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  1. A peek at something new. See it Here.

    What do you think?
  2. i wouldn't mind seeing the actual change.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking.
  4. same here lol.
  5. lol, He keeps saying imagine, and so far that's all we have to go on.
  6. well it is just a teaser, and it does sound like a really cool idea, look forward to seeing more
  7. Personally, i'm not say it doesn't sound like a good idea, cause it really does. I'm working on a few different color changes right now as a matter of fact ;). But even in the andthensome teaser, we got to see The G.O.A.T. and Portal (along with other pretty cool stuff :D).
  8. Thanks for your interest. To help validate the claims of this effect, and prove its visualness, I have offered one of you a copy of this for review.

    This should take care of any doubts you may have.
  9. Oh hell, I have no doubts. All i'm saying is i'd like to see the change take place. I will however keep my eyes very open, as this may appeal to me.
  10. It's a very nice visual change i love it and it freaks out gets great reactions as you also saw in the trailer.
  11. This is not just a color change... it's an entirely new magic principle that goes way beyond a color change. And, you can use it in combination with any color changes you do now. If you're looking for a new color change sleight; this DVD wont' be for you. If you already do a color change, and you want to add a bit of nitro to it, Flicker is what you need.

    You will not see an actual performance of Flicker, as it would give away the principle... and we're trying to protect against exposure, but anyone with questions can feel free to email me at

    I hope thie helps.

    We tried to include as many reaction shots from different locations as possible so that you can see how people REALLY react to it. All reactions were shot at real-life paid gigs.
  12. why is everyones faces flashing when they are looking at it? ;)
  13. flash paper is burning i believe.
  14. So What You Are Saying This New Thing Will Be Obvious to magicians?
  15. Yeah, sounds a little funny :)

    So I guess it is basically two layers of flash paper, one blue and one red...

    Will the official trailer show the change? How are we supposed to know if we want to buy it?
  16. Not two layers, just one.

    Its real simple guys.
  17. What I am saying is that Flicker is a new principle (not effect) that you will be delighted with. Yes, flash paper is involved. Because Flicker is not an "effect", a "demo" wouldn't do much good. Right? right.

    ...again... any specific questions can be emailed to me, or you can check reviews on other boards.

    The principle is taught along with six routines that use the principle.

    You can't see a principle on video... so even if it was "shown", you wouldn't "see" it.

    And LBarnes, no need for the "wink", as it's not as "simple" as you might be thinking...
  18. Sorry Michael, didn't mean to insult you. I was only implying that the basic principal was simple, there's no doubt that is an overall killer effect, hence the quotes and reactions.

    Sorry again Michael,

    Good luck with it,

  19. Attention all skeptics:

    I was once skeptical about this effect, but recieved the full DVD, and this is actually a very creative and original effect.

    The change isn't shown on camera because it is an optical illusion that happens with the design on the back of a red playing card. It only works with the human eye, so when it is shown on camera, it doesn't work.

    No gaffed or gimmicked cards are used. You can borrow a red deck of cards and perform it with that deck. A routine is included where a card is signed, and changed from red to blue, and back and then is changed to complete blue, and given away as a souvineer.

    This is a very interesting effect, and I think once it is released, some of the skeptics will realize that this will come in handy for some magicians, and I am interested in trying this out sometime. This is an easy, and incredibly original and smart effect.

    If you don't know if you should buy it, you can visualize the effect in your mind. A red card slowly turns blue; blue streak spread across it, then they dissapear and the card turns back red. It is an optical illusion, but it works.
  20. Sounds really, really interesting. Is flash paper needed for this to work?

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