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  1. I do like Brad's teaching style. He's a very good instructor.
  2. I've always liked learning from people like Jay Sankey, Danny Garcia, and Geoff Williams - They are great at teaching and usually keep me laughing the whole time!
  3. Sankey is OK, but after awhile he can get annoying and a lot of videos it seems like he can't be arsed to even perform the effects for anybody at all. He just tends to go "Then the guy picks this card and you this or that." which gets annoying, because I have seen the guy perform for lay people on one of his DVD's and he's pretty good. Though it often feels like he's phoning everything he does in now days.

    Personally, I think this Session thing is a good idea. But a better way would be to simply learn from these guys in person if you get the chance to meet them at a convention or Club meeting.
  4. But for people who don't get to go to conventions or have these names in our club meetings... this is the next best thing.. cause of course it would be a better way to do what you just said.. but realistically... c'mon... lol...
  5. idk.....but i really want to try it out
  6. Way to go Ellusionist on cheapening the mentor experience by bringing it down to a commercial level.
  7. Right on schedule, we had to get somebody taking the, "Boo capitalism!" stance.

    Let me ask you a question. Is there a specific reason you are blaming Ellusionist for this and not the artists like Michael Ammar who agreed to participate in it? Did that thought even occur to you?
  8. I'm gonna sound like a creeper cuz I posted that big ass Anthology review but if I had the time and money, Madison would my artist of choice. That guy is wicked.
  9. I don't see how this cheapens anything. If at all it improves the art by making highly skilled and very qualified teachers available to the general mass for instructional tutorship. This is actually a good thing.
  10. You have to remember Will that you're dealing with a kvlt kiddie. They don't operate on logic, only drama. All you can do is present him with a little cognitive dissonance for his indefensible, poorly thought out opinions and watch him talk himself into a corner instead of admitting to any wrong.

    Remember friends, it is possible to give kvlt kiddie syndrome to others. Ask your doctor if not being a drama queen is right for you.

    I'm such a dick.
  11. "I like dicks. wait what?..." Shrugs and dodges a boot.

    "Anyway, I don't see myself spending money on this anytime in the future. Why? I think it is a waist of money. If you really love to meet someone or really have the drive to meet one of your idles, you will do anything it takes to achieve said dream and it is a very achievable one at that. It's realistic. If you want to go to a magic convention, either save your money and trim away the excess spending that you might do and then spend it on a hotel a magic convention and round trip plane tickets. If you are still with your parents, show that you have a love of your "art" and that you are a responsible enough kid to get chores done on time, do exceedingly well in school, etc. basically suck up to them while still practicing your magic! They'll most likely be more then happy to spend or help you along to go to a magic convention. But I've gone a lil off course of what I wanted to talk about."

    Takes a deep breath and hacks up a rat, "I should really chew my food."

    "The video cam jam session will not help me because I am a hands on kind of guy. I need to have an instructor in the same room as myself. What is worse is that I've tried to stay in rooms like Exomagic even the magic session but I get tired of seeing the, for lack of better words, magician circle jerk of magic. The bottom line is, yes that is Michael Ammar on my screen talking to me. But it isn't going to be the same to me or worth my money spent on if I just spend 20 bucks at a lecture. Computers are great and it is wonderful that the magical community is embracing it somewhat, but for me it will never replace face to face live instruction."

    Grabs the boot and drags it by its laces somewhere else. "Now if you'll excuse me, I just a brand new chew toy!" Om nom nom
  12. That's a bit overly optimistic. Is this speaking from experience or are you just assuming this is how things will all work out?
  13. If this project lasts, I definitely foresee myself jumping on the opportunity. If all I have to do is pay a few bucks to get a wealth of knowledge worth well more than the price on the tag, then I don't see what the complaining is for. It'll make me that much better.

  14. Neither. :=)

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