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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stoneface, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. I just want to tell you a story about Luke Jermay and my friend, which is a really disappointing one.

    My friend was offered to take a week course with Luke Jermay in Las Vegas, and of corse jumped on the offer! He bought a ticket to Vegas and wired over the money to Luke. After that - his phone stopped working. He stopped replying to emails. Luke had disappeared... And its been this way for about a month. He has just cut off contact with my friend and did not give the course or a refund. Im hoping posting on the forums will help my friend get his money back and shed some light on this case (and maybe others who may have fallen into this trap) and show how Luke does business.

    Colorblind looks great - but buyer beware, if this is the kind of person you want to support.
  2. Are you sure this is true? If it is, then it probably wasn't Luke Jermay's fault... Your friend got scammed by some fraud obviously... Don't just blame in on Luke Jermay...
  3. this isnt the first time i have heard that people have had problems with luke. you can make you own judgments.
  4. This has happened quite a few times before with Luke Jermay. I doubt it was an impersonation or scam from someone other than Jermay.

    Mind you, the product you purchase here is from theory 11 and you will get it for sure.
  5. You will get it for sure from T11, but do you really want to support someone who acts this way? I want to buy colorblind but will not do so until this gets resolved (if it does, which i hope!). And i hope by posting it here will help my friend get some answers and inform Theory 11 of who they are doing business with.
  6. he wasnt saying that you wouldnt get the product, he asked if you would want to support this artist if he is indeed a scammer.
  7. On 6/25/2010 at 1:11 AM Luke Jermay tweeted:

    "An experiment 1.99 lecture notes for 24 hours! two routines and bonus commentary email to get yours!"

    I emailed him at 1:18 AM that day and received a response from Luke with the following:

    "Thanks for your interest in the $1.99 mentalism project! If this project works well I will continue to release material at this price in E-format. Your lecture notes will be emailed to you shortly after payment is made as a PDF file directly to your inbox.

    Payment is being made using Send 1.99 as a 'gift' to and your all set to learn some amazing mentalism right away.

    Luke Jermay"

    Well it's been quite awhile now since I paypal'd the $1.99 over and still no lecture notes. I even emailed him to no response. He has not tweeted since.
  8. I held off buying Colorblind, and I'm sort of "glad" I did. From the comments made above, especially above mine, it doesn't seem like Luke is very trustworthy now. I'm not sure if I want to support a "scammer".

  9. Well $1.99 from a lot of people can add up. Or if you look at my friend, maybe add some 0's...all in one shot! (and no decimal point!)
  10. I have to say that I did buy Color Blind and I do love his Building Blocks book. I can't deny his talent and magic/mentalism.

    That being said, getting burnt for $1.99 felt more like a pinch than your friend getting punched in the face for more $$$, however it does not justify his actions. I really thought my experience was an isolated incident.

    Luke has 1,335 followers to his twitter account. Let's say half his followers sprung for 1the $1.99 lecture notes offer. That would be $1,327 in the bank. I'm wondering if he got mixed up in the wrong crowd and owed some people money.
  11. I mean, Colorblind looks great, let me rephrase what I said earlier...

    I like Colorblind and the presentation behind it, the way you bring it up, ect. What I don't like is that the money supports a somewhat scammer based off of past events. I just don't feel comfortable right now purchasing it. Maybe later...

  12. I understood your intention but should have clarified.
  13. If anyone at T11 is reading this, any chance you could get your own artist Luke Jermay to come on these boards and shed some light on these past...scams?
  14. I havnt heard anything about this yet...but I have a bad feeling this thread will go ignored. But someone who actually knows something should really chime in at this point.
  15. I got burned on that one too. I actually tried to file a dispute about it through Paypal, but since it was sent as a "gift" then there's nothing that can be done.
  16. I've been reading very similar stories on other forums as well. Apparently Mr. Jermay has a reputation for not delivering on products. I'm really undecided about getting Colorblind. I like the effect, but with Jermay's reputation I'm not sure I want to support him.
  17. Just feel uncomfortable to hear something like this.

    But before we judge, we should wait for Luke Jermay to explain this himself... or any T11 artist.
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    I am looking into this. I think this whole topic is disturbing but is important and needs to be looked into also by a T11 staff member.

    JB, that is your cue. . .

    And I haven't heard anything good about Colorblind either from a very good friend. I figured it out and it seems a bit of a rip off, for one trick. But, if you like it, buy it.

    Also, back to the first topic, isn't it strange that you pay as a 'gift' to some and not who you are meant to be buying the lecture notes from. And a 24 hour special with the 'gift' e-mail does seem like it is covering up tracks, so no one can do anything about it if it is a scam.

    However, this could be someone else who got in the middle of it. You never know. I would like someone from T11 to solve this. I have faith that they know who Luke is. And I have faith that a T11 artist wouldn't do this. I am sure that in the end things will be much brighter. I do hope this is just a misunderstanding.
  19. I don't doubt this has happened. Luke Jermay is known at themagiccafe for scamming people out of there money.

    He did a pre order on one of his books and almost everybody didn't receive his products. He even promised bonus items that nobody received and he just loses contact and just says he's busy. He is talented but I view him as a horrible person and business man.
  20. Hi guys,

    I forwarded a link to this thread to the appropriate parties to check into and hopefully resolve all concerns. That said, do note that Colorblind is a theory11 production and as such, all production, fulfillment, shipping, and order processing is handled entirely by our team. However, I certainly understand your hesitations. I feel it important to emphasize that a product of this sort is worked on by many more than just one person - our whole team poured passion and energy into making this an amazing video. I am very proud of the product we produced and thankful for your support.

    Regarding the concerns raised on other products and sales outside of our influence and control, I am optimistic that an amicable resolution can be reached. We place nothing in higher priority than the well being of our members, and as such, I will personally try my best to make sure this reaches a happy ending. I look upon this community as a family and we will never ignore concerns rightfully expressed in sincerity.
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