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  1. Yes, yes it did get closed earlier. It looks like in an effort of open-ended communication and transparency, and so to not appear like they are covering something up, they have reopened it. Honest reports should not be covered up or put to the back of the forums. If there is an active outcry, these people should not be silenced. If people have been ripped off, then they should have a place to report it. When did Luke Jermay become an official theory11 artist? You would have figured theory11 would have done their homework before announcing them as an official artist.
  2. This thread remains open as I am optimistic that a positive conclusion can be reached. Although not a party to any of the actions alleged in this thread, I take all concerns raised by our members very seriously, and as such I personally re-opened the thread for the time being. Understandably I cannot speak to the validity of these claims as I have not directly spoken to Luke nor those affected as to be an objective judge.

    I am very hopeful that a satisfactory resolution can be reached, and I have done everything in my immediate power to encourage such action at this time. I have been informed by several friends of Luke that he is out of the country at the moment, so in the interest of remaining objective, I would encourage everyone not to correlate lack of immediate response as an admission of guilt or wrongdoing. If traveling in Europe, he may not have regular internet access and could legitimately be unaware of this thread. For that reason, I urge everyone to remain cool, calm, and collected for the time being, remaining hopeful that this story will have a happy ending soon.

    I will absolutely continue in efforts to see this through to the very end and assist those affected in finding out what happened here and why.
  3. While I don't have anything to do with being scammed. I thought it might be useful to mention that more than likely, any money that Luke was going to make from this project has already been made. I could be wrong (JB you are welcome to correct me) but I believe that Luke would have been paid up front, and not per DVD. Thus you really are not per say supporting Luke by buying Colorblind.

    Just a thought,
    Matt M.
  4. More than likely it's the other way, to be honest, but it's up to T11 if they want to let us know if that's the case.
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    It did seem kinda "big brotherish" to close the thread, but I understood the reasoning behind it. I also understand the reasoning to keep it open. I look forward to any information that gets pushed forward because of this. I assume that it will be resolved one way or another, as this could potentially impact sales. I know that T11 will deliver because you all have displayed a wonderful track record of superior customer service and this is the only magic site that I have seen in a while where the president is continually active in the forum. That speaks volumes.

    I personally won't be purchasing Colorblind. Not because of Luke or anything, but it just doesn't fit with my acts. I'm sure I could patter it up, but I have so much magic that still hasn't even left the shrink wrapping. Maybe later when I get a bit more time on my hands.

    Additionally, I did not mean to imply that his lack of correspondence implied guilt. I was only pointing out that an official statement one way or the other would solve a lot of problem.
  6. As a creator, it's not really "appropriate" to speculate on the financial compensation regarding a business transaction like that.

    Not busting you out bro, just saying that as far as that stuff goes, it's contractual, and all information is strictly kept within the parties involved. Knowing that info can drastically alter future business.

    And logically, that would still make everyone part of the process in which he was supported.

    || sean ||
  7. Really? You obviously misunderstood me. I was supporting Seventeen's comment, and although mine may have come out less clearly, i made it pretty simple that although the comments here were necessary in relation to the subject, it was transgressing to an overreaction. People were just launching theories into the mix about this and that, and it was getting further and further away from the actual present issue. If you re-read peoples posts, you will see that a lot of them were like, 'didn't luke do this...' or 'i heard luke was...'.

    So yes, people were gossiping, instead of discussing. I think its great you are all trying to resolve this issue, but i for one, noticed that it was getting a bit cloudy as to what was a rumour and what was actually true. In that situation things can go from bad to worse because assumption can be a tricky thing.

    The simple analogies i used were just to try and make myself clearer, they obviously didnt work and therefore i will not use similar ones again.
  8. Even though I havn't been scammed by Luke, I was very disappointed and a little upset when this thread was closed. Im pretty sure I saw that and said Are you kidding me? An attempt to shut everyone up so T11 doesn't lose money. Now, I am very happy that JB decided to open this again because I am a firm believer in justice. Kudos to him. And I encourage people to go ahead and buy this to support the others that worked hard on this. If this guys scamming people than the public deserves to know. I really hope this will end in a happy ending because im a fan of LJs work.
  9. Good morning! I bring with me what I hope and believe to be good news. I received email from Luke when I woke up this morning (after an immaculate 4 hours of beauty sleep). I have copied and pasted his response below in it's entirety. Luke also mentioned to me that he is in the UK at the moment, so for those contacting him regarding this, I would permit reasonable time in response as I am not sure how frequent his internet access is daily.

