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  1. Ok guys, this may be a lame thread, but i just want to hear some of you guys' special things that you do for your birthday that is magic-related. Such as specially designed cakes, etc. My birthday is this friday, and I was wanting to make a cake in the shape of a deck of cards and have the Dan and Dave symbol (the design on back of Smoke and Mirrors decks) in black icing. I practiced drawing it already, but i just wanted to know what you guys do on your birthday that makes it magical in a special way. Cant wait to hear some of your responses!

  2. dude if thats the way you celebrate.... how old are you?
  3. lmao ik really this thread really aint goin anywhere for my birthday all I do is have like a couple friends over, get a baskin robbins ice cream cake and chill playin video games maybe show a trick or two but seriously i agree with magic freak lol
  4. What's wrong with having fun on your birthday? That's like saying you can't celebrate Christmas with gifts from Santa, getting into the Christmas spirit (being nice, etc.), or whatever, just because the reality of the situation is that Santa isn't real and most people are [insert expletive here] (even during the Christmas season--I can't count the amount of times people have almost smashed into my car trying to steal my parking's really, really sad that people behave that way, especially at Christmas. Gotta get Timmy his Furby or Pokemon or whatever it popular nowadays, I suppose).

    Anyway, I'm in my 20's, and my brother is in his 30's, and we still like to have fun on our birthdays just like when we were kids. It's a tradition that never really disappeared with us as we aged; we didn't let real life steal away the fun we had as kids. As such, we still get fun themed cakes, go out to a restaurant for dinner (although, the restaurants have gotten a lot more expensive now--no more McDonalds birthdays, but rather The Keg or Red Lobster, or something along those lines), get each other all sorts of presents, and just all around have a lot of fun. Now, it also includes a magic jamming session, since we both enjoy magic.

    For my brother's birthday last year, we got him a regular cake, but decorated it with cheap little magic props (like, those cheap magic kits you can buy--that type of stuff). He loved it! And my cake from the year before was a Shrek cake (no, I'm not a huge fan of the series--but the cake had a castle (3-D castle prop, at that) on it...a castle!!!). It's always fun times.

    It's nice to have a break from the norm. I spend most days just hanging out with friends, going to bars, it's nice to do something different for birthdays. Hence, we keep with tradition and have an old school fun birthday, which includes a nice dinner and a fun themed cake, as well as some quality family time (since we're all adults, and thus live our own separate lives; family time becomes a lot more precious when you don't live together, anymore). :)
  5. thank you CM, or I thank you if it was positive. But I asked one question and both magicfreak and jakethesnake ignored the question completely. Just answer the question and not find your ways around it. I was just asking if any of you guys celebrated your birthday in a special way that made it special (magic-wise) and I get crap. That's why I never come on these forums that often. You guys need to have more respect. (Not saying this to you CM)
  6. ok, nothing in partic. i get a few magic related gifts, but i dont have a dananddave shaped cake or smoke and mirrors as party banners.
  7. Haha I know, come on were not 5. Cakes are cakes. There is nothing special about having the symbol on the cake. Basically I get a trick or two and have cake and usually get to pick what I want for dinner, or go out to eat for dinner. But seriously, what's the point of this thread?
  8. Whats a birthday? I think the last birthday anything I had was when I was 14 then sadly I got a job and have worked through all my birthdays ever since. Welcome to the real world my mom said to me.
  9. do they teach humor in this real world you speak of?
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    Heck no, why do you think I am so dry?

    But I guess I am just partially jealous, your pretty funny do you live by yourself or with your mother?
  11. im sixteen, go figure.
  12. well I am a college guy sooooo the ideal birthday is...

    Eat Steak. Get Buzzed. Party. Repeat as needed.
  13. Isn't that everyday in college? :confused:

    Then again, my perception may be tainted, given that the university I go to has a reputation of being a pretty hardcore party school...although, it also has a reputation of being one of the best (academically, socially, etc.) in Canada. :rolleyes:

    keoke: That Don't wolves have any way of improving their lives? Moving up in the social order? :( It's too bad you weren't a human, then you'd have some better opportunities to actually have a fun life, instead of just scraping by out in the wild picking berries and eating squirrels. =/
  14. I vouch for that idea.

    On a side note. There is nothing wrong with a thread about what you do on your birthday nor does it matter on if its alcohol related or a D&D birthday cake. Its a simple question of do you have anything magic related on your birthday. The age groups here is tremendous so if you like cake eat up and if you like booze drink up. :p
  15. Hmm...put those both together, my friend. Mmhmm. :p
  16. Hmm combine the wild berries and nuts I collect and create a cake of some sort, a fruit cake yeah that is what I will call it. Then to keep it moist I will add some spritzes of Bourbon....

    Nah just give me the bourbon I'll be fine.
  17. lol booze and cake sound mighty tempting.. *takes bite of cake... wash it down with shot of patron* refreshing. :D

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