD (because I didn't like the way CC taught em and I needed some more help on it.) the same goes for getting the Herb Zarrow book (didn't like the way Giobbi taught the Zarrow shuffle and couldn't get it to work for me, his way.).

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