    I hope this fosters forward movement towards resolution of all direct issues described throughout this thread, and also serves as a testament that we take the concerns of our members very seriously and will always do whatever we can to uphold a positive experience for all of those that associate with theory11. To those that are a direct party to these events, I suggest contacting Luke directly at his new address (linked to below) to resolve all matters privately in good faith.

  10. JB = win.


    Bro, you need some balance! That's not sustainable!
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    From what I see , he still has not directly responded to the scam issue although he apparently would deal it by a case-by-case basis.My instincts tells me that this issue would drag for a long time and I suspct that what LJ said was somewhat a sob story no offense anyone.I still have many questions to be answered.

    JB , were you aware of this ? If so , why did you proceed with the Colorblind project ?

    JB , what do you plan to do about this issue ? If he is indeed a scammer , what would be your next course of action ?

    LJ , do you intend to resolve this matter here ? If you are indeed not a scammer , please come here and clean up your name and put this matter back into the grave.If you are , I would expect many to demand either or both a refund and an apology.

    LJ , if it is true , were there any reasons to scam people ? If you were in financial trouble , why did you scam people for money ? You could have imformed us and we cound have donated to you so as to assist you.

    Any responses and corrections would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. JB , you need to sleep more !
  12. Same here. Haha
  13. Thank you JB for looking into this for us. I know Theory 11 had nothing to do with the alleged scams, however you chose to help us out and that speaks volumes about you and your company. I just received my copy of Colorblind today by the way.

    I'll keep you guys posted on the status of my $1.99 :p
  14. Luke will not give an honest answer. I have a email box full of lies, excuses, and BS from him. He is a thief. You can see this time and time again.

    The bigger three problems
    The telling tells problems
    The blindfold book problems
    Selling his "highly limited" manuscripts to an internet ebook distributer for mass production.

    Luke lies over and over again. It never stops or improves. I think he even believes the lies himself.

    If anyone thinks of doing business with him I would highly suggest you research the issues. If you are seriously considering doing business with him PM me and I will provide facts, that can be proven, that I am sure will sway you. Everything Jermay touches gets dragged through the dirt.
  15. Awesome Job JB. Thanks a ton.

    Now, GO TO SLEEP.
  16. I believe that Jermay has already stated that he will deal with these issues on a case by case basis. Read the response from him. It would be wise of you not to publicly smear him, as it will make it increasingy difficult to deal with him in a civil manner.

    I have great respect for Luke and his work and have never had a problem with any products ordered. Just thought there should be some balance.
  17. I have. He has done this MANY times. Nothing, or very little, besides a sob story will come of it.

    I have no desire to deal with him at all. He is a thief and I have the data prove it. Also the wonder known as the internet has archived his actions for any one to research.

    Im sure your opinion would be very different if you were on of the MANY lucky ones that luke has taken to the cleaners. How many products have you ordered from him directly? The majority of folks have the exact oposite experience that you describe after purchasing from him directly.

    It would be wise to not publicly defend an individual who can be proven to be a liar and a thief. You will just end up playing the part of a fool.
  18. JB I think we got some shed of light and I will say to close this thread and reopen when you have some news for Luke. People who's saying that its a sob story yall need to be quiet. How do any of yall actually know that for a fact? This is thread just needs to be close and reopen when JB gets some news from Luke.
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    From past experiences that are documented all over the Internet. Y'all can google it if y'all want.
  20. This is my last post on this thread (no promises though). I do agree with Nino that this should be closed until Luke e-mails JB back, or any other things across those lines happen. This is a VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC. I will see it through to the end.

    May the force be with us all.
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