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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by William Draven, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Haha, no problem. Hope the site works out :)
  2. Don't worry I can't spell for my life either.
  3. Good Start.

    Biggest thing is ditch Freewebs. Get a real domain name. Theyre not THAT expensive. Also get a better template or at least replace that banner.

    Going that extra mile really shows commitment.

    Just my $o.o2

  4. Hey William Draven, I used a website from Webs too check out mine I paid to get the advertising out to make it look professional :D Also, even though it is a premade website, I try to make mine look as different as possible. Keep up the work!
  5. It Looks pretty good to me. Good job.

    i liked the video haha!
  6. William Draven, sir, you are wayne phelps?! I didn't know, o_o
  7. yeah. im not quite sure how to answer that.
  8. I wouldn't call them jerks, I would call them people with common sense. Vernon's students are known, and the indirect ones show a certain level of dedication to him and with even that, dont consider themselves being taught by Vernon, Marlo or whatever the case may be.

    I agree with Ineski. Besides everything said here, I'd express the character more in the site. The only thing I saw are 2 pictures and a video. The lack of artistic expression related the character is a negative point. While not a fan of him magically-speaking, this is one thing I like about Daniel Madison's website designs. Other sites that build on this point include Boris Wilds' and Justin Kredible's.
  9. Saw one of your vids in expertvillage, back in my newbie days.

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