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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stoneface, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Hopefully it's just a misunderstanding...

    But Luke Jermay hasnt tweeted anymore since the incident and people were just confused about where their money went. Also, many member said this is not an exceptional case. The external evidences point to a conclusion, this looks like a scam.

    However, we wouldn't know the truth until Luke Jermay explain this.
  2. Without a doubt I know theory11 would indeed ship their products, heck, they even hand delivered a package! (JB, please for the love of God tell me who left it! I'm going crazy!) I think the reasons for the accusations is to question "Why support a scammer?" Now, I'm not necessarily thinking that question, but I know it's buzzing around people's minds here on the forums. If he has a background, there is something sketchy with him. Maybe theory11 did not know about his past,which is why they must be shocked with this thread and the claims made. I can say that theory11 will NOT by any means scam anyone, so if you guys purchase Colorblind you would definitely get it. I think we need Luke to share his own personal thoughts in this thread to know about his past.

  3. JB, thank you for posting on this thread. It is much appreciated.

    JB, you get a virtual hug, PS: what happened to Dan White?

    Now, I have faith that Colorblind will be fine because as JB said, the whole T11 team is in it. Not just Luke so it will be fine, however I understand if someone doesn't want to support him but buying the DVD supports T11.

    I just thought it was interesting that JB only commented on the production of Colorblind, however, he cannot speak for Luke just like we cannot speak for Luke. I now do believe he should hop over to the forums and comment on this himself.

    Luke, that is YOUR cue. . .

    I can't speak for you, but if you read this, forget about Uncle Owan and Aunt Beru, and Darth Vader for a moment. This is your career and your professional reputation on the line.

    I do hope that you can solve this. This situation is turning more messy than the garbage shoot in the detention center from cellblock 1138 of the Death Star.
  4. But all in all. T11 put there blood, sweat, and tears into colorblind so...I'll buy it this coming week. T11 FTW..not so much Luke Jermay. I'm going to support t11 as much as I can :D
  5. Guys, check out the Magic Café forums. People are bugging about the same topic.

    Listen to this:

    This is a post by a guy named Piers–––––––––––––––

    I wish. This IS bizarre.
    No money appeared.

    I chased LJ.
    He sent me the 'paypal' receipt he had received when 'sending' the money.
    The receipt says I need to 'accept' the money.
    My Paypal account shows no money and no accept option.
    I forwarded it to paypal, asking, 'what's going on - why nothing in my account?!'
    Paypal replied that what I sent them was a 'phishing email' !
    I await more news from paypal land.


    By the way, because I didn't know what Phishing meant, here is a definition: phishing |ˈfi sh i ng |
    the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate company : [as adj. ] phishing exercises in which criminals create replicas of commercial Web sites.

    Now the link to read the whole conversation yourself is here:

    The Luke Jermay conversation starts about half way down.


    Who's with me and my Pikachu?
  6. very weird... i was considering buying colorblind but i dont know if i want to support luke jermay
  7. I still think if you want, you should buy Colorblind, it is a T11 product and not just a Luke Jermay product.

    PS: Post #100 Yay!
  8. While this is fairly straightforward, I feel obligated to explain how most phishing works and why it applies to his story.

    Phishing is normally done with two methods, fake site, fake email. In a fake site, the phisherman (note: probably not an actual term) gives you a link to his site replicating the target site (IE: paypal) that simply sends all info to his server/him and then most likely forwards you to the real site. In a fake email, the same strategy is used except for the fact that the sender makes it seem as if the email is coming from an actual paypal email. Used together, these tactics can be devastating. Even more devastating is that most phishing attacks come from controlled bots (previous victims of viruses) controlled by a person/group, thus making the targets recieve more emails, more quickly.

    tl;dr: do confirmations over phone and record everything.
  9. True, it's a T11 product, but I imagine that Jermay will still be profiting from T11's sales.
  10. There has been similar mumblings on the Talk Magic site too about Jermay's 'approach' to business over the years. Apparently - and we must remember that some of this may be exaggerated hearsay - he was once taken to court for not delivering products paid for.

