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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stoneface, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Wow this is interesting, really makes me think, and I also just realized that all this time I thought his name was Luke Jeremy.
  2. Yes thats it! I have so much Sankey material it hard to remember where I saw it.
  3. Maybe LJ thought he could mass hypnosis everyone after ripping them for $2. :)

    Seriously tho, how did these emails originate? Random email to you guys? Was it from a mailing list? You have to ask how you got the email to begin with.

    Next, the flag that would get me is the "gift". In addition, the sending to a different email address would be flag #2.

    I don't know, he's a good mentalist, but I know nothing about him personally.

    It's his latest tweet.
  5. Somehow I hope this whole thing was some sort of experiment he was conducting, but from what I hear from others now, I'm not so sure!

    My experience was with Twitter. He was consistently tweeting up until his last $1.99 tweet on 6/25/2010. From all of his previous tweets, it really appears to be him. You would send an email to him and he would email you back with the info.

    Can anyone verify that is his email address?
  6. Calvin, I believe he posted that on his twitter as his e-mail.
  7. Seems to me that he's disappeared from the face of the world. Lost his gig at O'Shea's and *poof*.
  8. He lost his gig there? What happed?
  9. If all this cheating people out of their money is true, hopefully they found out about it and cancelled his gig.
  10. Gosh people! You all are getting way out of hand with this.

    Because one person said "Luke's BAD,BAD,BAD" you all are now looking for other indications that confirm that Luke's bad!

    The O'Shea gig manager was an ass, THAT and the poor economy of the nation is why the show went down... every show is trying to actually get people to pay for more tickets than they're comp-ing.

    For those of you who say you won't perform or purchase this because of a bad customer experience, let's take it to the extreme: Take out any effects you may have from Justin Miller for his poor customer service stint when his marriage was on the blink; lets not perform anything from Wayne Houchin for not posting a daily update since like forever; Oh, and forget about performing anything from T11 for not having a new 1-on-1 for us each week, nor following up with the cardistry initiative, and by God for never doing anything with that Wire tab on their webpage! Oh, never do the bite-out quarter trick... the inventor's an ass. You should hear the things he says about his ex-wife. He's even missed alimony payments, not realizing it's the kids that suffer... the butt-hole!

    If you're going to be smug, do it well! and don't forget to start driving hybrids. I hear they've got special A/C units that make your farts smell like flowers. Keep those windows up guys!

    I'm not trying to make light a undelivered, purchased product. Those of you that got scammed were truly wronged. it's the reactions from some of the others that make them sound like drama queens.

    All you really assume is that Luke wrote a manuscript. We don't know how much he's involved with distribution. You're lynching him for something that he might not have any part in. Now his name's on the product, and yes he should be concerned that his customers are getting what they've bought...

    What we do know is, JB's looked into the situation and steps are being made to make things right, as you all are implying JB's and T11's integrity as a company is now on the line. Just like an earlier post said, you're not dealing with a $2 download. This is a T11 product. if you make payment, you'll recieve product. Buyer beware of the $2 download. You don't have to beware about Jermay... at least with this T11 product. make that distinction folks! and learn to have some grace!

    I'm chiming up because I love this effect. it's been in my repetoire since January and has been a staple in my act. Great effect and decieves everyone! no bad angles, no mirrors, no memorized deck, no marked deck, no brail on the cards! Pure awesomeness!

    Just my two kanucks! But seriously people, keep this whole thing under proper perspective and don't go overreacting. In the end, you won't go wrong with getting this one. Unless you only buy stuff from saints...

    I've got a bag of chips and a bottle of diet next to my computer, ready for the coming backlash at this post. Let the flailings begin!
  11. But at least the people you mentioned above, lets say did have bad customer service i wouldn't know but didn't scam people out of their hard earned money may it be $1 or $100 still their hard earned money.

