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    Hey everyone i want to tell about something that happend at school today

    first of i must tell i live in australia and the closest magic shop is a while a way so i only have 2 red bicycle decks 1 blue and 1 guardian

    anywayz i was in class and i had finished all my work i showed my teacher ( a kind of elderly scottish woman ) that i finished i pull out my cards and start playing spit and she says as long as you do it quitley thats ok.

    So we are playing cards then she got angry at another student so she was angry she came up to my cards grabs about half of them of the table and starts ripping up my only blue deck.
    Everyone in my class knows i do magic an i dont have to many decks, all half of the deck ripped up and she throws them in the bin. Everyones swearing at here like why the **** did you ripp up Toms cards stuff like that so me and my friend came to help me so we got them out of the bin and my mate is like
    hey she missed a card everyones like yay.
    So im going through the bin looking for all my cards i was pretty angry but i didnt do anything the ( unripped card was the 4 of spades by the way) ( just incase you wanted to know )
    So everyones like go to the priciple get her saked and sue her one of my nice teachers told me to go to the principle or my team leader but i couldnt because me and my friend are doin education week so we go to all the scholls we are playing guitar any way thats about it afterwards i called my dads told him my performance went great and told him about the cards he was like just go to the principal tommorow and show him i said ok

    what do you think??

    The problem has been resolved i talked to her at lunch and she said she felt really bad and she would give me the money for the cards. she said she also has a brother who is a
    famous magician in the U.K and see if she can arrange something so its all sorted out.

    the last name is brown so maybe james brown i dont know could be anyone
  2. Punctuation please. I completely lost track of what was going on about a third of the way in. I'm not reading that until you edit it into real sentences.
  3. This actually happened to me.

    You know (i think you can>>) teachers arnt allowed to take your cards, let alone rip them.
    You can sue her, then buy 1,000 guardians.
    If she ca get away, go to here desk and rip her papers. Then if she sends you to the principle, ask her if she liked what you did. Tell her thats how you felt, and you would like an apoligy, and 5$ for new deck. If she says "ILL SUSPEND YOU" talk to the principle.

    BEFORE ANY OF THIS: talk to the principle.
  4. I'm sorry for you .... If i were you I'd punch the teacher in the face.
    BTW .... I'm sorry but I laughed a little.

    PS what grade are you in?
  5. just as teachers cant look in your backpack without permission, they cant take your cards, or destroy them.

    That there is vandalism, destrucion of other persons property without permission.
  6. What a b****. Was she a sub or your real teacher? And was it just one card or a whole deck since I got a bit confused reading it.
  7. This happened to me in Shop Class last year.

    It your own fault for getting caught. Learn a lesson from it. (Don't get caught, and don't trust grown ups to keep their word)

    At least you got the other kids on your side.

    Just suck it up. Most principals don't like cards and won't side with you anyway.

    You still got the rest of the deck left over.

    It also makes a great story. Tell them your teacher ripped the whole deck in half and that could lead into a TNR trick. Check Paul Harris' Torn and Restored Deck in Art of Astonishment.
  8. Whew,I have finally deciphered the message. Can someone help him to edit that into real sentences?

    You should talk to the principle about this. Bring your parents along in case your principle doesn't side you, you can get your parents to fight for you.

    With the remaining blue cards, you can try to do experiments with them.
  9. She told him that he was allowed to.. there was no catching involved.

    This teacher has to replace them or you can sue her for vandalism.
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    its was about half the deck and thats right its vandalism i should do something abnout this she is a sub for the next 5 weeks
    oh and im in 8th grade
  11. yer i wouldnt mind buying a couple of boxes of guardians or split spades
  12. I'm sorry, I must still be a little hungover from last night. Are people actually suggesting filing a lawsuit for 5 bucks?

    It's a good thing that would never work, because who would you sue to get your dignity back?
  13. oh and my priciple knows i do magic he is fine with it ive done some tricks for him aswell
  14. I'm more surprised how people are actually suggesting physical violence or threats.

  15. It's still destruction of property - it's not allowed.
  16. Sure its sad...
    But im really tired of reading of kids get rip their cards up in school or what so ever?
    This is a magic forum , "not a look at my teacher did to me, feel sorry for me forum" or maybe I did misunderstood something?
  17. This forum has a high concentration of male high school students. That doesn't surprise me all that much.

    Yeah, but going to court for 5 bucks? That's not nearly as embarrassing as suing fast food chains for turning you into a sweaty, diabetic lump of obesity, but it's trying really hard.
  18. Hello guys,

    first of all i would like to say that i am 27 and i happen to be a teacher at an elementary school. I am into card magic as a hobby for almost 1 year and a half.

    I would just want to comment some things:

    1) In my school, we do not allow kids to use any type of gambling accesories, including playing cards

    2) I dont know the rules of your school, but your teacher`s first mistake was allowing you to play cards in the classroom

    3) Her second mistake was to rip them, if she wanted you to stop, she had to tell you to stop,

    4) If she did tell you to stop and you didnt, she could take the cards from you and give them back after the lesson

    5) You guys dont be so hurry to judje the teacher before knowing her side of the story

    6) Are you sure you didnt do anything to make her angry?

    7) Are you sure you didnt take advantage of her kindness to let you play with cards in the classroom, even though you know (and i am sure for that) that playing with cards in the classroom is not allowed

    8) I can only consider as jokes the suggestions of some people here for physical violence. You do know that the same way students have rights, so do teachers

    9) One comment for the law suit joke, are you serious? The teacher made a mistake, how many mistakes do you make a day in school? We ALL make mistakes

    To sum up, i ve been a student too guys and i know how some of you feel in school, but believe me, if you show the proper respect to your teachers, the majority of them will show you back even more respect

    Lets get back to magic!
  19. Well there you go, you heard it from a teacher, and it's really cheap to buy new decks anyways, you could always order them online instead of going to your local magic shop.
  20. Dang your school is harsh. I'm in the 8th grade and i was in the middle of the biddle trick and my teacher took my cards. I got them back two days later and prefomd some tricks for kids taking the late buss home. :)

    I say get your parents help and make your teacher replace your cards.

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