"Magik" pick up lines?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by michael_weiss, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Reminds me of a certain PaperCraneProductions product...were you intentionally referring to Infant? :p
  2. I have never used a so called "magic pick up line"
    Tho i love to perform for females, they always seem to love magic.
    After you show one, they tall all there friends. Then you get to hear "omg you do magic"

    But if i ever was going to use a line.
    it would have to be

    i dont make love, i make magic
  3. I think classy and cheesy are obnoxious.

    But thats just me
  4. I use pick up lines to find pedophiles...

    It really works. :D


  5. Then you've never seen someone with real class. Granted, it sure as hell ain't me, but you get the point.
  6. The easiest way to get a girl with magic is not to try at all. My girl went out with me because of a simple folded card to mouth trick- but it was because i wasn't trying...but thats off topic...

    On topic- the only innuendo i use something from Sankey. I don't think the trick is even from him but he says "People ask if i use trick cards. I say No but i have a trick finger" and you like rub your arm for "static electricity" and then put the finger across the end of the deck and their card rises out. I use it on an offbeat not as an effect just a filler. But when I first learned it I didnt get that it would be misconstrued- but it almost always is.
  7. preeeeety much sums it up.
    i really dont see why you need pickup lines...
  8. Instead of thinking you'll be picking up girls with these lines, you could always use it to jest with your g/f. I mean, yeah theyres cheesy and lame, but you could just use it for fun, some girls like cheesy o_O.
  9. I told this pick-up line to our mod Sinful awhile ago since his name is Doug, so I thought he could use it to meet some ladies.
    Your name's gotta be Doug though to use it lol.

    "Hey my name's Doug, that's god spelt backwards, with a little U in it."

    Doug, you're welcome.
    Use it wise. . .
  10. :cool:

  11. Well maybe its just cheesy i dont like. I guess i havent seen someone with real class
  12. Tbh, saying pick up lines in a serious way isnt going to get you anywhere.

    Its usualy ok if you say them in a joking way

    "Can you sign the face of the card for me please... and could you write your phone number just underneith ;)" Then if they laugh just laugh with them. Dont expect to get girls from this because your not likely to get any girls using pick up lines. But if you can make a girl laugh and they like you and your magic well .. :D

    But comon "I can make my two fingers disapear" that just gna make a girl look at you and think what a dirty perve.
  13. The phone number joke isn't funny. Hasn't been for along time. The number of people who can make it even slightly amusing number in single digits.

    And this is going to come as a serious shock to many of you, but women love sex just as much as men do, if not more. They just don't like hearing guys talk about sex because they're so bad at talking about it.
  14. Preach it brother! In all seriousness he's right. To all the people saying that you can't get a girlfriend from magic tricks is wrong. You could open a door to a relationship by doing a card trick or even just doing a somersault, you just have to know how to play your cards!
  15. I like Bill malones. First a guy picks a card and you perform for the guy. But then you offer to do another trick for a girl and you say "Pick a card." and spread them out. Then she reaches out out and you rub her arm and say: "I like when you do it." It is just a joke nothing serious.
  16. Yeah, I am going to agree that magic pick up lines won't work the majority of the time.

    Although I do use some script when I do a certain trick, it may be French Kiss I don't know the name, they sign their card and put it in their mouth and I do the same and they switch.

    I go with the trick and when I sign mine I start to say " Girls love this one because it doesn't require sleight of hand but sleight of mouth." Take a quick pause then insert in mouth and do w/e. I pull it back out " Sorry bout that, used to much tongue." I get some laughs and they all know it's in good fun.

    Other than that I never use the "put your phone number underneath" it's to lame to me. Any pick up lines should be small jokes in good fun and see how they react to everything, if they seem to be enjoying you and not just the magic then time to make a move.

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