    I find it hard to believe that someone in Jermay's position would jeopardise that standing, simply by being a rip-off merchant. I'm sure we're all aware of how difficult it is to break through and build a successful career as a magician. As i've said previously, we must remember that a great deal of what's posted on the internet has no basis in fact. There is no internet police force making sure everything said is true.
    However, there is such a number of these kind of complaints against Jermay on public forums that it would be ignorant to write them off simply as rumours started by those envious of his acheivements.

    If i were Luke, i'd come on to this Forum and clear my name. Colourblind is Luke's first DVD with Theory 11, and i'm sure he'd want to maintain a healthy working relationship with them, and not have it tarnished by allegations such as these.

    Your decision to purchase Colourblind is of course completely down to you, but i don't see why Theory 11 should carry the can for any of Jermay's previous actions. I'll watch this thread with interest.
  11. Well, since this topic has popped up, I think it's best to mention something else along the same lines.

    Luke has been lambasted recently on The Magic Cafe for something else entirely - re-releasing products, previously promised to be limited edition, and costing hundred of dollars each ($300 range), for very low prices ($30 range).

    If you want to find out more, the thread is easy to search for.
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    But so will theory11, and everyone who worked on the project. I don't think the rest of the crew who worked on it should suffer just because Luke isn't great at follow-thru.

    Anywho... did anyone notice Luke Jeremy is an official theory11 artist? When did that happen?
  13. Rob Domenech???

    I spent a lot of time with Rob when I was in Texas last year and he's Luke's best friend. Great guy and really honest. That's very strange that his email is involved.

    I've heard many things about Luke myself, but the thing to keep in mind is that most of these things are rumors, and the gossip that is going on here only exaggerates the truth.

    || sean ||
  14. Gossip? Theres several trusted names that report to be ripped off by Luke Jermay. If he would just come here and clear his name than I think everything would be fine. Otherwise, the word needs to be spread.
  15. I have had nothing but good experiences when dealing with Luke. When I paypaled him the money for products after one email I recieved what I had asked for. I am glad I haven't been ripped off like many other people have been and Luke has always replied timely to my emails.

    The only thing I have against Luke is his questionable beliefs on 'limited' releases.

  16. I happened to catch Mr. Jermay on facebook the day after, asking if the lecture notes were still available, and he replied with "no."

    Now I am not saying it's not a scam, but if it was, why would he have not taken my money as well.

    I am sorry to anyone who has been scammed by Luke, I will hold off on purchasing anything by him until I hear more.
  17. I got off the phone with my friend and its good to see this is slowly getting resolved (JB posted saying he would forward this thread). Im hoping some good will come from this.

    Now Colorblind looks like a great product, and it comes from T11 and everyone worked hard on it, but please for my friends benefit (whos out in the thousands) hold off on purchasing this until it gets resolved. If T11 can get Luke on here and resolve this, then go for it! Il even buy it! But until then if everyone waits it may encourage Luke to refund my friend and everyone can get on with their lives.

    Thank you!
  18. Actually I think theory 11 has some responsibility doing business with Luke. As said this isnt anything new and not know about Luke. So why would theory 11 do any type of project with some one like this? Really makes me wonder.
    Now Im not sure of color blind method, but I know Jay Sankey has a very similar effect one of his dvd (i'll find the name asap), which I perform often and gets killer reaction and to me looks exactly the same.

  19. The Sankey effect is Laying on of Hands found is on his dvd 22 Blows to the Head. It is also found on his dvd Amazing Magic Anyone Can Do Vol. 2
  20. What troubles me is that these posts on the cafe were made a year ago! I hope JB will be able to get to the bottom of things as this seems to be an issue that has been going on for a long time now.

    T11 has nothing to do with the mention accusations, however I really can't see how we as a magic community as well as T11 can support him if the accusations are in fact true.

    I'm wondering if I should have put my money towards Smoke. :\
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