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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kmagic25, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, on the magic con website it says the speakers are going to be announced on October 14th... Its November 26th. This question may have been answered already elsewhere but as far as i know, it has not. Do you guys know anything about this?
  2. They most likely don't know right now who's going to to be speaking there.
  3. Our 2012 lineup in shaping up to be nothing but astounding. We will be updating the site shortly.

  4. So when will registration open?

    Also when will the forums on DnD be up??

    It said nov 25 but its not there yet..

  5. Speaking of DnD's site. When I try and visit it, Chrome says that the site contains Malware. Is anyone else getting this error message?
  6. Same with mine.
  7. I too am getting the message and unless they started to sell malicious porn on their site, I don't see a reason why the site would be blacklisted.
  8. there might be something up with chrome or your computers. Ive attempted going to dan and dave's site three times now and Im getting in with no problem.
  9. AVG pops up and says there is malware when I browse to DnD on Firefox.
  10. I also run AVG on my computer.
  11. Yeah I've got a virus now just by going on the site.
  12. Dang dude, that sucks! I guess DnD are actually mastermind hackers that are trying to break into our personal lives and slowly break us down by accessing the very core by which we carry out our every day activities thereby destroying us psychologically and causing us all to submit our money and Jerry's Nuggets to them.

  13. Haha yeah. This virus is dangerous! Wish I knew why their website is bad right now.

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