    No one posted here saying if you buy colourblind your not going to get, everyone on these forums know T11 will deliver, what people are concerned about is LJ benefiting from the sales of colourblind and some people here didnt want that kind of a person profiting.
  12. I think this tweet is his biggest crime: "Queen of outer space... He'll yeah"

    ......Who spells "hell" with an apostrophe? That's just offensive! ;)
  13. Seventeen, we are not overreacting on this, or at least most of us are not. This is a serious matter for the people who were effected by it and the person who started this thread's friend. Who is out more than just $2. This, in the end is not about T11 delivering the product at all. Like Asifix3me said, it is about Luke Jermay delivering his other products not backed up by T11, the lecture notes. I was not effected by the lecture note problem, however I am very disturbed that this matter has gotten so large. Things of this nature have been going on for years with Luke and if someone is making this get out of hand I think it is the people who do not understand the situation. This is not some subtle thing such as you compared it to. Like the wire not being up, yeah that might be a little disappointing if one thought it would be up when the T11 site changed but there were no promises on it at that time. There was however a promise by Luke Jermay to deliver which he did not. The customers delivered money, what did he deliver?

    I sure hope this matter will get resolved and I sure hope that this is all just a misunderstanding like I have said before however, I don't know at the moment.

    Seventeen, I sure hope that this situation does get to the right people to solve it.

    JB, thanks for your help.

    Though I was not effected by this, it is very important to those who were. I think we should all try to get this matter out to help them and stop those who would be effected in the future by a similar matter. I pray not.
  14. I believe this is an incredibly important thread for Theory 11. Over the years I've seen Mr Jermays name crop up over and over on various online forums to do with unscrupulous dealings (of which I'm happy to try and find the appropriate threads). I don't have personal vendetta against Luke, but when you see things like this crop up repeatedly you can't help but wonder. Its all very well saying its a full theory 11 production but money has still gone to him. When we're constantly told to stick to our ethics this seems a rather unfair excuse to purchase something that could be funding a potential scammer. It'll be interesting to see how this is resolved.

    All the best
  15. I dont like getting involved with argumments over forums, but Seventeen has a good point. All of you are yapping away like a bunch of little girls, and not much progress has been made by you guys yourselves, instead you have all added to the controversy of the subject and made it even harder for undecided observers to understand what is going on.

    Yes, if he has scammed people and is acting unethically, he should be brought to justice. But at the rate all of you are going, its just making matters worse. I really like this community and i think that generally there is a good standard of maturity, but sometimes i notice immaturity creep into the threads and it just incites more and more speculation, whatever the subject.

    Just keep a level head guys, and stop running your mouths around like headless chickens.

    EDIT: Basically what i am getting at is that all the speculation here is getting out of control. The more you speculate, the more it gets into peoples minds as a bias, and causes other factors to be personified and thrown into the mix.
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    I'm not going to get in the middle of this. It's a mess. May he Luke get what is just due to him.
  17. I find this post to very amusing. You say all its doing is causing more problems and that nothing being is said and that immaturity is showing through. Thats true if you look at your post saying people are babbling like little girls and and comments like chickens with head cut of and running off at the mouth.

    Your post is a part of the problem not the solution.

  18. Hey guys - Dan Proctor here!

    I was the person being described in the first post in this thread - The one out $2000 from Luke Jermay. I was working 2 part time jobs for several months to pay for his course which he did not deliver. Due to the lack of response i feel it is counter productive to either sell his products or to promte Luke Jermay. If this situation gets resolved in a proper timely matter, I would no longer have any ill feelings towards Luke or the people promoting him, but until that time I will remain sadly disappointed.

    I look forward to hear a response.

    All the best,
    Dan Proctor
  19. You'd think that if he knows about all these complaints, he'd come on here and clear his name by now. Surely a forum post to clear his name is worth a few minutes of his time...
  20. Didn't this thread get closed earlier? :)

    I'll just say this... LJ needs to come out with a statement. This isn't a new issue and there has been no communication from him which makes him look guilty. Not saying that he is, who knows, it could all have been a clever scam... but any statement would be preferred to a disappearing act.
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